Friday, September 13, 2019

Smarter = Faster There’s nothing wrong with being average or below average For that matter, average isn’t even real!

There is a lot of NOISE how!  

Every(body) is unique or different when viewed in comparison. 
So how do we differentiate in a world that has become average? 

The majority of current bike fitting systems put you in a world of each body doing the same thing at the same time, at the same place?   Being average ensures social currency but doesn’t afford creative innovation. 

 People who achieve unprecedented success do the unexpected. They excel through an unconventional approach and an unmerciful pursuit of uncovering something new!



Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Essential nature of things! You!

Anatomy books describe the structure of the body observed in most people (i.e. the most common pattern)!

The structure of individuals varies considerably in the details.  The living body does’t conform to the atlas or textbook.  The bones of the skeleton vary among themselves not only in their basic shape but also in the details of surface structure. There is also a wide variation in the size, shape, and form of teh attachments of muscles.  Getting them all to interface in a smooth process is very complex, that is why we find the constraints for the entire system to work. 

Similarly, there is variation in the method of division of vessels and nerves, and the greatest variation occurs in veins. Apart from racial and sexual differences, humans exhibit considerable genetic variation. 

Most movements take place at joints where two or more bones or cartilages articulate with one another, several non-skeletal structures (i.e. compression, shearing, tension) more like they are floating. 

Perhaps one of the most hardest and. misunderstood focus is “contralateral motions” which means what’s occurring on the opposite side of the body; like the right hand is contralateral to the left hand.  It is the contralateral behavior, how it conducts itself toward the other side that is often getting in the way of things.