Monday, December 24, 2007

Season's Greetings!

The Internet is a very powerful tool. It is a great place to send you message! There are the questions of etiquette, openness and free speech that we all have to grapple with. What is the future of software, how far do we go? Rest for sure, there is always going to be a critic and their network of challengers on all subjects!

Since our first very fits, using Wobble-naught CAD software in 2000, the first on-line CAD solution, many have gained huge benefits and even reached their dreams. In fact in 2001, we had 5 National Championships! A great story, but on the same note, there have been the Humbugs of Christmas pass!

No worries! Bad spirits with chains don't spook us! We intend on staying our course, providing our customer's the very best service in the game. We don't mind a few Humbugs! They only make us work harder! Ha!

So enjoy a little fun! Say a "State of Mind" about the use of our newest software!

Dartfish in the stockings!

Results many, not from one throughout the years, but from many with great grins as they push throught the gears!
Many opinions "Well, Humbug to this", the rivals exclaimed to the crowds! Those people must have their heads clear up in the clouds!

Tis the off season, but mostly in fear, in 2008 who next will appear? The Humbugs pick up their lattes and attempt to race, they think they ride, ride with great pace. Does a true magic reside deep inside, or do they use EPO on the side?
Convictioins, I can't see it with a wondering eye, how they race, as they set such a pace as they leave my side. Did traffic pull over, beholding the sight, how could they, their out of sight?

They honked with voices to others who hear. Voicing their opinions laced, while clutching their gears! Technology is growing, they grimaced and sneered? I have spent most of my life time "trial & error" by chance. A long journey with cycling, for twenty-years plus, in such pants. I have guarded my secrets, the bits and pieces plucked, now to say I have lost my luck!

Now they use Dartfish for all to see, in an attempt to be much better than me! So what else can I say, as I sail on my way? They for sure are mucking my play!

Down the dreaded highway without "Dartfish" a few will go! Unless I use Dartfish, I am sure to be slow! For some with a high degree, they think with great pride, we have studied it all, so walk to our side.

Many spend great time marketing, marketing to thee, stating an "sliver bullet" a bullet indeed! We'll make you much faster, fast as a flash, give us your money, and the other's boulder-dash!

While others just smile, with what they realize, there are many who are mislead to stand by the wayside! How dare they deprive us of true solo's dreams! They have spoiled our great secret we have protected it seems. As it is off season, they scheam against us, not without great big fuss! They pull their boots and cap to ride you will see, I must work that much harder to keep them near me!

There are many who don't quite believe in what they don't know, so thank goodness for the hevy snow Ho! Ho! Ho!

We now are using Dartfish, making precise decisions about your game. The human eye can't see the under lying facts. That is why we have partnered up with Dartfish!

Merry Christmas! Christmas is not just a date, it is a state of mind! Most consider it a source of joy for the children. May we all never gorw too old to enjoy our toys e.g. bikes!

We know you have been preparing for the 2008 season, but if you can possibly fit just a few more presents in your sleigh, here is our wish list:

1) Peace on Earth

2) Merry Christmas for all of our customers, friends and family.

3) And a Happy New Year, too!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Getting to the bottom of the Femur.

Let's "naught" view the femur in basic form, or from the outside or just the skin! Rather, let's get to the bottom of it! The wrong compression can cause you harm! It for sure affects your pedal stroke! If your saddle is in the wrong zone it will affect your game!

We are viewing from the under side of the femur. The medial side of the femur is always on your right!

The question is? Does this type of info make a difference for the racer?

We think a "deeper meaning" does!

Does this information make a difference?

I guess so! Even in only two weeks time! You don't have to get to the bottom of it and get faster! Besides, there are many fitting systems you can use!

We just spent a whole day with Pua here in Boise, ID a couple of weeks ago! Pua is new to cyclocross and her major competition at her second only cross race was the S. Cal. series leader Lana Atchley. Pua knowing the bottom turth, pushed the pace up and sat on Lana's wheel not letting her slow. After 20 minutes Pua could hear Lana breathing hard and struggling so Pua made her move. Lana could not answer and Pua took the win by almost a couple minutes!

Think about when she learns how to mount and dismount?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Less Talk - More Facts

A graphic picture of the turth is "Worth a Thousands Words".

There are a lot of smart people who have the techniques for creating presentations. They are very effective in public speaking and can tell a good story. They have a very convincing way to convince you and place doubt about anything that is not their idea. You might even buy into it?

We just show you!

You've got to see it to beleive it.

We know your moves and can even show you inside & out!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Georgia Gould 3rd & Sue Butler 6th at US Cyclo-Cross!

US Cyclo-cross Championships

Kansas City, Kansas, USA, December 13-16, 2007

Just how you want to see it, good racing in Kansas at the US Cyclo-cross Championships. This is such a cool game! Very fun to watch with tons of action packed racing. We understand how hard it is to watch a road, mtb race, perhaps you catch the start or you might see the end. You can watch most of the Cyclo-cross action with very little effort! Just move to one part of the course to another. The fans are great, bringing many cowbells and they always seem up!

Congrats to Katie Compton for a good hole shot keeping out front till the end! Both Katie and Georgia are building the Cyclo-cross sport in the USA. Fans are coming to watch how good racing unfolds. The Cyclo-cross race is short in time (45 min.) and in this game, you have to throw it down quickly e.g. drag race, put time on others from the start. If you get stuck in the field, fighting the ice & snow, it can slow you down due to the single lane traffic. Less lanes to pass!

What a long season for all! These people need time off the bike (1-2 weeks) Ha! We hope they all have a nice break and look forward to their efforts 2008 season.

Congrats to Georgia Gould, as she has had a super season on the Cyclo-cross racing, and we are pleased to watch the results of Sue Butler who came to see us this 2007 year. Her coach "Kendra Wenzel" suggested she get her bike fitted by us. It seems that her game has been turned up a bit. Any time you can get two racers in the top 10 pro is very good.


1 Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) 0.33.47
2 Rachel Lloyd (Proman/Paradigm) 0.22
3 Georgia Gould (Luna Women'S Mtb Team) 1.17
4 Kerry Barnholt (Tokyo Joes / Van Dessel) 1.53
5 Maureen Bruno Roy (If/Wheelworks/Sram P/B Gen) 2.21
6 Sue Butler (River City Bicycles) 3.47

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Better Way To "STOP" Inaccurate Guess Work!

I have been a coach of some movement most of my life. To get a "horse" to drink water, you have to be demanding! It seems that a horse will be happy to just run with the heard! Do only what they do!

Not unlike any animal, they can remember the "harsh tones" of your voice even through the years. There is a better way to get your point across. Let them see it!

To improve your game, you must be demanding and with great focus. The problem here is on the same "tone" less demeaning! Words can hurt!

How many times have we seen the dad yelling at his kid? I just saw this while in Lyons, CO. The poor kid was crying and his dad was yelling at him how he "sucked"? Coaches they are not, and the kid grows up, still remember a demeaning or hurtful thing a "Dad/Mom" a bad coach said to them when they were young. Almost every person who is still active, present can still remember those harsh and likely inaccurate statements a coach said, even though it is years, if not decades later. Anyone can point out the wrong things, say this or that, post something on a web site, but can they provide solutions that makes a difference. Understand this, if you don't perform, its not their problem?

I remember Anke Friedrich telling me how the German National Ski Team beat her up and how much they hurt her with their strong tones while she was on the team. After becoming her coach, she took NCAA National Championships in 1989/90 in SL & GL. She made the book of world records as the only women to do that. I used pictures (models) and many of them to show her what she needed to work on!

Anke went on to get her PhD from MIT in science!

We must stop “teaching” in any way that is demeaning, and become a positive role model/coach.
There is no room in teaching or coaching cycling for a coach or bike fitter who's by voice or action, is belittling a
player or the truth about the movement.

If these coaches don't understand the movement, they need not be an active voice. It is not right for people to pay money to people who guess on what they might need to improve. To many voice their inaccurate statements on the "horse". The problem here is they learned it from running with the heard! They only know what they heard! Ha!

This is why each of our dealers are going to use "DARTFISH" software in 2008. Not only do we set your bike up to your best range of motion and best line of pull for that game using Wobble-naught CAD software, but we show you the truth with "DARTFISH" without inaccurate statements from guess work or simply because someone performs fits by eyeballing it!

