Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amanda Carey WN's by 30 min gap at Cohutta 100

Amanda takes a WN at Cohutta 100 TN. Amanda took the race last year. She lowered her time by 30 min., v. last year. We know why!!!

Finished the 100 mile mtb race in 7:33

That's making a statement!!!

Pua's back and she's just getting use to her fit on the 29er!

Pendrel wins Whiskey Fat Tire Crit

Sheppard victorious in men's race

Brief Results

Elite women
1Catherine Pendrell (Luna)
2Kelli Emmett (Giant Bicycles)
3Zephanie Blasi (Kenda/NoTubes)
4Stephanie McCormack (Kenda/NoTubes)
5Monique Mata (Sho-Air/Specialized) WN Precision
6Rebecca Rusch (Specialized Bicycles)
7Sonya Looney (Ergon Bike Ergonomics/Topeak)
8Kelly Bonafice (Moots Cycles)
9Shannon Gibson (
10Jennifer Smith (Alpine Orthopedics)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Matt Cooke (Team Exergy) 9th in tough climb 2011 Tour of Gila

It takes time and great effort, precise attention to details to become a top dog! No two people are the same and a general fit doesn't cut it.

Top dog doesn't just happen over night. Matt was fitted by Craig Upton back in 2007 while on the Navigators pro team. Many of the pros have at one time or another been in our data base, it has made a difference!

Fit 8092 ( )

Fit Placed On 1/28/2007 11:35:38 AM
Status: Paid

Gender: M
Fit Type: road

Total Paid: $0.00
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 133 lbs.

Account: Performance Labs

Matt Cooke is showing he's very much a pro, and he's the climber on Team Exergy. Top ten is very respectful and Matt is only 54 sec off lead.

Too be able to race at a pro race is not easy. Road racing is a tough game and it's a team sport, you have to have a strong team to put someone in the top ten.

Good stuff Team Exergy!

1Francisco Mancebo ( Cycling Team)3:59:22
2Tyler Wren (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita)0:00:14
3Joesp Dombrowski (Trek-LIVESTRONG)0:00:35
4Alexander Howes (Chipotle Development Team)0:00:40
5George Bennett (Trek-LIVESTRONG)
6Chris Baldwin (BISSELL Pro Cycling)0:00:42
7Ben Day (Kenda/5-Hour Energy Pro Cycling)0:00:43
8Lachlan Morton (Chipotle Development Team)0:00:50
9Matt Cooke (Team Exergy) WN Precision0:00:54

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now the sales pitch is "Functional".

Functional fitting or training can be either very sport specific or simply general sport oriented.

Muscle systems are used to move our center of gravity (COG), maintain in balance, enhance performance, increase agility and minimize injury. You need to understand the different muscle systems and then how to properly affect those systems during early spring training. You might say this is true for any sport!

Remember, you don't have to get better! You don't have to find the smallest % of improvement!

Unfortunately the equipment that is available at your home, your gym doesn't train the body properly for our sport or any sport other than lifting weights. The same thing is true when stuck on a static trainer, as many who live in cold parts of the country. The reason is that the apparatus, such as an arm curl machine, utilizes benches, straps, rests or other things that immobilize the body. Real world trains the body different.

This home/gym immobilization may work well to bulk up certain muscle groups but it does very little to assist muscle systems to work together out in the real world, as they should naturally, to create balance, core strength and joint support, articulation and responsiveness.

We have watched many spend countless hours on the trainer. So being functional in a static trainer or using video, or legs to track you while in that equipment is not real. In fact, we are seeing a ton of folks getting sore, even hurt do to the poor tracking info! Great "sizzle" but bad in the real world. Money not well spent! Sad!

They have been sold that they are "Functional" and have the best bike info, that meets what is at only at best "general oriented".

How can you coach a person on how to use the tool, if you don't know how the tool is to best work?

