Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Athens Twighlight Crit, GA.

The Athens Twighlight is always a super fast, super hot race, with many mini unseen battles in every turn, from the the gun to the end. To keep out out of trouble and make it to the end is good.

In racing you never know what might unfold, so to place someone in the top five is super. As you might know, we can't claim anything but we base much of what we do by the super results we get from the many racers around the world that use our service. And, if we can get a guy or gal up into top five, we feel they have a chance to be in the hunt for a win.

We won the race last year in 2007 with the efforts of A&F racer Mark Hekman. The team is now Inferno Racing and Mark has moved on to a larger team, so any time you get a person into the top 5 is very good!

Jeff Hopkins is a true pro, very smart and can be in the hunt at any race. It sounds like he was there with the help of his hard working teammates!

"To err is human; to blame it on the other guy is even more human" - Bob Boddard

It would be easy to come up with some reason why "this" or "that" occurs in the heat of the battle. These races are mini wars! There are so many battles with the many teams and every move is key if you want a teammate to be in the race.

Pro Men Results

1 Rahsaan Bahati, Rock Racing
2 Sebastian Haedo, Colavita/ Sutter Home
3 Kenneth Hanson, California Giant Berry
4 Keven Lacombe, Kelly Benefit Strategie
5 Jeff Hopkins, Inferno Racing Wobble-naught sEMG/Dartfish

Monday, April 28, 2008

Luna still holds Team UCI World Cup Lead w/ Gould & Nash!

Luna is doing very well.

For the second consecutive race the Luna women’s team grabbed the team competition in the women’s race. Catherine Pendrel finished 8th place, with Gould finishing 13th and Katerina Nash in 26th.

How cool is that?

Namrita O'Dea takes 24 hour in CA!

You might know of Eddie O'Dea, a WN dealer and 24 hour racer from GA.

But another O'Dea is making a name for 24 hour racing, "Namrita O'Dea".

She just took the 24 hour of Vail Lake, CA.

She goes to school full time, helps us with our new Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish site and stills has gas to go race for 24 hours! The above is Namrita working to get things right!

Congrats for the win!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

MTB World Cup XC #1 Hoffalize, Belgium - Gould 5th!

The Elite women XC was loaded for what might be a forecast for the games if the games are in deep mud.  If that is the case, Georgia was top American!

You have to be in the top five to have a chance to win!  Georgia is there, lets see what's next!

A huge gap started from the start with chasers Marie Helene Premont, Irina Kalentieva and Georgia Gould set a pace that nobody could keep. But the unforgiving course with its never-ending climbs and descents change the lead.

The next few weeks will be very interesting in the world of women's World Cup Competition.


1 Ren Chengyuan (Chn)         
2 Irian Kalentieva (Rus)
3 Marie-Helene Premont (Can)
4 Margarita Fullana (Spa)        
5 Georgia Gould (USA)          Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
6 Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Nor)
7 Nathalie Schneitter (Swi)
8 Petra Henzi (Swi)
9 Tereza Hurikova (Cze)
10 Sabine Spitz (Ger)

Pua Sawicki Dominates The Competition by almost 1 hr. in Tenn!

MTB  Cohutta 100

Pua Sawicki dominated the competition by staying focus on her game.  Her winning time of 7:44:00 set a new course record for women by nearly 50 minutes. 

She knows what to think, she has a mental Dartfish picture of what she needs and not what someone thinks she needs, and that makes the difference.  The eye can't concern the pedal stroke! The trainer is not the real world.  In the real world, you need something that shows you what you need to work on! 

It was pointed out in an ad, that you can't just use angles to fit a person to a bike!  Boy! is that the truth!  Just using angles, like a plumb line is only a static fit, and that is why we use CAD, to speed balance you, e.g.  speed balancing your tires for the real world!  Things move around alot in the real world and with speed and you are not locked in a trainer. 

Back to angles, of course the fitter will sell you a fit, they know where to place the weights by eyeing it!  They can do all the math in their head?

When you are in one of these races, it is not like a road race, you don't have a team slowing, blocking and many times not racing to get their racer up the road.  It's you against the course and we feel that is a real test of your metal focus and to focus up to 8 hours to 24 hours is hard.
Pua will be the first to tell you that!