If you want to really learn how to pedal, we can show you! Not tell you!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Gould "A True Sport" Hopes For A Good Battle!

Will Gould seize Compton's throne?

The women's championship race will likely boil down to a battle between two riders, USGP winner "Red Hot" Georgia Gould (Luna) and three-time U.S. ‘cross champ Katie Compton (Spike Shooter).

While Compton has dominated the championships for three seasons - her combined time of victory for the three races is nearly three minutes - Gould looks to be riding on par with the Spike Shooter star.
Gould just spent the past Sunday racing in about 10 inches of snow. She even raced the men's pros, so she has a good understanding what is ahead.

"I hope it's a good battle - those are the most fun races to watch and ride," Gould said. "I feel like everyone has gotten faster this year."

Georgia is not the normal racer, she likes a good race where others will do anything to get ahead e.g. drugs, etc...

She knows you earn it and she is willing to put in her time, or putting time on others, no manner the outcome! That is why she races some of the top men in the world and holds her own!

I heard some men say "I don't want to race & get Georgia-ed". Ha!

Note the distance on the pro men and the number of them!

Georgia is a "A True Sport" when she races men or women!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

When the bike is right you love it! Even in the snow!

Georgia Gould just did an interview with

She has stayed with our fits throughout her racing years! She will not use any other fitting system. She has also worked harder on her pedal stroke than most!

I was just down in Lyons, CO watching their state cyclocross championships on Sunday. She raced the men and held her own against some of the top racers in the world! There was about 10 inches of snow on the level, very cold, very pretty, about 8-degrees? I heard from Nat Ross that there where about 700 racers? It was super to see that many people racing in the snow.

Below is a quote in the

"Also, I don't need too much time off the bike, I like riding my bike especially my mountain bike."

When the bike is right, you love it! The bike becomes part of you! Even in the cold & snow!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cyclocross in NC, Applegate takes 2nd!

Why is this so cool? First, Andy uses our Wobble-naught CAD software in Asheville, NC to find the very best solution for his customers. Given the number of different fitting systems, ideas, coaching, bike stores, etc..., Andy is killing it!

We track the each fit a dealer performs, using the Wobble-naught CAD solutions. Each fit takes about two hours. We don't know how he finds time to even ride?

To race, you have to spend time on the bike! For the true pro, their job is riding the bike, not working some where. For the most part, they only have to worry about what time of day they get their ride in. I just came home after being in Denver, CO working with the the folks at Velo News all day Monday at Nat Ross's Pro Bike Center in Golden, CO. We gave them a super overview, "the bare bones", of what we do! We only spent 12 hours showing them how we use Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish with the WN solution. We only gave the the "peak of the ice berg", of how we teach the facts! When you see it, you get better!

After a long day of delayed flights from Denver,Co on Tuesday, on the way home, I eyed our friend, World Champion Kristin Armstrong on her bike (temp about 24-degrees), putting her time on Hill Road. It was the warmest time of the day and that his her job (to ride). Kristin is a pro and sticks to the her game plan and the results show it!

Not to take away from the pro, but Andy on the other hand goes to work everyday and then races on weekends. So placing 2nd is very good! Wonder what he could do if he was on the bike every day?

At least, he is thinking, teaching the perfect pedal stroke all week! Ha! It comes from your brain! Results!!!

Now we see Mark Hekman is back on the bike racing, back in the top 10 again! Welcome back Mark, for taking 8th.

Congrats Andy for working in the real world, and throwing it down on the weekends! You don't have to worry about where your next meal is coming from!


Men 1,2

1 Jon Hamblen (RGM-Watches-Richard Sachs) 1.04.43
2 Andy Applegate (Land Rover / Cannondale) 0.47
3 Travis Livermon (Cycling Spoken Here) 1.03
4 Charlie Storm (Back to Dirt / Inland Construction) 2.11
5 Charlie Pendry (Back to Dirt / Inland Construction) 2.27
6 Will Black (KCCX / Verge) 3.21
7 Joshua Whitmore (Carolina Triathlon - Ryobi) 3.46
8 Mark Hekman (Land Rover / Cannondale) 3.59

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dartfish Announces Capital Increase of 4 Million Swiss francs to Fuel New Media Initative.

What kind of company would want to dance with Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish?

A company that understands how good our software is!!!

Dartfish Announces Capital Increase of over Four Million Swiss francs to Fuel New Media Initiative

December 3, 2007 – Fribourg, Switzerland – Dartfish has successfully raised its capital by CHF 4'200'000 through a recent financing round comprised of the issuance of new shares from existing and new Swiss-based investors and a loan conversion. 2007 will be another strong year of growth for Dartfish in each of its three business lines of Broadcasting, Software and Services, with a year - end turnover of 10 mio. Swiss francs.

"The success of this new round underlines the strong backing of Dartfish strategy by current shareholders, as well as its attractiveness to external investors," explains Dartfish Chairman, Anton Affentranger.

This cash injection will be dedicated to Dartfish media initiatives, where coaches and fans will view, share, edit and post sport video content on the web, using Dartfish software technology tools. The platform intent is to be the preferred and most comprehensive web choice for sport video analysis.

"Dartfish has clearly established itself as the world leader in video analysis software for elite and expert users," adds Dartfish CEO, Victor Bergonzoli. "We now plan to bring Dartfish know-how and excitement to a broader-based community of coaches and fans."

The first version of the new platform is scheduled for release on January 2008.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Georgia Gould "Mud Puppy" soloed to Victory to Another Win Sunday!

A Mud Puppy - is a tough amphibian (salamander), can be over one foot in length. Order Orodela: four families, in particular some are known as (mythical spirit's) that live in environmental conditions others cannot! According to some, can even fly?

The Mud Puppy makes a living in the wet, cold, mud, streams and rivers within the oldest mountains of the world in eastern USA. Nothing in the form of weather (snow, rain, fire, etc...) effects them. They are lighting fast, have a lot of fight in them, will bite and are are well known to even withstand fire. No manner the conditions, the lizard-like creature is very aggressive! They are very successful of making a living where others are very uncomfortable!

Understanding how important the "Hole Shot" is, in typical fashion, it was Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) dominating the start of the race. She was able to get a gap on the field and take a lead. However, Gould kept working and slowly brought Compton back.

Demonstrating why she has a "Mythical Spirit" to her rivals, was crowned the overall winner of this year's Crank Brothers U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross, Luna's Georgia Gould soloed to yet another victory on Sunday in wet and windy Portland, Oregon. Many want to know what makes her tick, why is she so fast? We know what's going on, we have had her in our laboratory, finding maximal preceived effort.

Health maintenance, any program planned to prevent illness, to maintain maximal function is very much part of this game, especially this time of year! The season is long!

Compton, has been on the road a lot, sick since returning from Europe that included a World Cup win, started the race with a small gap over Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain-Haywood) and Wendy Simms ( on the first lap but abandoned "threw the towel in", shortly after both Gould and her Luna teammate Katerina Nash overtook her?

The harsh weather also prompted Bessette to leave the elite women's race early. In this type of racing, harsh weather is part of the game. You have to be able to handle it, in which is going to come a bit of discomfort. You have to have your A-GAME and your health is very much part of that. After a long season, Cyclocross can kick your butt, a real test on the human body.

Georgia had the series wrapped up after winning Saturday, does what she does best "raced". She outlasted her major rivals Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) and Lyne Bessette (, who both abandoned the cold, wet mud-splattered contest.

Georgia has the will to stick to things, no manner, that is why she can go the limit. Georgia is one a "Mud Puppy", she doesn't let the conditions get her down! She showed that when she raced 24 hour events.

As a series winner she is awarded automatic selection to USA Cycling's world cyclocross championships squad.

Georgia is the real deal, a real "Mud Puppy"you might say! Funny, she doesn't look like one! Ha! But her intensity is so, measured directly related to the performance outcomes.

What a banner year!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Georgia Gould takes Portland XC! Will take Overall USGP!

This is racing and if you want a war, just say something about someone in the press. Nothing heats one's blood more than someone making a comment in the press about someone and their skills. We get it all the time about our Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfishfi. It only makes us go that much harder!!!

