Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rebecca Rusch Wins in North Carolina...Now off to France

Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfiosh user Rebecca Rusch Wins in North Carolina... Now she's off to France!

(The following note is from Rebecca and includes her post-race report from the June 23rd Cowbell Challenge in Charlotte, NC, and a pre-race teaser about the upcoming Mountain X Race, the old "Raid", in Savoie, France July 2nd-7th, where she'll be competing with an all women team.)

"The riding was a blast, and I focused on trying to be smooth and efficient. I steadily gained a few more minutes on her every lap. The last lap was a full dark-night lap and a total blast. I love racing at night, and it was especially fun and tricky on this tight course. I ended up finishing 11 laps in about 11 hrs 15 min. for a total of 110 miles. I was about 40 min ahead of the next female, and placed 5th in the men's division. This race was part of the USA Cycling Ultra Endurance Series, so the win allowed me to extend my current series leader points. There was also great prize money, a great vibe, and fantastic people at the race."

Rest... Repack... Repeat...

With so much to get done, its nice to not have to worry if you are getting the most of your bike setup!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stay in the Game!

Compared with most other sports, cycling has a very low injury rate per hour spent doing the activity. Perhaps it is due to it being a less weight-bearing sport compared to say running or other sports which carry your total weight.

For the record, you turn about 5,000 revs per hour. When just hanging a plum-line or eyeballing your alignment, any slight biomechanical flaw during any part of the revolution might be looked at as insignificant? Don't make this mistake!

You have to make good strokes, and you can't pedal in a passive way to save energy! Muscles contract, so a smooth early stroke is key, not a focus of up and down on the pedals!

You also must to have the correct line of pull, allowing the muscles to fire! Don't be a masher, your performance will suffer!

This mashing exhausts the muscles, and you use more glycogen! Your legs are like your heart, they need to beat and recover!

A bad alignment, once multiplied by 5,000, any misalignment, (e.g. wrong position of cleats), can lead to dysfunction, impaired performance, and pain! The ankles, knees, and hips have limited range of movements, so why guess?

Finally, think of a prolonged static fixed posture with the spine in flexion, this too can also increase the risk of injuries!

In a sport which requires such strenuous use of the legs, overuse or chronic overload can cause micro-traumatic problems to occur. Yes, they occur over a period of time, as when the forces are applied to a structure, (e.g., a knee tendon).

Overuse injuries can affect tendons, muscles, fascia, bursas, and even nerves!

There are some causes of overuse injuries in cyclists. We call it "going lame" like a horse! A horse doesn't put its horse shoes on! The blacksmith does, and they had better get it right or the horse will go lame! Training errors are very common causes, maybe the most common would be too many miles too soon, adding excessive hill or speed work, or too-big of gears!

Knee pain is the most common problem in cycling; a saddle too high or low, too far forward or backward, cranks too long, cranks too close together or too far apart, cleat position, bent pedal axle, or bad cleat float. These would all cause knee pain.

We know that leg-length discrepancies are very common. We also know that it only takes as little as 3 millimeters from a wider pelvis placing the knees further apart, which stresses the outside of the knee. Add to that excessive foot pronation, which is associated with medial (inside) knee pain causing a internal twist of the shinbone (tibia). This causes the foot to twist inward which in turn causes unbalanced muscles, leading to mis-tracking of the many different kneecaps.

What's in your game?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tour of Ohio- Hekman A&F finishes in yellow!

Tour of Ohio - NE

Ohio, USA, June 19-, 2007

Main Page Results Overall standings Previous Stage

Stage 6 - June 24:

Hekman finishes in yellow.

The Tour of Ohio ended on Stage 6 as the event began - with a sprint victory by Marco Aledia. The Abercrombie and Fitch rider won the race with the green sprinters jersey on his shoulders, just 30 laps after ensuring that he would keep the tunic for good.

Aledia's Abercrombie and Fitch team was determined from the outset to keep the race together in order to protect the overall lead of Mark Hekman, and also to cement Aledia's lead in the sprint competition.

In the first half of the race, A&F was gobbling up breakaways with autonomic precision, but as the attacks continued relentlessly, the squad switched gears and began placing its teammates in moves as dead weight.