Think about it!  To put 56 min., into second place might be viewed as is showing off?  Pua is not showing off, she is racing her own game, her pace, the course and each pedal stroke and that is in a different zip code of thinking!!!  And she does it for hours on end!

Pua has done a few of the top pro women's races and has learned that you have to race from the gun!  Pua went off early on her own and stayed away solo for the entire race, leaving the battle fore second about 1 hour behind!

Seems as the phone calls about ways to race and her WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish are working for her.  Pua is very open minded and learning very fast!  She was even ranked 5th in XC.  So keep an eye on her as she is going to make a mark in the mtb game with the likes of Georgia Gould, 
Shonny Vanlandingham and Reba Rusch many others that use our services!

Elite Women

1.  Pua Sawicki            7.45.00
2.  Cheryl Sorenson      56.00
3.  Carey  Lowery          58.00

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lea Davison takes her 2nd win at Sea Otter.

As it was pointed out, Lea Davison Trek/VW was expected to excel and she has by taking another win today in short track mtb.

Some other good results from WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish users!

Elite Women

1. Lea Davison      (Trek / VW)  WN & My0-facts/Dartfish  31.26
4. Emily Batty      (Trek)  WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish coached by   Steve Neal o.o7
5. Shonny Vanlandingham (Luna)   WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish  0.15
10. Chioe  Forsman          (Luna)   WN & Myo-facts/Dartfish 1.00

Congrats to all the racers!

More racing on Sunday.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sea Otter First Day - 2 First places!

The door is open for super talent that did not go across the pond, and many of them are on the our Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish.

Hardwork pays off if you know what to work on!
Jenn Halladay doing just that. Look at the poor guy behind her!

In the media, it was pointed out that Nat Ross, Reba Rusch, Shonny Vanlandingham, Lea Davison, Chloe Forsman are listed among the favorites! Many racers not listed from Boise, ID and across the west will do battle, providing for action pack racing.

Now for some results! When it is all said and done, the results say more about fitting systems than hype! Powermeters only provide the sum of the muscles, we show you which muscle you need to work on! We teach you the correct pedal stroke in the real world, how to get the most from your pedal stroke, and not just on a trainer. How to get more from your game and that is what makes the difference!

First day, Lea Davison Trek/VW taking the pro women Super D and Jenn Halladay Bob's of Boise, ID taking the Masters Road race.

Jenn called us, very happy to take the race and then pointed out that she had more than enough for the pro race on Sat. She said she was not taxed from the Masters race at all. She viewed the Masters race as a warm up, and is more than ready to race the pro women even if she doesn't have a team to help!

Jenn has been on the road with use using the Dartfish to refine her pedal stroke. Let's see how things turn out in the pro. Why is this cool over say another pro "Jenn is a mother of 5." Take care of the kids and still find time to ride? Now that is something!

We should see more great results from others in their events this weekend! With so many fitting ideas, we are very pleased that so many top pros want to use our methods. The results are just that and it only takes the bike to be off 3mm here or there to make a difference in results.

Congrats to them both.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mountain States Cup TT Winner "Georgia Gould."

The Rocky Mt. Championships Series is the real deal. It is growing every year!

No question, Georgia is getting faster as she took the Mountain States Cup that is perhaps becoming larger than NORBA. Georgia took the mtb TT over Katie Compton and that is a big deal!

She also raced the semi pro men and we don't have the results on that just yet.

She is off across the pond today and looks like she is fast.

May we also point out that Nat Ross took a 7th in TT and that is huge for a 24 hour expert!!!

Two past Team Lipton racers doing very well!

Novilon Eurocup Ronde van Drenthe
Netherlands, April 13, 2008
It is too bad that the Team Lipton racers lost the funds for their team just one year before the games.  In this game you never know what team you are going to be on from one year to the next.  They had the players and those players are doing very well.

It is super news to hear that USA racers  like Kristin & Kori are doing so well and across the pond!

Boise's Kristin Armstrong Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team is flexing her guns and knows what she needs to do to win, showing just how strong she can be by winning this past weekend in a time of 3.25.32. Also Kori Kelly Seehafer Menikini - Selle Italia having super results, placing 10th.