Wait till you see what we intend on doing this year on the road with all our high-tech. It has been a long time coming, but we will start the 2008 year with the best on road real time high-tech tools (WN,Myo-facts sEMG,Dartfish, SRM, more) you can have!!! What is it you want to know or learn? We can address it all while you are on the road in real time and then we can show you more "WATER".

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink!

This will make the horse drink the water. We just changed the game again!

Just like Georgia Gould, we also refuse to get into that kind of "mud" throwing in the media or perform the underground methods to get people to listen to us! There are many who "smooth talk" but results are the end all. They say all kinds of stuff to get your ear, or your money. It should be noted that Georgia only throws "mud" as do most of our dirt racer's do, from her rear wheel turning over.

This is a very funny sport! There seems to be a union? There way or the high way!

The very same thing happen to me in another sport. I coached Anke Friedrich from Germany to NCAA 89/90 in SL & GS Championships for two years running. She changed the game, then she got her masters at the UofU, then went on to get her PhD at MIT. There where many coaches, trainers within the top ranks saying "You can't do that". I have a PhD and I know and make the say on what is! Now some of those same people head national cycling org? One of the heads said that sEMG doesn't make a difference? Ha! According to Dartfish, only a few years ago, the same people said that very thing about their software. They did not want to use it, said they could not see how it would work, besides they already have their coaches. Now I understand they are trying to learn it?

As one of our top pros Shonny Vanlandingham said during working with her at her home on the Kona, the Big Island, "I can't read this stuff, it would drive me crazy. Its best, not to respond, nor read this stuff, rather just to stay focused on what she does "RACE".

Georgia Gould win races!!! That is a fact, a Myo-fact! She uses our Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish and reads our emails to her about racing! Things that make a difference! It is hard claim a "Sliver Bullet"! That is why their are so many coaches, teams with so many different ideas. You can be on one team vs. another, use their services and that can make a difference. Luna is one of those great teams and their results are real. We are so pleased to work with their top guns!

It was written, that: Gould (Luna) might have read or took her rivals' comments to heart, she took control of the race early and opened up substantial lead on the respective category's national champion. Compton gets a ton of press, that comes with the wins!

Truth is, Georgia races Georgia Gould and the race course. She has given 100% to every race she is in, that is just the way she is. That goes back years ago when she raced her first 24 hour race in Moab, UT., placing in the top three. She was on our fit then also.

She is just learning how important it is to get the hole shot and then maintain the pace. We know she has the power and can maintain a fast smooth pace, as she can hang on the the pace of the leaders. She has being working on her sprint.

"I just tried to be smooth," said Gould, who made a major impression on the mountain-bike world this year by sweeping the NMBS cross-country series. "I try to base my races on how I feel, and not on how other people feel. In these kinds of conditions it's easy to make mistakes. At one point Katie was about 10 seconds ahead of me, and I just focused on staying smooth."

Racing is a hard game. Ask Shonny Vanlandingham who was sick early this year. You have to have all the stars right to have a good season. That means you have to have your health also. Good legs vs. bad legs? Results are results!

She is just getting faster as she learns! Is that not how we all learn? Georgia doesn't have time on the track like sprinter Katie Compton had, but she is learning fast!

With the win, Gould has the overall series title locked up, with 230 points to Sydor's 158. Even if Sydor won on Sunday and Gould did not finish, Gould's 230 points would outweigh Sydor's potential 208. Because Compton skipped the middle round of USGP competition to compete in Europe, she is out of the running for the overall competition.


Elite Women (42 starters)

1 Georgia Gould (Luna) 41.39
2 Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) 0.23
3 Katerina Nash (Luna) 0.59
4 Lyne Bessette ( 1.13
5 Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain Haywood) 1.21
6 Wendy Simms ( 2.07
7 Amy Dombroski (Velo Bella - Kona) 2.21
8 Wendy Williams (River City Bicycles) 3.05
9 Barbara Howe (Velo Bella Kona) 3.09
10 Kerry Barnholt (Tokyo Joes / Van Dessel) 3.13

What a gal!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hot News! Dartfish for dealers! We never stop working for High-Performance Cycling!

Stay tuned! We have always been a trending company, being on the cutting edge! We always lead for others to follow e.g. lasers, software, sEMG, footbeds, etc... Now our dealers are going to take fitting to yet another level. This is going to change the game! You don't have to have a basic fit from a retailer, just because big brother tells them to use their way "or the highway" approach!

It is not about the brand name, its about you!

Bones assist the body in movement because they are a point of attachment for muscles. That means its very important to find the joint shape where bones come together. Muscles, whether attached to bones or to internal organs and blood vessels, are responsible for movement. External movement is accomplished by the contraction and relaxation of muscles that are attached to the bones. Ha!

That means if you use our methods of measurements to find the exact attachments, knowing the shape of the joint, you better get the best range of motion, and the best line of pull. How else can you measure formation and structures? That's why so many racers get the results. Its not just about one person, its that we have many different people, with different shapes and sizes taking world championships!

There are 206 bones of various types in the body. Long, short, flat, sesamoid bones, in which different size/thickness patella (kneecap), a flat bone that lies in front of the articulation between the femur and one of the lower leg bones called the tibia. In fact, the tibia, the largest of 2 bones of the lower leg; the tibia (meaning flute-its shape looks like a flute) runs under the skin in the front part of the leg. This flute looking bone joins with the femur at the patella, at its top it can be convex or concave as it moves on the upper leg, and as its distal (ankle) forms a swelling that is the bony prominence (medial malleolus) at the inside of the ankle.

Now the foot, the contact point e.g golf club to golf ball. It can have many shapes. There are many types of talipes; talipes equinus, tailpes calcaneus, tailpes cavus, talipe varus, talipes equinovarus, tailpes calcaneomarus, talipes valgus, talipes calcaneovalgus or talpes equinovalgus. A lot to know, so it sure is great to have CAD to get think about all this!

So many things to think about, you could have your mothers pelvic girdle even if you are a male, or be a female and have your dads hip bone size and shape. Within that hip, you havea socket called the acetabulum. The acetabulum was named because of its resemblance to a rounded cup the Romans used for vinegar (acetum).

Then with all the shapes, you can hit age 40 years old, with a normal spine and then start to change by (oseoporosis-kyphosis) by the time you are 60 or 70 years of age.

It should be know, that we have done our homework! So if you think our fit is basic e.g. just hang a plumb line, then you do not understand how we placed untold amounts of bone constraints into our CAD software to find your best movements. Basic fitting "NAUGHT".
Are we just sizing a bike, using some jig "NAUGHT". Are we in the patho business "NAUGHT".

But what we do to you is very specific to bones. We know the bare bones of your fit and their best actions "that makes a difference". No matter you age, or shape! We make you move better on what ever bike brand! We don't change the shape of your bones, we only work with what you have, not making your fit like someone else.

Bones are complete organs, chiefly composed of connective tissue called osseous (bony) tissue plus a rich supply of blood vessels and nerves. This tissue consists of osteocytes (bone cells) surrounded by a hard, intercelular substance filled with calcium salts. It should be noted, that if you force your bones e.g. using shims under your forefoot can damage your bones in your foot or say your knee. We can't change the shape you have!!!

I think it is important you know we are not doctors who treat bones and bone diseases, those are orthopedists, named after being used years ago in a branch of medicine dealing with correcting deformities in children (orth/o means straight, ped/o means child). We do not correct deformities, rather deal with what you have.

Rheumatologist are doctors who treat joint diseases. Rheumat/o means watery flow and relates to joint diseases because various forms of arthritis are marked by collection of fluid in the joint spaces. That amount of collected fluid can impact your fit, the better to use our methods.

Osteopaths practice osteopathy, which is a separate school of medicine using diagnostic and therapeutic measures and based on the belief that the body is capable of healing itself when bones are in proper position and adequate nutrition is provided.
We are not the healing business, but many informs us how well they feel, no discomfort?

Chiropractors (chir/o means hand) are neither physicians nor osteopaths, and they use physical means to manipulate the spinal column, believing that disease is caused by pressure on nerves. We don't use our hands, but we do reduce pressure on nerves and bones.