After much yelling and gesticulation by Hekman, who was isolated at the front of the peleton with two laps to go, A&F mustered the energy to snuff another challenge to its grip on the race one last time and brought Minturn back into the fold.

The bell lap provided the sight of the yellow jersey giving a leadout to the green jersey for the win. Aledia was motivated by the effort of his team leader, who leads the 2007 USA Crits Championship Series standings, saying: "When you have the best criterium rider in America leading you out, you have to rise to the call." Aledia beat a hard charging Steve Scholzen (IS Corp) by half a wheel to take the victory.


1. Marco Aledia (A&F)
2. Steve Scholzen (IS Corp)
3. Jaime Gandara (Colovita/New Mexico)

Final General Classification:

1. Mark Hekman (A&F)
2. Dewey Dickey (Mercy/Specialized)
3. Josh England (A&F)

TEAm Lipton's Kristin Armstong takes Nature Valley GP!

TEAm Lipton does their duties and takes TEAm overall. Kristin takes stage 5 and the GC.

When the women hit the first circuit, Kristin Armstrong relieved her team of its duties and took over the race, churning up Mainstreet Hill. A cruel climb with three steep ramps, the last being 300 meters long, at a 14 percent grade.

At the top, Armstrong already gapped the field by 20 seconds. Three laps later she'd put nearly a minute on second-place Catherine Cheatley (Cheerwine) and third-place Shelley Olds (PROMAN). It was a clear statement: The race leader after Friday's time trial is the most powerful cyclist in the domestic women's field by an order of magnitude.

"It was pretty subdued," said Olds about the 77-mile approach. "But when we got to this hill, it was all Kristin. You could only sit there and watch."

Armstrong sealed her win on this stage of last year as well.

"It always hurts, you just dig as deep as you can," she said.

Nature Valley Grand Prix - NE

Minnesota, USA, June 20-24, 2007

Pro women:

1. Kristin Armstrong (USA) TEAm Lipton 3.52.13 (28.275 km/h)
2. Rachel Heal (GBr) Webcor Builders 0.39
3. Felicia Gomez (Can) Aaron's Pro Cycling Team
4. Alex Wrubleski (Can) Colavita-Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light
5. Kristin Sanders (USA) Aaron's Pro Cycling Team
6. Mara Abbott (USA) Webcor Builders
7. Kori Seehafer (USA) TEAm Lipton 1.01
8. Lauren Franges (USA) TEAm Lipton

Georgia Gould (Luna) takes 6th in World Cup!

MTB World Cup XC #4 & DH #3

Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec, Canada, June 22-24, 2007


1. Irina Kalentyeva (Rus) Topeak 1.39.00
2. Ren Chengyuan (Chn) China 0.10
3. Sabine Spitz (Ger) Ghost International Racin 0.24
4. Marie-Helene Premont (Can) Rocky Mountain Haywood 0.46
5. Margarita Fullana (Esp) Spiuk-Tau Ceramica 1.00
6. Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Womens Mtb Team 1.39

Friday, June 22, 2007

A&F Mark Hekman Sprints into Yellow!

Tour of Ohio - NE

Ohio, USA, June 19-, 2007

Stage 4 - June 22: 45 miles

Mark Hekman (Abercrombie and Fitch) won his first stage in the Tour of Ohio. Mark traded green for yellow. Hekman showed a clean set of wheels while winning the fourth stage of the tour in Worthington taking the yellow jersey of the overall leader in the process.

The fourth stage took place as a 1.2-mile circuit on the tree-lined streets of Worthington. The riders were greeted throughout the race by large crowds and several lawn parties around the circuit.

A&F were determined to make sure that the race ended in a field sprint. . Hekman is one of the best criterium racers in the country, as well as New Zealand's Josh England, and especially Marco Aledia, who raced on the streets he grew up on.

The men in white had big ideas, knowing a win for Hekman would give him a 20 second time bonus and would take the yellow jersey off the back of Dewey Dickey (Mercy/Specialized Racing). A&F did its level best to keep the race together, thus there no riders were able to seize more than a 15-second gap.

Hekman, using our bike setup, predictably rose to the call and rewarded his team's hard work for his first stage win in the Tour of Ohio. Dickey, despite closely marking Hekman throughout the race, was unable to match Hekman's final flight to the finish up the final hill.


