Sunday, November 04, 2007

Katie wins with Georgia 2nd, Butler 8th in Boulder, CO.

We are pleased to see two of the racers we work with Georgia Gould & Sue Bulter in the top ten.

It seems like the course was very much the same as 2006, as Compton gets the same time & distance on 2nd place Gould.

With all the travel, it will be only a matter of time that it will tax Compton, as it does so many. She is one tough gal.
Congrats to Compton, being the UCI leader in the game. She has a strong sprint out of the hole, while many don't have that as part of the game. Track time makes a difference.

You make speed, rather you maintain it from the start! Compton getting on the drops to sprint helps her maintain the pace. That makes it very hard for others to keep pace with her.

We are pleased to see a new gal in the top ten. Sue Butler came to us this year and that has helped her to get into the game! Congrats Sue!

You have not seen one of these races, go and check them out. They are great fun to watch.

1. Katie Compton, Spike Shooter, 38:39
2. Georgia Gould, Luna, 39:15
3. Rachel Lloyd, Proman-Paradigm, 40:23
4. Kerry Barnholt, Tokyo Joe's-Van Dessel, 40:42
5. Wendy Williams, River City Bicycles, 42:01
6. Kelli Emmett, Giant, 42:40
7. Barbara Howe, Velo Bella-Kona, 42:45
8. Sue Butler, River City Bicycles, 43:22

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