If our dealers measure you right, you will have the best fit you can obtain. There is none better! But you still have to pedal!

After your fit with the Wobble-naught dealer, they now will be able to show you the actions of your bone, or the facts! Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish has worked for many years to bring more to your game! The R&D has been long coming.

We will now have the powerful Dartfish software that has been working with Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish in the hands of our Wobble-naught dealer's and at "no cost up front" to the dealer. A very powerful teaching tool with full phone support and much more!

We watched as "COST" is what stops a dealer from getting the state-of-the art! That means the customer doesn't have the best "TRUTH". No manner if your a coach, retail store, using 6 or 20 cams for 3D (only watching the skin, as the joint moves under it) or part-time fitter, cost has always killed the customer from getting things right! People don't learn by someone just telling them how to do something e.g powermeters! In fact, it takes a lot of visual to show them what they need to learn and do! It is so cool to use this high-tech to show them how to make 20 more watts. Most can't believe their eyes!

We have been leading the horse to water for years, but even then, some don't drink? Not anymore, your Wobble-naught dealer will not only perform the best fit for the game, but also will show you why it is!

Lastly, did you know, that Dartfish is already hooked up with SRM! We can follow you outside in the real world, watching your every move and show you your angles! COOL!

Monday, November 26, 2007

A very sad day!!! Mike Janelle has fatal heart attack.

I just got off the phone with a very sad Nat Ross. Nat informed me that his Colorado teammate suffered a fatal heart attack this past Friday.

Mike Janelle, a long-time presence on mtb racing scene and a 3-time Race Across America Champ with Nat Ross racing in the team category, died abruptly of an apparent heart attack Friday morning. How short can be, Janelle was only 40 years old. All the reason to live it as Mike Janelle.

Janelle focused primarily on endurance mountain-bike events, and represented the United States at the UCI world marathon championships in 2005. Alongside teammate and friend Jay Henry, Janelle also scored an overall team victory at the 24 Hours of Moab in 2005.

Janelle was the driving force behind Team Vail-Beaver Creek, which dominated the four-person category of the Race Across America from 2005-07. Composed of Janelle, Nat Ross, Jimi Mortensen and Zach Bingham, Vail-Beaver Creek scored overall RAAM victories in 2005 and '06.

A basic characteristic of life is a high degree of order. To scrutinize it, and discover what oder exists at levels below what the unaided eye can see. Our intellectual journey also takes us back, when we watch life shorten.

Our regards go out to all who knew and raced with Mike. He will be missed.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Let's get to the Bottom of it All!

Many factors contribute to a person's success of effectiveness at any given sport. Our focus is to make you pedal better using kinanthropometrics - a area of study concerned with physical measurements of the human body as they relate to sport performance. We do our job very well! Just look at the results!

There seems to be "no boundaries" on who knows what. Unruly fits every where! The problem in our sport is things moves so slow, "bike stores don't focus on fitting" they focus on moving bikes. Many claim to have the best solution. Bend over and touch the floor, so I can check your fit? Wow! Now touch your nose with your eyes closed to check your balance? A real lack of science, a world from tradition or worst guesswork! They voice their ideas on major cycling sites regarding everything, just filling the pages? Ha! No lost to them if it works or not, they hold the right to write and keep you coming to their site.

Basic training and stretching for all, and did you know I hold a degree from school or I own a bike store and I ride, so I know. Can this basic information in cycling improve your performance? How do they know how your muscles are firing and the biomechanical skills needed for you? It seems that almost anyone can become a coach and build their own program. The next time you get one of these web "start" writers, coaches, be sure to ask what foundation of knowledge on which their ideas is based. Many of the people are just a copy cat of "hear say", I guess you have to learn from some cycling book if you don't have the tools. How else would you know?

Why so many ideas about a fit? Most of the fits come from "because such & such is doing it". Never knowing if a person is firing all their muscles? Why would you by watching the outside, skin or even the sum of a powermeter? Cycling is coordinated interaction between your nervous and muscular systems. Muscles when stimulated they contract and develop tension to turn the pedals. So why all the different fits? We think its because low tech, and besides I have been riding for 20 years and I have been a Cat 1.

How can anyone debate the bones being harder than a given muscle. If we know just where the landmarks are then success comes with time. The muscles learn to work at the best range of motion.

The bone is harder than a muscle, but still alive, it gets its supple of nourishment from arteries that enter from the periosteum-the fibrous connective tissue membrane where muscle attaches. The periosteum is richly supplied with sensory nerves-periosteal nerves-that carry pain fibers.

The peristeum is especially sensitive to tearing or tension, which explains the acute pain from a bone fracture. Yes, bone itself is relatively sparsely supplied with sensory endings,but the occurring movements and the fibrous joints can "wear & tear", The uniting shapes of articulating bones is very close together, either interlocking along a wavy line or overlapping. A fibrous joint unites the bones with a sheet of fibrouis tissue (syndesmosis), either a ligament or fibrous membrane. Consequently, this type of joint is partially movable.

That being the case, microscopic movements here help provide us important information when working on a hard pedal stroke. Not unlike clenching your teeth feeling(via the sense of proprioception)how hard your working.

All bones derive from mesenchyme (embryonic connective tissue) by two different processes: intramembranous ossification (directly from mesenchyme) and endochondral ossification (from cartilage derived from mesenchyme).

You can even see seams formed during a fusion process (synostosis), in which is a particularly dense and is recognizable in radiographs as an epiphyseal line, which marks the zone of fusion between the epiphysis and daphysis occuring when growth in length has ceased. The epiphyseal fusion of bones occurs progressively from puberty to maturity.

Bones can be viewed kind of like reading trees rings to determine or the key word "measure". That is the whole point, measure, not eyeball and guess.

Even the age of a person can be determined by studing the ossification centers in bones: 1) Apppearance of calcified material in the diaphysis and/or epiphyses. 2)Disappearnace of the dark line representing the epiphyseal plate (absence of line).

Bottom line, is bone is a dense, hard, but slightly elastic connective tissue (206 bones in a human). The key being to stack the 206 for the game. It is permeated by many blood vessels and nerves. It is alive and is composed of osteocytes and calcified collogennous intercellular substanc arranged in thin plates (bone tissue).

The skeletal link (segment) moves around an axis that passes through a joint and along a plane. However there are unique movements of each persons joints. Although the movement of joints are (basic)similar, around similar segmental axes and along similar segmental planes, there are many exception from the anatomical human.

So how does one use judgment to determine what you need? Even using 3D, they still just hang a plumb-line? This is too "basic", but its not their race, so who cares? In free space, the entire body may move around. That is why our Wobble-naught CAD works so well. It takes the 3D articulations within the joints and their movements around longitudinal axis and along a transverse plane. Not just looking from outside, watching the skin move over a joint. Give me a break!!!

What is important, is its bony landmarks. A groove or prominence on a bone that serves as a guide to the location of another body structure, mainly muscles. Most skeletal muscles are attached directly or indirectly through tendons to bones, cartilages, ligaments, or fascia, or to some combination of these structures. We don't know of them pushing?

When a muscle contracts and shortens, one of its attachments usually remains fixed and the other one moves. A origin (usually the proximal end) that remains fixed during muscular contraction. The other end is the insertion (distal end of the muscle that is movable). Sounds simple yes "NAUGHT".

Some muscles can act in both directions under different circumstances. Therefore, voluntary muscles can vary due to the lack of a person's controls. You can control many of you muscles at will only with great focus and much time learning "how", it is not automatic.

FACT: Skeletal muscles produce movement by shortening, the , they pull on a line and never push!
To take advantage of this, you have to stack the landmarks on the bone just so!

The architecture and shape of the skeletal muscles do vary i.e. muscle's length is the distance between its bony attachments. So we place you right dead in the middle of the belly of the muscle. The trick is understanding that muscles run oblique angles(like a wet towel twisted).

So how do we know, the correct tension when moving at 5000 strokes per hour? We read them over the course of a time to better determine what you need to work on! Its that simple! We can even see if your foot is toed-in or toed-out too much. The muscle actions will inform us!

Answer: We read the electrical actions and record the differences. The Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish changes your world. Just ask anyone who has used it!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Georgia Gould kills it in the cold!