1. Mark Hekman (A & F) 1.25.00
2. Erik Tomlison (Team Turin/ Barker + Nester)
3. David Richter (Italia Pasta/ Transport Belmire)
4. Matt Winstead (Juris
5. Tom Soladay (Kelly Benefits)
6. Jason Maom (Mercy Cycling)
7. Josh England (A & F)
8. Jamie Gandara Jr. (Colavita/ New Mexico)
9. Steven Scholzen (IS Corp Cycling Team)
10. Ryan Knapp (Team Alderfer Bergen)

TEAm Lipton's Armstrong only 0.21 back for GC.

Pro women:

1. Catherine Cheatley (NZl) Cheerwine 3.47.07
2. Shelley Olds (USA) PROMAN/Paradigm 0.11
3. Teresa Moriarty (USA) Flanders/MBRC 0.15
4. Kristin Armstrong (USA) TEAm Lipton 0.21

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tour of Ohio = A&F takes control w/ a One-Two!

Ohio, USA, June 19-, 2007
Main Page Results Overall standings Next Stage

Stage 1 - June 19: Criterium, 40 miles
A&F takes control on opening stage

Abercrombie and Fitch asserted control over the first stage of the Tour of Ohio with Marco Aledia and Mark Hekman delivering a one-two sweep. The opening stage began with 127 starters lining up on a narrow eight-corner whirling dervish criterium course.

Kristin Armstrong flexes her muscles! Crits are not her thing, racers best look out!

Kristin Armstrong, under a sultry and threatening summer sky, held the turf for the first half hour in the women's field. She dominated in what is widely considered the most competitive women's stage race on the domestic calendar.

At 2007 Nature Valley Grand Prix, TEAm Lipton's Kristin Armstrong is letting them know she is there to race!

1. Catherine Cheatley, Cheerwine, 1:00:13
2. Shelley Olds, PROMAN/Paradigm, at 0:05
3. Teresa Moriarty, Flanders/MBRC, at 0:09
4. Stacy Marple, Team Tibco, at 0:15
5. Leigh Hobson, Cheerwine
6. Kristin Armstrong, TEAm Lipton

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's Called a War, Not a 3,043 Mile Race "RAAM". Bever Cr.-Catlin Team 2nd Win in a Row!

You have to be tough as nails to do one of these races. The body has to be right or you drop out! A total of 3,043 miles on a bike. That means this team has 6,086 miles for two wins! That also means crossing 12 states and cranking up more than 110,000 feet of climbing. I suspect this is a good place to know what bike fit works best?

You know that NORBA has a short track race! Crits are not much longer! What would you call this? Now you understand why many of the racers call this a "WAR".

Nat Ross and friends do it again for the second year in a row! They had an average of 21.99 mph! Go out and keep that pace for a few hours and you will get the idea!

Nat has the laser advantage and knows how to keep the bikes where they need to be!

Go see him at Golden, CO if you want to get your bike dialed!

Four Person Teams (all):
Beaver Creek - Catlin Team

1. Beaver Creek - Catlin Team 3042.8 5.18.22 (21.99 mph) Finish 06/18 11:50 21.9

Monday, June 18, 2007

NORBA Short Track - Deer Valley, UT

Race 5 - June 17: Short Track

Luna posted the strongest team results at Deer Valley. They are all sharing the spoils! There seems to be enough pie to go around for Nash, Gould, Vanlandingham.

In the women's race Katerina Nash, Georgia Gould and Shonny Vanlandingham again put the Luna team at the top, with Nash taking line honors in 23.45, less than one second ahead of Georgia Gould's 23.46. Vanlandingham finished comfortably in third place with a time of 24.13. Heather Irmiger and Willow Koerber took fourth and fifth, for the Subary-Gary Fisher team.

Georgia & Shonny still have their eye on the Games!