Another way of saying, you can use all the sizzle in the world, a pretty golf swing, but if the club is not on the ball - it doesn't matter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Old Pueblo - Great results for Team Exergy!

Team Exergy is warming up!

Pro road racing is just like anything else in life, it's a process, it takes time!

"If yo're not in the river, you don't learn what you need to do to catch fish - smart fisher"

They are posting great results by the whole team, not just a hand full like most teams.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wells 1st., Plaxton 2nd, Jeremiah Bishop 3rd!!!

Full Results

1Todd Wells (USA) Specialized Factory Racing1:40:00
2Max Plaxton (Can) Specialized Factory Racing0:00:53
3Jeremiah Bishop (USA) WN Cannondale Factory Racing0:01:49
4Adam Craig (USA) Gian Factory Off-Road Team0:02:07
5Sam Schultz (USA) Subaru - Trek0:02:54
6Jeremy Horgan-Kobel (USA) Subaru - Trek0:02:55
7Stephen Ettinger (USA) BMC Mountainbike Development0:03:04
8Lachlan Norris (Aus) Giant Factory Off-Road Team0:04:06
9Adam Morka (Can) Trek Canada0:04:08
10Kerry Werner (USA) BMC Mountainbike Development
11Barry Wicks (USA) Kona0:04:19
12Ryan Trebon (USA) L&T Sports/Felt Bicycle0:04:27
13Thomas Turner (USA) Jamis Factory Team0:04:38
14Sid Taberlay (Aus) Kenda / H2O Overdrive0:04:53
15Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) Team Jamis0:04:57
16Jason Sager (USA) Team Jamis0:05:22
17Rotem Ishay (Isr) Team Jamis0:05:28
18Spencer Paxson (USA) Kona Factory0:05:30
19Peter Glassford (Can) Trek Canada0:05:46
20Ryan Woodall (USA) Brick City Bicycles0:07:07
21Jack Hinkens (USA) BMC Mountainbike Development0:07:17
22Bryson Perry (USA) Life Time Fitness
23Colin Cares (USA) Kenda/Felt
24Troy Wells (USA) Team Clif Bar0:07:25
25Justin Lindine (USA) Bikereg.Com0:07:47
26Lukas Buchli (Swi) Bixs - Ixs Pro Team0:08:16
27Bernard Van Ulden (USA) Jelly Belly pb Kenda
28Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona0:08:21
29Brady Kappius (USA) Team Clif Bar0:08:53
30Vincent Lombardi (USA) Steven K Pro Team0:08:57
31David Tinker Juarez (USA)0:09:03
32Carl Decker (USA) Giant Factory Off-Road Racing0:09:07
33Kalan Beisel (USA) Yeti-SRAM0:09:09
34Joshua Carlson (Aus) Rockstar Racing/Giant
35Eric Batty (Can) Trek Canada Mountain
36Mitchell Hoke (USA) Tokyo Joe's0:09:39
37Tj Woodruff (USA) Trek - Boulder0:10:09
38Ned Overend (USA)0:10:37
39Dana Weber (USA) Trek - Jax Bicycles0:10:43
40Zachary Valdez (USA) Whole Athlete - Specialized0:10:53
41Tristan Uhl (USA)0:11:01
42Jason Siegle (USA) SDG/Felt0:11:08
43Nathan Guerra (USA) Wheel & Sprocket0:11:15
44Adam Snyder (USA) Team Jamis0:11:29
45Alexander Sanchez (CRc) Team Specialized0:11:36
46Bradford Perley (USA) Champion System0:11:49
47Ben Bostrom (USA) Team Sho-Air/Specialized