November 18, 2007

Rain, 30-degree temps, and a course greased with mud is racing like a "real cross race". Sunday's fourth round of the U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross near Trenton, New Jersey foot the bill.

Gould wins another one, but not without some real suffering, a true agony of victory!

From what we know, her win never looked as painful as it did on Georgia immediately following the women's race. Cold painful icy hands that numbed the pain during the race gave way to agony as her fingers began to thaw, and "battle" was the word exchanged between Gould and runner-up Lyne Bessette.

"From the start there was a group of five or six of us and the lead was always kind of changing, gaps were opening and then closing up," said Gould. "It's just hard when someone else is riding in front of you - when they mess up, you mess up. I had a few mistakes and a couple crashes."

The Canadians - Wendy Simms, Alison Sydor and Bessette - led the way through the first two laps until Bessette escaped, Gould with her. Simms and Sydor steadied a pace just high enough to hold off a chase group of Kerry Barnholt, Maureen Bruno Roy and Georgia's teamate Katerina Nash , all of whom displayed finely tuned technical skills in the mucky conditions.

Gould called upon her own technical skills to get around slippery corners while Bessette dismounted and ran. Gould slid out a few times but managed to catch back on each time until Bessette went down late in the race and the Luna rider seized the opportunity to surge ahead with only minutes to go. A perfect balanced can make a difference.

Gould extended a narrow lead over Bessette by 24 seconds and, sprinting all the way to the end, finished in spectacular style to level the playing field with Katie Compton , who won the first two rounds of the USGP.

I think she is starting to learn how to sprint. Everyone best look out if she learns that. Ha!

U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross
Round 4, Trenton, NJ. Nov. 18

1. Georgia Gould Luna, 36:05
2. Lyne Bessette (Can),, at 0:24
3. Alison Sydor (Can), Rocky Mountain Haywood, at 0:29
4. Wendy Simms (Can),, at 0:35
5. Rachel Lloyd Proman-Paradigm, at 0:59

Monday, November 12, 2007

Georgia Gould takes both men & women races at Mid-Atlantic Cyclo-cross.

Bridgeton, New Jersey on Saturday.

Gould knocks off her competition in first the men's 2/3/4 race before dominating the women's event.

Gould returned to form, starting her day by "warming up" in the men's category 2/3/4 race. Starting near the back of the field of 55 riders, she steadily passed many, then she caught the leading pack including passing husband Dusty Labarr along the way. She dropped the hammer on the last lap to win by a comfortable seven-second margin.

Gould got serious for the elite women's race. By the end of the first lap, Gould had a 26 second lead over the chase group of Rebecca Wellons (Ridley Factory Team), Mo Bruno-Roy (Independent Fabrications) and a resurgent Melanie Swartz (Velo Bella/Kona). Katie Compton was over the pond doing her thing for the USA. Compton, takes World Cup race in the Netherlands

American Katie Compton took top honors in a muddy UCI cyclocross World Cup in Pijnacker in the Netherlands on Sunday.

Compton (Spike Shooter), the reigning U.S. women's cyclocross champion, finished nearly a minute ahead of Daphny Van Den Brand with Reza Hormes-Ravenstijn third at 01:03.

This lets Georgia know how she stands in the wolrd of cyclocross, as she runs about the same pace about 23 secs behind Compton. If she gets a good hole shot she can race with Compton.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

3D fits- Why watch the skin, we watch the tone of the muscles?

First it should be said! There is no substitute for training and time on the bike. Period. But if you are not dialed in on the bike of choice, you will not stay on the bike.

A good question is why do our fits help so many race into the top ranks, win 24 hour races? Or why do our people win races at the highest levels? Most will tell you, they know a race is going hurt, but what they really like is they can wake up the next day and do it again! Even the weekend rider says the same thing!

We know, that by stacking the bones, reducing the wear & tear on your joints is like "getting the front-end of your car" attend to, you stay in the game longer by not wearing the parts or the tires. Get a basic fit and it will help like a static balanced tire, but there is more refinement to be made. Now think about speed balance vs. static balance, there is a difference in the ride. That has nothing to do with the motor!

So to focus on the motor, learn your best stroke and the watts (horsepower) will come. Provided your legs and upper balance out! The upper body is a counter weight for the legs to work under! It is also best to know how to make you get more air into your lungs. Harder than you might think.

There is news on the streets of a new 3D fit, by placing markers on the skin. This type of fitting has been around for some time, even when we looked in to it. It can miss by up to 2cm!!! We could not see where it was much different than a basic fit. You are only looking at the outside!

It should be pointed out that we have been doing 3D fitting since day one, but we don't use markers on the skin! Even 3D scanning is not going to inform you of what the muscles are doing! What about the cross-bridging of actin & myson? Reading watts only informs you of the sum of all the muscles, not what each muscle is doing. You might be riding with your brakes on! Meaning one muscle might not be doing its share of the work!

Think about knowing where the muscles insert and attach on the bones. Now think about knowing all the angles, compression of your spine, etc... as they move through space!

We use 3D CAD in the background with every fit.

Why not 3D on the Skin? The answer, the skin moves and doesn't provide as we see it, what the joints are doing within nor what the muscles are doing! The next time you looked at a sting instrument, guess what the tension is of a given string. To test it, you have to strum it to find its noise!

Muscles work by the best line of pull and their tone. They don't push, but they be brakes! You joints have a ton of angles on their surfaces and no two people hold the same shape and size. You could even have twisted bones, in the middle of its shaft or on its end. What about flat feet? What about a high arch? What about the femur head. What about your hip, sitbones, etc... The key is not to have the bones compressing other bones "allowing you to move in & out of balance" as needed.

Even then, you have to learn to address the bike! Think of golf, as Tiger Woods steps up to the ball, he still has to swing!
If he has the perfect swing, and doesn't address the ball for the shot, game over!

What happens after the muscles get full of blood after 15 min., they get larger, joints get tighter. So just looking from the outside, using say 100 cams is not going to inform you of what is going on each muscle fiber.

We see an increase of 18 watts, just by learning how to pedal after a precise fit. We have seen this time and time again. Making more watts is not the key, but when you need to mash the gas and go it is. You

Most bike shops don't have time, coaches only train athletes, and medical professionals do rehab, but we all tend to agree that a good bike fit is a good thing. This is great news.

The information age is a powerful force. There are certain things we have learned, or have theories about, which have been tested over and over by independent peer reviewed journals. Most professionals reference these articles from time to time and tend to use new research to guide programs for their athletes and patients. There is also a huge boom in the amount of trash out there. Anyone can advertise! There is a lot of "industry buzz", so how to you know the real thing?

Results! Results for not just one person, but for many! No one wins every race, but it has been great to watch people reach their goals.

If your bones are lined up properly on the bike, and you follow a smart training program, you'll maximize efficiency and lower the chances of injury. When the bones are "off", the muscles start to obtain imbalances that can manifest themselves as injury.

Mathematical models allow us to measure to the mm, but to quantify exactly how much help a cyclist gets with a given alteration in their program is a huge undertaking. Riding for a pro team in cycling, might allow more resources. However, if you are a cyclist balancing riding and the real world, it is nice to know you can go to one of our dealers and get the real deal.

With correct training starting in the fall, you might gain up to 7 minutes off your rides. Just in the body position alone more minutes. Then the correct pedal stroke even more!Yes - you have to ride you bike.

You don't have to ride smart. Our optimum bike fit is key. Faster at less effort and more biomechaincally sound. It's a win-win for the time and money you'll invest and performance gained.

There is a whole lot of technology, knowledge, behind our results. It is not a formula out of a book.

Weather you choose the standard basic bike fit using someones eye or a 3D bike fit that places markers on your skin, you are a whole lot closer to achieving your optimum performance.

But if you want the real deal come see one of our dealers using Wobble-naught CAD or come to Boise, ID to use the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish. People come to Boise, ID from around the world for the "REAL DEAL", to see what is really gong on within their bodies! Many of the people have already been in wind tunnels at $1000 per hour, only for our solutions to help them break their PR's.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Boulder Cup - A Repeat! Compton 1st, Gould 2nd.