Pro women

1 Katerina Nash (Luna)
2 Georgia Gould (Luna) Wobble-naught & sEMG/Dartfish
3 Shonny Vanlandingham (Luna) Wobble-naught & sEMG/Dartfish
4 Heather Irmiger (Subary-Gary Fisher)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

NORBA Results = Gould #1, Vanlandingham #2, Bishop #3

Georgia Gould scored a convincing cross-country victory on the fifth round of the 2007 National Mountain Bike Series. She won every major mtb race in North and South America. She has her eyes focused on going to China. I would hate to have to race this young lady. Even her teammates have to deal with her super strong performances.

The Luna force took top placements, going 1,2,3.

Bishop also had a good race. This is just what he needed to get on track. It looks like he is back after that bad wreck which almost tore off his face last fall. This guy is tough! Some wrecks don't go away for a long time, and many pros never come back after the bad ones!

Deer Valley/Park City, Utah, USA, June 15-17, 2007

June 16: Cross Country

Pro women

1 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Womens Mtb 1.51.49 Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2 Shonny Vanlandingham (USA) Luna Womens Mtb Team 2.38 Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
3 Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Womens Mtb Team 3.30
4 Heather Irmiger (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 4.27
5 Kathy Sherwin (USA) Titus 7.32


Pro men

1 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 8.19.03
2 Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis 39.04
3 Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Trek/Vw 2.20.06 Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
4 Carl Decker (USA) Giant 7.32.58
5 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona 8.00.06

Saturday, June 16, 2007

#5 NORBA today at Deer Valley, UT.

Georgia Gould (Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish) holds perfect points over 2nd points leader Shonny Vanlandingham (Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish).

Georgia won all the NORBA events, but Shonny is well known for racing in high country. Shonny won Deer Valley last year! So this is going to be good! Don't you just love this game!

We are very pleased to work with these two top Luna racers. It's too bad that they both can't be on top, but that is what makes it racing! It's great fun to watch how it all unfolds!

Park City, Utah, USA, June 15-17, 2007

Navigators makes it 4 in a row! "Results, Results, Results, Results"


1. Oleg Grishkin (Rus) Navigators Insurance 1.24.10 (42.772 km/h)
2. Dominique Rollin (Can) Kodak Gallery Pro Cycling Team
3. Keven Lacombe (Can) Volkswagen Trek
4. David O'loughlin (Irl) Navigators Insurance
5. Martin Gilbert (Can) Québec
6. Cody O'rielly (USA) Kodak Gallery Pro Cycling Team
7. Ben Day (Aus) Navigators Insurance
8. David Pell (Aus) Savings And Loans Cycling Team
9. Juan Pablo Magallanes Arawda (Mex) Tecos Trek Vh 0.04
10. Charles Dionne (Can) Québec

Friday, June 15, 2007

Beaver Creek - Catlin take RAAM lead!

Four Person Male Beaver Creek starting to flex their muscles into the 3043 miles of racing.

Position - Rider/Team # - Name TS

1. 425 - Beaver Creek - Catlin Team 27 1496.8 1546.0 06/15 13:35 2 days 20:07 68:07:00 21.97 20.63
2. 406 - Team Psycho 27 1496.8 1546.0 06/15 14:00 2 days 20:33 68:33:00 21.84 21.04
3. 411 - Team Strong Heart 23 1295.3 1747.5 06/15 14:10 2 days 20:41 68:41:00 18.86 22.45
4. 407 - Team VMG Cycling 23 1295.3 1747.5 06/15 14:17 2 days 20:51 68:51:00 18.81 20.55
5. 410 - Team Gs - Logistik Austria 23 1295.3 1747.5 06/15 14:20 2 days 20:51 68:51:00 18.81 21.04
6. 415 - Team N.U.B.S. 22 1222.7 1820.1 06/15 12:51 2 days 19:26 67:26:00 18.13 20.67
7. 418 - Team Endeavor 22 1222.7 1820.1 06/15 13:06 2 days 19:42 67:42:00 18.06 18.04
8. 417 - Team Sixty Going Hard 22 1222.7 1820.1 06/15 13:17 2 days 20:05 68:05:00 17.96 19.71
9. 405 - Hoosiers 22 1222.7 1820.1 06/15 13:51 2 days 20:39 68:39:00 17.81 19.71
10. 400 - Team Donate Life - Race 4 Life 21 1173.1 1869.7 06/15 14:36 2 days 21:19 69:19:00 16.92 17.58
11. 402 - Team Burns & Trauma 20 1101.9 1940.9 06/15 11:06 2 days 17:51 65:51:00 16.73
12. 408 - Shannon's Soldiers for CTF Research Team 20 1101.9 1940.9 06/15 11:45 2 days 18:29 66:29:00 16.57 16.90
13. 401 - Team Blazing Saddles 20 1101.9 1940.9 06/15 14:05 2 days 20:44 68:44:00 16.03 18.08
14. 413 - Vencendo Desafios Team Brazil 19 1037.1 2005.7 06/15 12:01 2 days 18:39 66:39:00 15.56 12.56
15. 409 - Team 2 Cure Huntingtons Disease 19 1037.1 2005.7 06/15 13:11 2 days 19:47 67:47:00 15.30
16. 404 - Ari's Angels Team 17 931.7 2111.1 06/15 12:06 2 days 18:48 66:48:00 13.95 10.70