48Alex Grant (USA) Cannondale0:12:10
49Seamus Powell (USA) Giant- Mid Atlantic
50Brad Bingham (USA) Moots Cycles0:12:14
51Will Curtis (USA) Whole Athlete-Specialized0:12:15
52Ken Onodera (Jpn) Team Specialized0:12:18
53Jon Stierwalt (USA) Ride Giant / Ride North0:12:21
54Russell Finsterwald (USA) Subaru - Trek0:12:28
55John Nobil (USA) Bear Valley Bikes0:13:15
56Nicholas Weighall (USA) Cal Giant/Specialized0:13:42
57Yuki Ikeda (Jpn) Topeak Ergon Racing0:13:52
58Jim Hewett (USA) Summit Bicycles0:15:02
59Cody Kaiser (USA) Cal Giant/Specialized0:16:19
60Andy Schultz (USA) Kenda-Felt0:16:27
61Mitchell Peterson (USA) Life Time Fitness0:18:36
-2 lapsMichael Mccalla (USA) Magura Direct
-2 lapsMitchell Bailey (Can) Trek Canada Mountain
-2 lapsAaron Elwell (USA) Highgear/Trek
-2 lapsGarrett Gibson (USA)
-2 lapsSean Babcock (USA) Sellwood Cycle Repair
-2 lapsJim Thijs (Bel) Team Barracuda
-2 lapsKevin Smallman (USA) Kevin Smallman
-2 lapsMichael Hosey (USA)
-2 lapsSkyler Trujillo (USA) Niner/Stans/Ergon
-2 lapsChristopher Hurst (USA) Stan's Notubes/Axa
-2 lapsNate Whitman (USA)
-2 lapsSean Donovan (USA) Cytomax/KHS
-2 lapsCharles Jenkins (USA) Cytomax/KHS
-2 lapsNick Truitt (USA)
-2 lapsZachary Keller (USA) Focus/BMC U23
-3 lapsAnthony Sinyard (USA) Specialized
-3 lapsChristopher Michael (USA) American Classic/Kenda
-3 lapsJason Holbrook (USA) Yeti/Jett Pro XC
-3 lapsHal Helbock (USA)
-3 lapsHansueli Stauffer (Swi) IXS-Swiss Wheeler Team
-3 lapsJason Young (USA) Feedback Sports Racing
-3 lapsScott Tietzel (USA) Specialzied Bicycles
-3 lapsKevin Bradford-Paris (USA) Emdesports/ Specialized
-3 lapsPeter Odonnell (USA) GT Bicycles
-3 lapsBrent Steinberg (USA)
-3 lapsAlex Boone (USA) Trek 29Er Crew
-3 lapsJason Moeschler (USA) WTB/Cannondale
-3 lapsMatthew Paziuk (Can) Trek Store Toronto
-3 lapsRobert Marion (USA) American Classic
-3 lapsLewis Gaffney (USA) Team F.I.Taos
-3 lapsBlake Harlan (USA) Team Jamis
-3 lapsRichard Schoenfelde (USA) Gas/Intrisik Architect
-4 lapsGregory Carpenter (USA) Team Edge - Oakley
-4 lapsPhilipp Gerber (Swi) Swiss Bixs
-4 lapsTsering Alleyne (USA)
-4 lapsKendal Johnson (USA) Sagebrush Cycles
-4 lapsRob Anderson (Can)
-4 lapsWill Patterson (USA) Whole Athlete/Specialized
-4 lapsRiley Predum (USA) Whole Athlete Specialized
-5 lapsDean Poshard (USA) Rock Lobster
-5 lapsDaniel Munoz (USA) Cyclery USA
-5 lapsCampbell Levy (USA) Yeti Cycles/Jett
-6 lapsBrian Trader (USA) Sun 'N' Spokes/Giant
DNFNitish Nag (USA) Team IMBA
DNFMiguel Valadez (Mex)
DNFGraham Aldredge (USA) CTS/Boulder Cyclesport
DNFChris Sheppard (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycle
DNFBrian Astell (USA) Lost Coast Brewery
DNFKeisuke Goda (Jpn) Team Specialized
DNFNate Byrom (USA) Northstar-At-Tahoe
DNFKevin Fish (USA) Bicycle Sport Shop