How cool is that!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Beginning and an Advanced Player Are Very Different!

To look at them both, the eye would see that they are demonstrating the same contributions to the pedal stroke. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The effects of acceleration and deceleration of the many segments and how they are traveling are, for the most part, so fast that the muscles cannot keep up, let alone accelerate the segment further. Nor can the brain process the information to better understand the axis or the acceleration of the segment.

Think of a kicking pattern or a throw-like pattern in which the proximal segments initiate the movement forward, causing a lagging back of the distal foot segment. The knee extensor muscles and the surrounding tissues prevent the leg and foot from lagging back too far. The pattern of motion is consistent with the "link" principle.

We know how important the hip muscles are and in the advanced player they put out, perhaps, 90% of the work done by the leg muscles. The beginner attempts to control the distal part of the stroke. This is a very delayed feedback process, rather than being more proactive. The hip muscles are responsible for both the thigh's motion and the knee's extension.

The knee is extending so rapidly that the knee extensors are incapable of exerting a forceful contraction due to their inherent force-velocity limitations. Meaning, the distal segments are also traveling so fast that the muscles cannot keep up or provide good feedback to your brain...as in the case of being on a trainer and adjusting the distal segment to record power, let alone accelerate or refine the segment further.

The acceleration of the thigh flexion about the hip joint should take place as long as possible because the acceleration of knee extension tends to decelerate the thigh segment. Your saddle location is key. Thus the longer the thigh can accelerate, the greater the angular velocity of the foot as it is attached to the pedal e.g. of the foot when it reaches a ball.

As the leg accelerates, the thigh either begins to decelerate or its acceleration is reduced. This is due to the hip joint that acceleration moves about.

If you care about getting this right, go see one of our Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish dealers!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

All Dealers! Please login to the Myo-facts site.

The site is for the professional dealer only!

It is going to be packed with more truth!  A "A to Z" packed full of information regarding the best solutions for cycling.

Note:  This is not a basic information that is available to the public!!!

It is a way to share the Dartfish and teach our customers faster!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So Often we post just the top 5 or the Winner.

Here are some other great Results

1 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Womens MTB team               1.20.14  WN & Myo-facts 2 Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Womens MTB team                  1.47 3 Dellys Starr (Aus) Dales Pale Ale/Spot Brand              2.00 4 Kelli Emmett (USA) Giant MTB team                         2.08 5 Kathy Sherwin (USA) Sobe-Cannondale                       2.49 6 Monique Sawicki (USA) Ellsworth                           3.19  WN & Myo-facts 7 Lea Davison (USA) Trek/VW                                 3.55  WN & Myo-facts 8 Heather Irmiger (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher                  4.42 9 Jenna Zander (USA) Sobe Cannondale                        4.55 10 Melanie Mcquaid (Can) BMC/Natures Path                   5.30 11 Chloe Forsman (USA) Luna womens MTB team                 5.41  WN & Myo-facts
Just placing in one of these races a good job!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Gould rides away solo in NMBS Fountain Hills, AZ.

Georgia informed us she felt like she was in her best form yet starting early in 2008! However she knows that she needs to stay very focused, it is still a long way to the games personal records. She is also smart enough to be looking for more speed, given she is a prospect to take a gold.

She continued her streak of NMBS cross country victories at Fountain Hills, Arizona. Georgia is very lucky, she has not had to change teams, GM, coaches, bike fit ideas, as so many do each season, getting new information as they move from one team to another.

In sport there is going to be bad blood between teams, ideas, etc... When you are on a pedestal, people are going to take aim at you. She has not changed her Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish understanding and the results are still coming. We know comments will come forth, that comes with sport.

Right now, Georgia can usually finish the job. She is thoroughly enjoying the journey!
She has not let her victories go to her head and has a real smile, takes info on things that make a difference from sources she trust, "say a real track record" on what best works for her.

We have been working with Georgia for a number of years during her journey in mtb racing!
Some might say that she is now athletically gifted, as she thrives on the pro tour. They don't know the work she has put forth!

She is like a Tiger Woods, as she clicks off the wins towards perhaps a new record! This is not always the case as racer's jump from one team to another, perhaps even having a fitting service to change their fit, shoes, cleats, footbeds, handlebars, etc... It is sport, and you have to survive the "meanest streets in behavior" in this game and many can stray you off course.