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Navigators holds team lead, while Glen Chadwick does it again at Tour de Beauce, Can

The Navigators Insurance team are showing up to races almost every weekend and they are always placing someone in the top ten! Some will say that it is luck...

Chadwick does it again, and uphill! Two wins in two days! Many of his teammates placed in the top 10 as well. In racing, you hope for everthing to stay together on the bike. However, when you have the bike setup in the best way, it really shows. You don't have to worry if the bike is setup in order to get your best perfromance. You actually get to focus on the race!

We call it paying attention to the details of bike fitting. When we began Wobble-naught, we utilized lasers to make fits precise. The other fitting systems just began to copy us! In our minds, it meant they weren't the leaders in the business, but rather mass marketing outfits wanting a slice of the pie!

Then you have your 'majors' with their fitting ideas. Do they have the basic info? Yes. What about the details? "NAUGHT". They don't want to have to pay us for the years of R&D, or for CAD software, which are what makes the differences. Using the basic tools won't uncover your game. It's sad that so many retailers don't really care about how you ride, they only do the basics because they want your money!

It's all about "getting the money or selling their brand", and not about you, the motor, or "blue-printing" it. They will say anything and everything to support their ideas, which is why they will say that they can do what we do. Naught!

We came up with a new way of coaching your movements, and then some other outfitters attempted to copy us! We've had dealers use our systems for a few years, and then pull the plug, because they start thinking they can do it by eye! The bottom line is, they don't like to pay us for the software! So the real loss is to the customer! The dealer would make money, but they would also have to pay us for our CAD software.

Life is about choices! You can pay for someones eye-ball work or you can get the real deal! Just make sure you do your homework before accepting the 'pro' who just 'eye -balls' your fit! It is your body and even the smallest error can hurt you!

It's bitter sweet to be the benchmark of fitting! There are always going to be the nay-Sayers! We had five National Championships in 2001, and 25 in the last year! So if the 'copy-cats' are doing it right, then why are our riders all showing super trends?

How can anyone claim anything in this sport? One day, not so long ago, coaches said power meters didn't work? Now they are considered the norm. There are many who claim themselves as professionals, claiming they are 'in-the-know!' We've even watched some racers move away from our fit and their results fell quickly. Why?

The fact is, you can't claim anything, you can only show trends! Don't use a copy-cat, get the real deal, and take it to your race. Your PR's will come!

We take our fit to the races and let the "baby walk on its own two feet (pedals)." Ha!

Yet another trend! Glen Chadwick, (Navigators Insurance), wins Stage 2 after a great individual effort at the end of the race.

Monday, June 11, 2007

TEAM Lipton's Armstrong nearly sweeps mt. sprints!

Kristin Armstrong (TEAm Lipton) won the best climber's prize.

She took the title: "Queen of the Mountain". Lemon Hill seemed to be her focus, so getting onto the right wheels for it was key.

With overcast skies and calm winds, the peloton, made much smaller than in recent years by a limit of 6 riders per team, stayed mostly together. So finding the right wheel was again key.

TEAm Lipton's Kristin Armstrong nearly swept the mountain sprints, winning all four trips up the famed Manayunk wall, and all but one on the smaller Lemon Hill.