Suday in Boulder, CO had another great day of racing as Georgia Gould took the hole shot, then Compton getting past her on the runs, putting on a show. Compton is getting ready to go across the pond for a month, looks like she will be ready.

This is good for Georgia, as it makes her understand where she needs to work. The mtb race doesn't have the drops, but it lets her learn how to make time. She has to get her upper body over the bottom bracket and to hit it. The spine has to be in the correct angle in space. Its hard to break a habit, and if you have won races, even harder to work on things.

We have talked about her not getting on the drops when she comes out of a tight turn like Katie. Sometimes you can "lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink". She has the motor and will learn and get faster. This game demands a good sprint, and by lowering the center of mass allows you to work the handlebars with more lateral force.

Even Kristin Armstrong has spent lots os time working on getting into the drops on track. She is best know as a climber a and the long run! Both Georgia and Kristing have the same build, standing about 5'10". So when you have a Katie Compton or a Laura Van Glider build, a more compact frame, and strong upper body can can put the hammer down for a strong sprint. Look at the upper body of a good sprinter.

Compton has time on a track and has the total body sprint and knows how to get the rpms. It really helps to get back to the pace after slowing from sand, turns, etc... In other words, she has a good low end that gets her up to speed.

Still a good performance from Gould! Compton should do well in the up coming races.

Good stuff!

Elite Women

1 Katie Compton (USA) SPIKE-Primus Mootry-ROL Wheels
2 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Chix

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Katie wins with Georgia 2nd, Butler 8th in Boulder, CO.

We are pleased to see two of the racers we work with Georgia Gould & Sue Bulter in the top ten.

It seems like the course was very much the same as 2006, as Compton gets the same time & distance on 2nd place Gould.

With all the travel, it will be only a matter of time that it will tax Compton, as it does so many. She is one tough gal.
Congrats to Compton, being the UCI leader in the game. She has a strong sprint out of the hole, while many don't have that as part of the game. Track time makes a difference.

You make speed, rather you maintain it from the start! Compton getting on the drops to sprint helps her maintain the pace. That makes it very hard for others to keep pace with her.

We are pleased to see a new gal in the top ten. Sue Butler came to us this year and that has helped her to get into the game! Congrats Sue!

You have not seen one of these races, go and check them out. They are great fun to watch.

1. Katie Compton, Spike Shooter, 38:39
2. Georgia Gould, Luna, 39:15
3. Rachel Lloyd, Proman-Paradigm, 40:23
4. Kerry Barnholt, Tokyo Joe's-Van Dessel, 40:42
5. Wendy Williams, River City Bicycles, 42:01
6. Kelli Emmett, Giant, 42:40
7. Barbara Howe, Velo Bella-Kona, 42:45
8. Sue Butler, River City Bicycles, 43:22

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Looks like only two USA mtb guys to Beijing!

U.S. men likely to earn just two mountain bike spots in Beijing. If things stay the course, only two will go and that doesn't look good for Bishop. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and Adam Craig look like they will go!

Jeremiah Bishop, has just spent two years on his dream to go Beijing. He was able to hold his own on a tough playground. He was right there, raced with the best, but got sick and missed a few races! At the World Cup level, you can't do that, you have to be at every race and be in the hunt for 2 long years.

Jeremiah has the motor, and he even placed 8th at the world championships, the best any man from the USA in ten years! Did I say this is a tough game, not like football only for one season. That's a long time to stay focused! Most burn out!

It takes two years of racing to qualified for only two male cross-country mountain-bike racers to compete at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Think of that when you watch the games and know how hard all the racers have raced to get there.

This news comes after the UCI released its latest nations' rankings on October 18 - the U.S. men sit in 7th place with 2019 UCI points, 2 points behind Sweden. The world is a big place.

The combined nation ranking for '06 and '07 determines the number of berths each country receives for the games. The U.S. men finished 2006 ranked 4th with 2205 points. Its not over yet, but Bishop will have to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

Should the current 2007 rankings hold through December 31, the U.S.'s combined ranking for both years will be 6th, 129 points behind 5th-placed Germany, which has 4353 points. But only the top 5 nations earn the maximum 3 Olympic berths, meaning for the second Olympics in a row, "ONLY 2 American men" will attend.

The combined point total of a country's top-3 ranked riders determines its UCI nation ranking. At the end of 2006, 3 Americans sat inside the top 25 of the UCI rider rankings: Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (11th), Adam Craig (17th) and Jeremiah Bishop (22nd).

Again, this is a game that taxes you physical abilities to the limit. Yes the maxim "Practice makes perfect" but does not always hold true. This rough-and tumble game is hard on the body. The travel alone can get you really sick as we have seen that many racers like Shonny Vanlandingham at the start of the season.

Bishop is the real deal, he can race, but what can one do about getting sick?

Good effort Jeremiah.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Spooktacular Race at Sun Valley, ID & Big Cash!

Seventh heaven "Not"! The area looks like heaven, but it was pure "hell" and for the racers it made their eyes pop out! Spooky! They also made strange sounds gasping for air! Ha!

Note the angle of the ski lift, this was a killer climb at 5'900ft!!!

Action packed racing as Cody Peterson pulls away for the Saturday race. Viewed is Bart hitting the deck after his front end washed out from the leaves!

Then came Sunday when Bart pulled away! Good racing!
Cycling in Sun Valley,Idaho, its hard to do better this time of year. A young racer getting the feel of the course,warming up the early morning.

The winner of the Masters! By the way he also helped mark the course? Perhaps he knew the course? Funny how knowing things makes a difference!

Yes indeed,you have to race up this 12 to 14 times, and yes it's too steep to ride, but think of the view!

We even had center stage for two days! Dik using the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish to dial in his stroke. Even the younger kids "hanging out" learning the facts.

It was two days of "Out of Body" performance's in Sun Valley, ID. Two-thousand US green for grabs from Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish on Saturday before the Idaho State Championships on Sunday.

Oktoberfest in full gear, plus Billy Olson putting on a good show with the bike racing with the support of Sun Valley Company, Smith, Scott, Thomson, Wobble-naught & Myo-facts and many helpers to pull it off.

The whole town was into it. All ages, about 70 kids under age 7 racing as hard as they could move their legs, racing at the base of River Run! A few had ultra low weight high tech bikes, they saved weight by not having cranks! Ha! I think they where under the weight limts
All this as they raced back and forht over the Big Wood river, you could stand and even see rainbows holding in the water. They had a live band in side the lodge, steins of beer, great food and weather!

Saturday night, the streets of down town Ketchum came alive with the for more "Spooktacular" spooks of all kinds, some 9 feet tall. Behind a full moon rising over the snow capped mountain peaks. A sight to behold!

Claudia "popcorn" Soddemann putting on a show as she rode away from the field. Dash for the cash!!! She use to put 10 min. into the field in mtb, but now she has two kids. Ha! Having two kids can really slow you down. That's why she only put a few minutes on the women pros.

Her oldest son, I think age five was racing single speed, so he was on course at the time of this picture.

Everyone said the same thing, this was the best racing and show in the four years its been put on!

Congrats Billy O!

Gould, races mid-field to 2nd in UCI USGP!

Velo News really loves their home state gal "Katie Compton", gives her tons of press and that great, but there are fans every where. It was said that Katie Compton showed total domination? OK guys, come down to earth. Yes Katie Compton (Spike) puts on an impressive display of force in every race, with a 1:20 lead on second-placed Georgia Gould (Luna). But their are also fans of other racers e.g. Ge-or-gi-a! They must be truck drivers from the looks of the tans? Truck drivers love racing! Ha!

Now that we are back on solid ground, it's not so much about who wins, but the race getting fans out for the super effort everyone puts forth. This is good stuff, not just standing watching 100 meters.

One thing that is real they are "Hot" out of the gate, full-speed-ahead and great fun to watch from start to finish. It is about the racer racing the course more than teams working together like road. Action packed!!!

Since we support Georgia with Wobble-naught CAD fits, Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, you know we are her fan "Georgia on our mind". Not to take away from Katie, but how cool is this! Georgia has fans as well as the other racers. Go watch one of these races! Go women sports!!! Someone will say "Right", but they do and they have fans.
This type of racing is fun to watch, so go out and support it!!!