You have to prove the naysayers wrong! And that is what we are doing with Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish with Georgia Gould.

Too often, we help a racer to the national ranks or even the world ranks and then they change. Some, even when they started racing, gain success, win a number of races, then things can change. People do move and they do get pushed while in a given area by forces like a given team, or teammates who regard their know-how as the end all? I know, I am, I have worked with, and such & such!

Sports are sports, its a "tough haunting road," just riding alone or hanging out with relatives and friends, someones comments can fuel your mind, change your game. People publicly judge you, even if they don't know you. They tend to judge yo based on how you look, how many tattoos or whatever. It is hard to stay positive with all the pressure, you can get a chip on your shoulder. For most, they never know what team they are going to be on next season.

This also happened to a gal I coached Anke Friedrich in skiing, as she won a lot of races, made the World Cup on the German National Team and then someone there said she was too old? She then took NCAA National Champiohships in SL & GS 90/91, two years running, made the blue book of records! This happens more than you know! All you need is someone to throw a "negative" about something at you! More times than you know, as a player, on a team, you have to do what they rattle off "right or wrong" or you don 't go to the game!

Then you have racers that obtain "A don't fix it if it isn't broke type of thinking." It's as if they think they can't get better? We all can get better! The talent and pace may be new age, and old school might not work!

If you get to stay in the sport long enough, you see all types of thinking! It is pretty amazing how the different events vary in mind set. The road racers ways vs. mtb ways, tri vs. tt, and
then the industry claims!

The truth is, Georgia Gould is still working hard, learning to take her cycling game to another level. She is opened minded, well liked and she puts total effort into every pedal stroke, and it shows!

Georgia keeps learning, and the results keep coming, as she knows that she needs the speed/skill on all terrain in order to race at the world level. You have to be a all-a-rounder racer to take it to the world. That means racing well uphill, downhill, flats, mud, sand, turns, sprints, being more aero, etc... It's a real gun fight with many battles in the war!

A lot of different moves of the game need to be learned, to be spot on or you can be in second place in a hurry. The stats will come from the scoreboard after the war, that's racing. Its not for everyone, it is a tough mental game.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Super Results in AZ. NMBS Super D TT - "Georgia Gould."

National Mountain Bike Series #2
Fountain Hills, Arizona  April 4-6

When you focus on what goes up is a big part of winning in mtb races, but you also need to have the bike setup to go downhill also!

"What goes up - must come down."  And these gals can come down fast!

April 4th:   Super D Time Trail

Pro Women

1  Georgia Gould  WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2  Katerina Nash
3 Wendy Simms
4  Delys Starr
5  Mical Dyck    WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish coached by Steve Neal
6 Pua Sawicki   WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish

We also have lot of the top pro men on the system.

Pro Men Marathon

1 Liam Killen
2 Evan Plews
3 Tinker Juarez  Mona Vie      WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
4 Nat Ross       Gray Fisher      WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
5 Travis Brown
6 Brad Pilling
7 Cale Redpath
8 Ben Thompson
9 Matt Ohran     Mona Vie       WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish

Friday, April 04, 2008

Check out April Velo News & The 2008 MTB Preview.

Look who's on the cover of the April 28th, 2008 Velo News.

Given all the different ideas on fitting our gal Georgia Gould stays the course with Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish.

She is now viewed as one of the world's best athletes. Georgia has the results to take it to Beijing. She is undefeated on the NMBS.

Only two women will go, only the best of the best make the final cut. It is based on international success, that's who will be going to be racing in Beijing. Any gal that finishing inside the top three at one of the 4 European World Cups that fall before June 2th or June 22th world championships, earns a automatic ticket to the big show.

Georgia is racing down in AZ this weekend, lets hope she can stay the course! She then heads to Europe and will miss Sea Otter.

Georgia said she is in her best form ever!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Never say die... Rebecca just doesn't quit!

Why we like her style! You can count on her doing her best, doing her part! That's success!
Rebecca pulling her teammate, doing her job!