Armstrong used TEAm to perfection on each trip through the community of Manayunk, hitting the base of the climb on the front and powering all the way to the top, without giving up the lead.

Each time Armstrong led the field to the top of Manayunk wall, she pulled away a small group, who gained once, up to more than ten seconds on the bunch. However, the sprinters teams were interested in keeping things together.

In the end it was Ina taking her third win.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

MTB World Cup XC #3 & DH #2 - CDM

MTB World Cup XC #3 & DH #2 - CDM

Champéry, Switzerland, June 9-10, 2007

Main Page Results Next Race

Race 1 - June 9: Elite Women Cross Country

Georgia still running well. Takes 10th.

Margarita Fullana (Spiuk-Tau Ceramica) took over the lead in the 3rd World Cup cross country of the 2007 season in Champéry, Switzerland. On a course with both altitude and technical challenges, Fullana took over the front position on lap one and did not relenquish it.

Brief results:

1. Margarita Fullana (Esp) Spiuk-Tau Ceramica 1.55.49
2. Irina Kalentyeva (Rus) Topeak-Ergon 0.19
3. Marie-Helene Premont (Can) Rock Mountain Haywood 1.10
4. Sabine Spitz (Ger) Ghost International Racing Team 2.19
5. Willow Koerber (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 4.25
6. Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Tonis Pro Team Kirchberg 4.41
7. Mary McConneloug (USA) Kenda Seven 5.32
8. Tereza Hurikova (Cze) Ceska Sporitelna Mtb 5.44
9. Ivonne Kraft (Ger) La Carrera-BTS 6.08
10. Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Womens Mtb Team 6.17

Navigators go 3,4! Commerce Bank Triple Crown.



1. Bernhard Eisel (Aut) T-Mobile 2.48.54 (41.77 km/h)
2. Alejandro Alberto Borrajo (Arg) Rite Aid
3. Oleg Grishkin (Rus) Navigators Insurance
4. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators Insurance
5. Charles Dionne (Can) Colavita-Sutter Home

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We hear that some think our fit is for racing only. Naught!

Too often people think they wouldn't want their bikes setup like the racers.

While haviing breakfast in Sun Valley, ID, it was said that the tt fit was a bit much! True, it is hard work to sit like that for a given time frame! However, it's what you must do if you want to go fast! You don't ski very fast simply standing up!

The fact is that the racer's want as much comfort as they can get and still be able to go hard! That is how they make a living, and they are on the bikes more hours than most!

We don't have a racer fit, but rather the focus is "stacking the bones", something that allows you to go hard when needed. This is a hard sport and yes mass marketing is attempting to get the average joe to simply ride a bike! They don't care how you ride, they just want to sell bikes! That is how they make money! Most bike retail stores don't have the time to fit you to the bike they sell. Sure, everyone wants a free setup when they buy a new bike! Let's eye-ball it and call it good!

There are fit systems and ideas that make you feel good about riding the bike! Do they stack your bones the correct way? Do they allow you to have improve performance?

Look at it this way! Not many can ski, carving their turns from the top of Baldy to its bottom at Warm Springs, in Ketchum, ID. The truth is that not many can ski most of the runs at Jackson Hole, WY.

So on one hand, rear entry ski boots made life easy for some! Did the boots stay on the market? Did those boots provide the needs of the non-novice to carve the runs from top to bottom at Baldy, ID or Jackson Hole, Wy? "Naught".

It took years before the rear-entry boot started to go away! Now most boots match a persons foot more closely, providing a better interface! You still have to learn how to use them! However, you have a better chance of skiing most runs! A ton of money was made by the industry! People will buy into anything! After all, the best ski boot retail store in town sales them!

We don't know too many people who can have their head stuck out from their body for 5 hours at a time without the muscles going away. It's just part of the sport! We also don't know too many people who can go hard with a passive bike setup! Most people can ride up to a certain speed, but can they hold it, or keep the pace?

What's the ever-ending story? What is it you want to do? The road is not the same as a mtb, nor is the mtb the same as a tt, or the tri the same as the tt.

Again, we can't claim anything!!! However we have a good trend on what works best for a given event! The only way we can test what we are doing, is by watch the results, is by racing!