Georgia was running about the same times as Katie, but had to start mid-field. However her choice to not be early races after her unreal season.Not to take away the win of Katie, but as Georgia said to one of the Velo reporters a year ago, Katie is not super human and can be beaten. That makes for good racing! That is why we have races and not just one race.

Racing is a good story, you never know who will take the win. Look at Vegas!

Racing 101:

How important is getting a hole shot in the first few corners of the race? Compton led an elite group of women who all happened to be Canadian: Wendy Simms, Lyne Bessette and Alison Sydor while Georgia (USA) who has missed a few races, making her start in mid-field.

Katie Compton (USA) - Even after starting slow, "at [the next] corner was so wide I could just pedal through the outside and move to the front." A key move for setting your own race pace! Soon, the UCI points leader and 3-time national champion was clear.

Behind, the Canadians traded pulls while Gould (USA)chased up from her mid-pack, slowed behind slower pace racers she had put the hammer down.

Georgia Gould - "I've only done one UCI race this year and that was in Vegas, so I'm in a little bit of a points deficit,"

GG - "I started in the third row, and really in that first part of the race until the barriers there's nowhere to move up. Even though it's wide, it was four people wide the whole way. So when it started spreading out a little bit and moving into the straightaways I was able to pick people off."

After a good effort, Gould made contact with the chase group, but didn't wait around long. "They were just riding around marking each other, and I want to win the race," Gould said. "So I attacked them, and then just rode around by myself because Katie was so far off the front."

Gould would finish 20 seconds up on the Canadian trio, with Sydor taking the sprint for third.

Lesson here! Starting at the front is key! If you are racing for points, you best show up to each race and have to fight your way back. This is good for Georgia, because at the World Cup level, you might be the best in your country, but then be back in the pack at the big ones.

We know that Georgia focus is on the games in her sport of XC mtb. Go Georgia!!!

Congrats to Katie Compton and the many others that make this so fun to watch.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Crosstoberfest Oct. 27 & 28 - Party Grows as Ketchum's downtown shuts down for more fun in the streets!

Billy Olson had the idea and it is catching on!

His XC race "Crosstoberfest" is really growing! We like how you can watch a good race. So we are helping, Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish is providing $2'000 CASH for the race, Sun Valley, Smith, Scott, Thomson and the perfect weekend for the town of Ketchum (Sun Valley), ID is get behind the weekend fun. We understand that main street will be shut down Sat. night for a huge party in the streets. There will be free "beer taxi's" for those who over use their steins!!!

This will perhaps bring more people to the Sun Valley, ID area and that helps everyone who lives there!

Sun Valley area was hit hard by a huge fire in Sept. That fire shut the whole town down the same time they put on a huge event, "Wagon Days", stopping people form attending. The money that comes from shopping, eating, etc... really helps as the area is in the off season.

That went up in flames!!!

If you like this sport, come to have some fun, help support it! It also help the whole town!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Horsepower! You need more! Trust us!

An open mind collects more riches than an open purse - Will Henry

The best thing you can do is keep a open mind on the subject of horsepower & motors. Keep reading! A good reference of an engine is it's size, 350, 4.8-liters, V8,V10,V12, you name it. Your body is a motor and it's the ratio dynamics that make a difference. There are many sizes and you can't just say the cleats, or move the rise of the stem, slide the saddle this way or that are the same for a given V8. That is what makes this so fun, as you can have a samll block kick the heck out of a large block, provided its been blue-printed.

Most people want high-performance from their cycling and that requires a good motor, plus understanding it. Horsepower does make the game more fun. But on the same note, most cycling fans hate motors, nor do they wish to work on them (theirs). Even going to the point of name calling people "gear heads", etc...? The game of NASCAR, F1, NHRA, etc... , require a strong motor. Like it or not, you are a motor, it needs fuel, and you turn gears!

If you haven't done the math, the engine you're building or driving probably has less power than you think. You can't trust a basic eyeballing and ideas on what everyone needs. To take a device and say you fall into a green or red range is not blue-printing your needs. What about the shape and size of your hips, sit bones, the angle of the neck of the femur.

Blue-printing the engine requires you to know things like fuel lines, piston size, chamber size, gaskets, deck clearance that best tells the story of what suits your needs. No engine block is typical, even the materials vary like body size and that is why a basic fit, just looking at the outside is not best to alter you needs. You need to go within the motor to blue-print it. Even using video to view your stroke is not enough! What about the timing? The firing of the muscles! Are they working against each other? Perhaps the same as riding with your brakes on?

Let's just exchange a few parts of the human motor for a "Hot Rod" engine. A high performance motor is anything over 10.0:1 of compression or greater. Note: high performance means things can wear out quicker and need constant attention to details. That high combustion engine requires that the fuel lines can send fuel. You don't need a bend that reduces that fuel that makes you go! Many in the fitting don't reliaze that you can rob power from a leg just by having the saddle, your sit bones in the wrong location affecting the hip angle, perhaps reducing the flow of blood (fuel). Horsepower means you need fuel and fast!; Being more aero is not going to always make you faster and you can even damage your fuel lines. Think of a garden hose and you grap it and bend on-too itself, "the flow doesn't go". Ha! Now think about the pumping in your hips!
Not to point out the wiring that lies within the body! Stetching the wiring is not good thing!

Compression ration defined is the total volume with the piston at bottom (BDC)divided by cylinder volume with the piston at the top dead center (TDC). Look at the muscles in your legs as pistons and how they fire.

Next, look at the bore, in which most people understand that bore size, or diameter of a cylinder (muscle cross section)affects the total displacement. An after-affect is that, all other things being equal, a larger bore (cross section)will create a higher compression ration (more fibers firing) than a smaller one.

Now for the stroke! The stroke is the distance the piston (bone joint)travels from BDC to TDC. Increasing the stroke and making no other changes will raise the compression ratio(throw)for the same reason that bigger bores (cross section mm) raise compression.

Then you have other things like changing connecting rod length(upper ratio w/ lower leg). Then you have small-block vs large-block (body size)therefore has an affect on the compression ratio. The weight of the motor now starts to come into play for low-end vs. top-end speed.

Even the head gasket specs can alter compression (muscle firing). To perform work, you have to have the muscle fibers in the correct timing. This helps with the throw!

Then come the control systems to run everything (integration and control systems). Without the function organization of (nervous tissue) wiring coordinating all those sensations and activities dialed, the best monitor (powermeter) will not make a difference. You will still be making low rpm/horsepower.

Perhaps you know the term "motor division" of the brain that drives the "motor unit", a single neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates.

If the "motor division" is not open to their truths, the game is over! You can't program it! With that, teach the brain, improve the game!

The cool thing here, is we have the tools to blue-print your motor. You just have to want to be a "HOT ROD". Understand that a "Hot ROD" can use more fuel when you press the gas and the motor that has little horsepower will never make it. Yes they might get better fuel mpg, but can't drag race!

Adding it all up, each example above shows you how you can build on your small block or large block. But don't forget that each of the elements described can be combined with others to make more significant gains.

So if you want a typical smog engine(basic fit)don't come to us, because we are going to "blue-print" your motor and change your computer chips "brain". You will get more O2 to that motor and throw more into your game.

You are responsible for the type of gas and your mileage and speeding tickets.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Foot issues, pronation -why?

Hallux valgus: etiology

The most common forefoot problem encountered by podiatric surgeons is the painful bunion joint. The variety of ways in which this deformity presents, together with the technical considerations and difficulty in its management, pose a significant clinical challenge.

When you think you turn the pedal over about 5,000 times per hour, you can start to see why this is a big deal.


There is no one specific cause that might explain the incidence of hallux abducto valgus. However, there are numerous papers detailing the various etiologies which include: pronation, long first metatarsal, muscle imbalance, hyper mobility syndromes, biomechanics and footgear. On the bike, we see a lot of the problems from the wrong pair of shoes, along with the biomechanics of the best pedal stroke for their bones.

Hallux abducto valgus is common within the inflammatory arthropathies that cause discomfort while on the bike. In these cases, the deformity is presumed to be directly due to muscle imbalance, but we find that the muscle imbalanc is due to the saddle being too low. The condition is also more common in women which suggests that the role of high heel footgear may exacerbate a predisposition to hallux abducto valgus (wishing to be taller). My 19 year old dauther came in yesterday wanting to show me how her new high heels made her legs look more tone?

