Tuesday, November 06, 2007

3D fits- Why watch the skin, we watch the tone of the muscles?

First it should be said! There is no substitute for training and time on the bike. Period. But if you are not dialed in on the bike of choice, you will not stay on the bike.

A good question is why do our fits help so many race into the top ranks, win 24 hour races? Or why do our people win races at the highest levels? Most will tell you, they know a race is going hurt, but what they really like is they can wake up the next day and do it again! Even the weekend rider says the same thing!

We know, that by stacking the bones, reducing the wear & tear on your joints is like "getting the front-end of your car" attend to, you stay in the game longer by not wearing the parts or the tires. Get a basic fit and it will help like a static balanced tire, but there is more refinement to be made. Now think about speed balance vs. static balance, there is a difference in the ride. That has nothing to do with the motor!

So to focus on the motor, learn your best stroke and the watts (horsepower) will come. Provided your legs and upper balance out! The upper body is a counter weight for the legs to work under! It is also best to know how to make you get more air into your lungs. Harder than you might think.

There is news on the streets of a new 3D fit, by placing markers on the skin. This type of fitting has been around for some time, even when we looked in to it. It can miss by up to 2cm!!! We could not see where it was much different than a basic fit. You are only looking at the outside!

It should be pointed out that we have been doing 3D fitting since day one, but we don't use markers on the skin! Even 3D scanning is not going to inform you of what the muscles are doing! What about the cross-bridging of actin & myson? Reading watts only informs you of the sum of all the muscles, not what each muscle is doing. You might be riding with your brakes on! Meaning one muscle might not be doing its share of the work!

Think about knowing where the muscles insert and attach on the bones. Now think about knowing all the angles, compression of your spine, etc... as they move through space!

We use 3D CAD in the background with every fit.

Why not 3D on the Skin? The answer, the skin moves and doesn't provide as we see it, what the joints are doing within nor what the muscles are doing! The next time you looked at a sting instrument, guess what the tension is of a given string. To test it, you have to strum it to find its noise!

Muscles work by the best line of pull and their tone. They don't push, but they be brakes! You joints have a ton of angles on their surfaces and no two people hold the same shape and size. You could even have twisted bones, in the middle of its shaft or on its end. What about flat feet? What about a high arch? What about the femur head. What about your hip, sitbones, etc... The key is not to have the bones compressing other bones "allowing you to move in & out of balance" as needed.

Even then, you have to learn to address the bike! Think of golf, as Tiger Woods steps up to the ball, he still has to swing!
If he has the perfect swing, and doesn't address the ball for the shot, game over!

What happens after the muscles get full of blood after 15 min., they get larger, joints get tighter. So just looking from the outside, using say 100 cams is not going to inform you of what is going on each muscle fiber.

We see an increase of 18 watts, just by learning how to pedal after a precise fit. We have seen this time and time again. Making more watts is not the key, but when you need to mash the gas and go it is. You

Most bike shops don't have time, coaches only train athletes, and medical professionals do rehab, but we all tend to agree that a good bike fit is a good thing. This is great news.

The information age is a powerful force. There are certain things we have learned, or have theories about, which have been tested over and over by independent peer reviewed journals. Most professionals reference these articles from time to time and tend to use new research to guide programs for their athletes and patients. There is also a huge boom in the amount of trash out there. Anyone can advertise! There is a lot of "industry buzz", so how to you know the real thing?

Results! Results for not just one person, but for many! No one wins every race, but it has been great to watch people reach their goals.

If your bones are lined up properly on the bike, and you follow a smart training program, you'll maximize efficiency and lower the chances of injury. When the bones are "off", the muscles start to obtain imbalances that can manifest themselves as injury.

Mathematical models allow us to measure to the mm, but to quantify exactly how much help a cyclist gets with a given alteration in their program is a huge undertaking. Riding for a pro team in cycling, might allow more resources. However, if you are a cyclist balancing riding and the real world, it is nice to know you can go to one of our dealers and get the real deal.

With correct training starting in the fall, you might gain up to 7 minutes off your rides. Just in the body position alone more minutes. Then the correct pedal stroke even more!Yes - you have to ride you bike.

You don't have to ride smart. Our optimum bike fit is key. Faster at less effort and more biomechaincally sound. It's a win-win for the time and money you'll invest and performance gained.

There is a whole lot of technology, knowledge, behind our results. It is not a formula out of a book.

Weather you choose the standard basic bike fit using someones eye or a 3D bike fit that places markers on your skin, you are a whole lot closer to achieving your optimum performance.

But if you want the real deal come see one of our dealers using Wobble-naught CAD or come to Boise, ID to use the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish. People come to Boise, ID from around the world for the "REAL DEAL", to see what is really gong on within their bodies! Many of the people have already been in wind tunnels at $1000 per hour, only for our solutions to help them break their PR's.

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