We don't think anyone wants to do sports to do them poorly! What's the point in that? We also know that racers will not use anything that slows them down! They simply will not do it! Yes, some of them peak at different times of the year, and yes not one racer can win every race!

That is why it takes the course of an entire year or even the accumulation of years to watch the results! It might take years to learn how to pedal.

One thing is for sure: the "window of racing can be short", and if you want to guess on what works best, your window might be shut! Not too many can ride like a Ned Overland at the age of 51! Most don't have the time!

The rest of us have to work!

We are just pleased to get to work in the game!

Monday, June 04, 2007

A little 200 mile road race "Idaho Style". Fastest time 7 hr 58 min.

Our Lyle Pearson friends have to have the cars to keep up with the fast paced racer's of Idaho (Acura-Jaguar-Land Rover-Mercedes-Benz-Porsche-Volvo)race starts at Boise, ID at 6am and races to Sun Valley, ID, totaling 200 miles of some of pretty cool country.

How do you race when the temperatures hit 97 degrees Farenheit in Boise, and on the same day it snows on you during a mountain pass?

Did you know that Wobble-naught, Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, Scott Bikes , Smith Optics, George's, and many other well known companies call Idaho home? Did you also know that Idaho is home to Kristin Armstrong, Rebbeca Rusch, and Georgia Gould, all of whom took a National Championship in 2006. This country will make you or break you!

The race had 50 teams with support cars, (etc...) and they some very tasty "hotdogs" at the Smith Optics parking lot, just under Mt. Baldy in Ketchum, ID (aka. Sun Valley). Oh yes, and you could also wash it down with a (PBR)Past Blue Ribbon! Idaho Cool Factor!

Check out the pictures: I think you will agree we live in a very pretty state! For sure this helps owns "state of mind"!

Note: there are very few cars on the road, but they can haul it!

Let's see, which one do I start with?

"Joe, I understand you date Kristin Armstrong and you know harder tires work better, but 200-psi?"

"I think this one will work?"

"200 miles? Yes!"

"When you race 200 miles, you need a little fuel to keep you going! Perhaps this is a setup that has more to do with getting the wind off your chest than carbo loading? Ha!"

"A few had the real deal! Can you eat a whole van of Hammer Gel?"

"A rig ready for the snow run-off!"

"Come on, we have only 190 more miles!"

"I understand Idaho is not flat! Take a look ahead of what is to come!"

"Hurry, get on that wheel!"

"There is a race going on! What the hell are you guys doing?"

"Check point 1 of 8! The check points are about 1 hour per check point!"

"I love racer's salt!"

"Didn't you use to live here?"
"Recovery time!"

"Hey Dude! I had the fastest first time of 52-min on leg one!"
"A flat section? No!"
"Going the 55mph speed limit and looking for more!"
"Don't you hate the ugly rest stops! The driver couldn't wait? A few cups of joe can make a feller go!"
"Come on! You only have 120 miles more! You can do it!"

"Rocky Mountain High! Not quite, there is a ton of climbing yet!"

"Does the snow really get that deep? Yes!"

"What's up with the gates? Is this a private road? I hear "gates" are the new thing? There must be some very fine homes in there?"

"Oh look! Someone on a bike!"

"Why would anyone one want to ride here?"

"Just look how they let this fence get run-down from elk jumping over them? They just let the elk run wild!"

"The entire Stanley Fire Deptartment, breaking the fun meter and drinking beer at their new swimming pool? Also note there is no one in it; I guess no one could swim a few laps to pass the swimming test for the deep end!"

"Where did you get that latte? Look at that tan! I didn't know that truck drivers drink lattes?"

"Heading up the Salmon River... Just 28 miles to Smiley Creek, ID on a false flat with major head winds! Rivers run downhill!"

"Honey this is a long race, I know you stopped being a PT, but I could use your help, my back is killing me!"
"Stop it! Saddle up and let it buck!"

Greg "AKA Chopper" Randolph, from Smith Optics, getting a sun tan on a super hot 77-degrees kind of day! On such a hot day, a little sun protection is needed for your head!

A few locals watching with 10X vison, checking things out! These guys can haul it, up to 70mph and they wonder why the racers are going so slow.

It's a good thing they provide us with a map! We could get lost! Worse yet, someone might think we live in the midwest! Ha!