If the underlying biomechanical etiology is not adequately addressed, the deformity will recur. Therefore, an appreciation of the pathomechanics (wear & tear) of hallux abducto valgus is vital. The problem is your heel is in space and you can't know its orbit around the bottom bracket. Keep this simple, its best, taking what parts you already have on the front of the car! We can't change the shape of your bones! You picked your mom & dad!

We are not in health care, but we are in the alignment business! We don't want you to wear your speed rated tires out because you don't have the front-end of the car holding the correct toe-in or toe-out, yaw, etc... Get it right or wear & tear will come.

When we introduced the laser to bike fitting, many fitters simply looked at it as a tool to make your knee follow the line. Is was even written by fitting services that was the best use of the laser. That is the worst think you can do when your bones are a certain shape. Think about the wear and tear on the surface of the bones by doing this. This is one of the problems of just using a line from your knee.

Many people can't use the newer shoes that think eveyrone needs a cant! Products will be found out with time!

Hallux valgus:

Classically, the medial eminence of the first metatarsal is prominent and rubs against the side of the shoe. There may also be a bursa over the joint which becomes periodically inflamed (the use of higher heels). In addition, the lateral deviation of the hallux may compress the second toe contributing to a hammer deformity at the PIP joint.

Some complain of pressure underneath the first MTP joint, which may be related to sesamoid position, whilst others are aware of lesser metatarsalgia with particular pressure under the second MTP joint associated with transfer metatarsalgia and capsulitis of the second MTP joint. Occasionally, there may be a coexisting neuroma in the second or third interspace with characteristic symptoms of forefoot burning. Frequently, there is pain across the dorsal joint line, particularly laterally where the articulating cartilage is eroding. The range of motion of the hallux may be diminished due to early osteoarthrosis and degenerative changes within the joint.

It is important to assess the both weightbearing and non-weightbearing. If it goes too far, surgical correction might be the only fix of a painful hallux abducto valgus, without assessment of the biomechanical cause, may lead to early recurrence of the deformity and further pain, particularly even if you are young.

Our CAD takes into account the many shapes of your body, that is why it works. Don't force your joints into angles they don't go! You will wear them out!

If you have buring feet most of the time, it might be too late, it might be time to go to a podiatric surgeon to see if they can fix the problem.

Monday, October 15, 2007

24 Hour of Moab, UT. Year after year, Results!

It's been a long season for the racers, and many of them are burnt out by now. Wobblenaughts race has been going on since the year 2000, and it never ends. Hunter Allen, a friend of mine, keeps telling me to "write the book". A response recently wondered if "I had lost it." Sometimes I wonder! Ha!

Will our high-tech Wobble-Naught CAD, help to refine your fit needs by providing the blue-print of those needs? Yes! Will our Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish teach you better pedaling by recording the microvolts (1ma of a volt) of your muscles? Yes! Does the Ant. TV provide more "Myo-facts" truth about the actions of your muscles and bones by showing you 3D layers of your body? Yes! There is nothing like seeing this, and many customers don't even realize that they have these certain muscles. Why should they? This is how health care providers learn! You have to have models!

You would think that the best bike setup would allow you to haul it as well as endure for long distances, like the 24 hour reaces. That seems to be the case! These races can be very taxing on the body.

388 Teams, MonaVie/Cannondale 1st and 3rd Overall. Winning both the Coed Pro/Am and the Veteran Expert 35+ Categories. Nat Ross and his teammate take Duo Pro! World 24 hour champ Rebecca Rusch got 12 laps, posting a time of 11:46:20, but she was cooked. She ended the race 2nd, said its been a long season! Time to rest!!!

We had many of our racers setting the fastest laps from the gun till the end. If you decide to race Bart Gillespie (MonaVie/Cannondale Pro), Nat Ross (Gary Fisher/Tokyo Joes), others like Matt Ohran , Ernesto Marenchin, bring your A-Game, because they can keep things moving, even if it is for 12 to 24 hours. This is the real deal and you need the real deal fit to keep up!

Wobble-naught racer's put on a real battle racing each other hard is past weekend. Here is an example or report:
"The MonaVie/Cannondale Pros continued the race much as they started it - tussling with the Gary Fisher / Tokyo Joes Duo Pro team for the distinction of being the fastest in the race. For most of the day and the early part of the night, the Duo Pro riders remained faster. But as the hour passed 2 a.m. and the cold started to set in, the MonaVie/Cannondale Pros were better able to maintain an even pace."

Year after year, we just let the results do the talking!

Many of our people set the fastest laps from the gun or even towards the end of the 24 hour race.
Racing 24 hours is a long time and don't forget it is racing. Many things can go wrong in the course of that time. From what our racers tell us, its nice to be able to put the hammer down when they have the legs.

Some times you will hear people say this is not racing. Well, perhaps they should go give it a try? I think they would be very suprized at the pace!

Check out the results at

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crosstoberfest Oct. 27 & 28 - Loud polka , $2000 Cash w/ Bavarian food, Hip-hop, Free cowebells, Steins, & Fun!

Last year Cody Peterson (3D Racing-SRAM-LFP&CO) who has used Wobble-Naught for his fits and Kris Walker (Intermountain Sports Medicine-LCR) won their respective men's and women's Idaho State Cyclo-Cross Championship races 2006, held at Sun Valley ski resort.

The event, dubbed "Crosstoberfest," had a festival feel. Loud polka music and hip-hop took turns entertaining the large crowds. While, free cowbells and gigantic authentic beer steins filled to the brim kept spectators loud and rowdy. A must if you like to party "German Style", outside.

This year the prize has gone up $2000 cash from Wobble-Naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish. The reason? To get more people to check out this style of racing. Helping to support our sport! Good fun! Good place! Good beer! Good people!

We will also be set up showing how we us the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish that has made a difference for so many. Come join us for some fun times in Sun Valley, Idaho on October 27th and 28th.

Presented By:

The Sun Valley Company, Sun Valley Road and Dirt, Wobble-naught/Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, and Powerhouse Inc.

Featuring the 2007 Idaho State Championship Cyclocross Race

Saturday and Sunday October 27th and 28th

Discounted Room rates at the Sun Valley Lodge!
(Call Sun Valley Reservations at 1-800-786-8259)

Discounted Season Passes for 2 days only!

Raffles and Prizes.

Free Kid’s Activities including Face painting, pumpkin decorating, and Sledding on a sledding hill.

For race schedule and registration go to

Categories & Start Times for both days:

11:30 Race Registration and packet pick-up opens

12:30 Category B, 40 minutes + 1 lap

1:30 Shimano Youth Series 12 & Under, 10 minutes + 1 lap

2:00 Category A, 60 minutes + 1 lap

Schedule of non-race Events – Saturday and Sunday, October 27th and 28th

10:00am to 5:00pm - Pete Lane’s Mountain Sports Winter Ski & Snowboard Sale

Save $150 off of all new 2007/2008 ski and binding purchases including Stockli, Scott, Volkl, Rossignol, Fischer, and Head

FREE custom footbed ($150 value) with all new 2007/2008 ski boot purchases including Tecnica, Salomon, Dalbello, Head, and Rossignol

Save $150 off all new 2007/2008 snowboard and binding purchases including Never Summer, Rossignol, Union Bindings, and Thirty Two Snowboard Boots.

Junior lease ski packages available NOW!

Pete Lane’s EXTREME SKI Movie Theater – FREE!

Free Ski Tuning Clinics all Day – bring a pair of skis and we will show you how to tune them up at no charge.

Ski Raffle: Win a pair of brand new Stockli Stormrider XXls, Volkl mantra, Head Sweet Fat Thangs, or Scott Punishers. No purchase necessary.

10:00am to 5:00pm - Brass Ranch River Run Winter Sale!

Huge Sale under the Tent.

New Arrivals from Bogner, Prada, Hell is for Heroes, Kjus, Pucci, and more.

Bogner Preview with Bavarian Happy Hour featuring Austrian beer and pretzels provided by Bogner.

11:00am to 6:00pm – Bavarian Food and Beer Gardens!

1:00pm to 7:00pm – Live Music