Never say die...Rebecca just doesn't quit. After ensuring that Christina is in sound care, she and her coach made the decision to not pass up the opportunity to finish the ride across South Africa...when would one ever get a chance like that again! Below is Rebecca's diary entry for the 5th stage of the race, although she of course is no longer officially competing.

More animal sightings...baboons this time. And even without a racing teammate, you'll read that Reba is holding her own with timings on the course. Total bummer that they''re out of the race, but way cool that she's still able to do the course.Regards, Judy (on behalf of Rebecca)
Cristina drafting off Rebecca in Stage 4...before the fall. Photo by Gary Perkin Stage 5 - The Scarlet Letter April 2, 2008 - by Rebecca Rusch Even though Cristina and I are officially disqualified, I decided to ride today’s stage solo. I emailed with my coach and home and weighed my options and it was clear that the training and being able to ride across South Africa was an opportunity I should not miss. I removed my race number and just joined into the peloton after the start. It took some logistical planning to arrange to have Claire and Ryan stay with me to drive the motor home and crew for me. We are now down from a posse of 10 people to just three. I spent the first hour of today’s 146 km stage, just sort of rolling casually with the group and warming up. I felt quite odd to be riding alone and in a sea of two person teams.

It was as if I had a scarlet letter A (for alone!) branded on my jersey. Probably 50 different riders asked where my teammate was, how she was doing and giving her good wishes. People who I only know from the color of their jerseys seemed genuinely concerned for the both of us. After many hundreds of kilometers of riding and suffering together with strangers, there is a strong bond that has formed among us. I felt a bit guilty riding without Cristina, but I knew she was in good hands with our team manager, Bobby. After a couple of hours of riding, I started to get into the groove again. I really got motivated when I saw the 3rd place women’s team in front of me. I wanted to see if I could catch them and stay with them. The riding was a lot of dirt road today mixed in with a 15 km sand bog and some very rocky, rolling hills. We got our first views of the sea and could hear the surf crashing as we were on the cliffs above in over 100 degree heat. I also got my first view of some baboons hanging out under a shady tree watching the race go by. There were very, very strong headwinds today, so sticking with a good pack for the road sections was crucial. There are definitely some riders here who are not used to riding in groups, so it’s a bit of a crap shoot of what quality of rider you will get when you join a group. With Cristina’s crash fresh in my mind, I was a bit more conservative on the downhills, but raced hard today. I even got to ride the last 5 km with cycling legends Thomas Frischnecht and Tom Richey!

I had to duck under the tape before the finish line, but my time would have placed me fourth in the women’s field, 50th in the men’s field for today and would have moved Cristina and me up to 5th place overall. It feels good to know I can ride among some of the best riders in the world, but is disappointing to be a ghost on the results sheet.

Cycling with legends. Tomorrow is the last stage that is over 100 kilometers. With three more days left, the mileage is winding down. However, the weather is ramping up. At the moment is pouring rain and thundering like crazy outside. If it stays like this it will add hours onto the stage times.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thinking makes it so!

Look at all the different ideas on how men and women should be set up on their bikes. Why?

There are different games e.g. tt, mtb, track, etc...

We see this from the road expert pushing his advice on the mountain biker. Mountain biking is not the same game and if your fit is off it will show. Mountain biking is a game of you and the trail in which handling and power are key! For the most part, you don't have someone pulling you for the long haul. Your fit could be off and you may not even know it until you hit a real climb.

Careful of what you hear! Learned information is placed in the residual nerves. Residual nerves are the ones that carry the commands from the brain to the motors (legs.)

What is sad here is that the brain hears the advice, takes it to heart, and then attempts to learn to control movements that the muscles won't be able to perform if the bike setup is off. Many times the muscles are not working in concert. They fight each other or they fight the weight of a heavy front end.
Again, it is the muscles and the structural elements of the bones that receive commands from the brain to produce targeted muscle movements. If you are setup on the bike incorrectly, it will not stop you from competing, but don't expect to set PRs! It you can't find the setup that allows you to transfer more power into your pedal stroke don't expect to be more powerful.
If the command center only hears advice, it doesn't really understand! You need to see what you are doing to improve it! A clear picture is worth a thousand words!!!

Go to a Wobble-naught dealer who is using Dartfish and see more truth! It will change your world!!!