Idaho has health in its water and one of the best sources is (salmonids), providing the healthy omeg-3 fatty acids DHA (docohexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)! Your immune and neurological systems and a lower risk of heart disease are the rewards from some cold water fish. Stopped by the local health market to get some fish for good health!

Note the #3 and GMC! NASCAR race fans? Yes, that is a washing pan, left rear for hands!
That yellow thing is a Lazy Boy! Wonder if they have HD on the big screen in inside? I asked them how much "horse power" they had. They said two, and they had sent the motor's out to get them blue-printed. It seems that the motor's were running a little rich! You could see spent fuel eveywhere. It had a very funny order to it! So I also asked what kind of fuel they use? They would not say, but they did say it was green and mixed with water. Hope they don't use EPO?

I heard a lot of "Baaaaaa-ing" going on? So I went over to ask if any of them had "heard" anything? They would not talk! Perhaps they were told that if they talked, they could end up in the stew. I did see a few suspects that were black and did not look like the rest of herd. I suspect they would be the "black sheep".

"UCI rules need to be ran, even in your local events! Look at the nose of that saddle "Legal Baby?" OK! Just checking!"

The party gets started at Smith Optics. Baldy in the background!

Check out those shades! Smith Optics makes some real shades, look how that building is making the shade for Alex. Alex, Remi, and Josh, "Free-lipper", set a new course record under 8 hours. I think it was 7 hours 58min for the 200 mile race. Only 49 other teams raced!

What you hear about Sun Valley is true. Some of the party girls from Ketchum, ID.

All in a days work! Maybe a little sushi at Sushi's on 2nd in downtown Ketchum, ID

Navigators Phil Zajicek takes 2nd GC Mt. Hood while back east Sergey takes 2nd!

It was only 5 seconds, but the lead was enough to secure another overall victory for Nathan O'Neill (Health Net-Maxxis) at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic. O'Neill finished in the same leading group as the second place overall, Phil Zajicek (Navigators Insurance), with Toyota-United's Health Blackgrove, Bobby Lea winning the stage in one-two style.

The final crit.

Hood Results

Pro men:

1. Heath Blackgrove (USA) Toyota-United Pro Cycling 58.21 (45.23 km/h)
2. Bobby Lea (USA) Toyota-United Pro Cycling
3. Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Health Net presented by Maxxis WN fitted
4. Phil Zajicek (USA) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team WN fitted

Commerce Bank Triple Crown, USA

How can this be? Well the team had racers on both sides of the country.
Back east, Sergey Lagutin takes 2nd.



1. Bernhard Eisel (Aut) T-Mobile 3.18.41
2. Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Navigators Insurance

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shonny Vanlandingham takes XC at Teva Mt. Games in Vail, CO.

Vanlandingham, who won the women's race ahead of Katie Compton (Spike Shooter), said:

High country and high skills is where this gal finds her form!

What's in your game?

Friday, June 01, 2007

WN fitted Glen Chadwick 1st, Zajicek 2nd, Ryder Hesjedal 7th!

Bend, OR = Wobble-naught's Results! Results! Results!
Any time you can get into the top 10 it's super!

Pro men:

1. Glen Chadwick (NZl) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 3.35.54 Wobble-naught fitted
2. Ben Jacques-Maynes (USA) Priority Health/Bissell 0.01
3. Phil Zajicek (USA) Navigators Insurance Cycling Team Wobble-naught fitted
4. Nathan O'Neill (Aus) Health Net presented by Maxxis
5. Justin England (USA) Toyota-United Pro Cycling 0.03
6. Josh Dillon (USA) Fiordifrutta Elite Cycling Team 0.06
7. Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Health Net presented by Maxxis 0.07 Wobble-naught fitted

Pro men Team GC - a good race!

1. Health Net presented by Maxxis 10.47.57
2. Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 0.08

Want to ride like a pro? Then you need to blue-print your motor. At this level you can't make a living by "hearing the mooing that goes around about fitting". If you want to do well, then you don't want to run like the rest of the herd!

Do something that will make a difference! Take the guesswork out of your game.

See a Wobble-naught dealer and get the most from your motor!

What's in you game?