Friday, December 14, 2007

Gould "A True Sport" Hopes For A Good Battle!

Will Gould seize Compton's throne?

The women's championship race will likely boil down to a battle between two riders, USGP winner "Red Hot" Georgia Gould (Luna) and three-time U.S. ‘cross champ Katie Compton (Spike Shooter).

While Compton has dominated the championships for three seasons - her combined time of victory for the three races is nearly three minutes - Gould looks to be riding on par with the Spike Shooter star.
Gould just spent the past Sunday racing in about 10 inches of snow. She even raced the men's pros, so she has a good understanding what is ahead.

"I hope it's a good battle - those are the most fun races to watch and ride," Gould said. "I feel like everyone has gotten faster this year."

Georgia is not the normal racer, she likes a good race where others will do anything to get ahead e.g. drugs, etc...

She knows you earn it and she is willing to put in her time, or putting time on others, no manner the outcome! That is why she races some of the top men in the world and holds her own!

I heard some men say "I don't want to race & get Georgia-ed". Ha!

Note the distance on the pro men and the number of them!

Georgia is a "A True Sport" when she races men or women!

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