Monday, November 05, 2007

Boulder Cup - A Repeat! Compton 1st, Gould 2nd.

Suday in Boulder, CO had another great day of racing as Georgia Gould took the hole shot, then Compton getting past her on the runs, putting on a show. Compton is getting ready to go across the pond for a month, looks like she will be ready.

This is good for Georgia, as it makes her understand where she needs to work. The mtb race doesn't have the drops, but it lets her learn how to make time. She has to get her upper body over the bottom bracket and to hit it. The spine has to be in the correct angle in space. Its hard to break a habit, and if you have won races, even harder to work on things.

We have talked about her not getting on the drops when she comes out of a tight turn like Katie. Sometimes you can "lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink". She has the motor and will learn and get faster. This game demands a good sprint, and by lowering the center of mass allows you to work the handlebars with more lateral force.

Even Kristin Armstrong has spent lots os time working on getting into the drops on track. She is best know as a climber a and the long run! Both Georgia and Kristing have the same build, standing about 5'10". So when you have a Katie Compton or a Laura Van Glider build, a more compact frame, and strong upper body can can put the hammer down for a strong sprint. Look at the upper body of a good sprinter.

Compton has time on a track and has the total body sprint and knows how to get the rpms. It really helps to get back to the pace after slowing from sand, turns, etc... In other words, she has a good low end that gets her up to speed.

Still a good performance from Gould! Compton should do well in the up coming races.

Good stuff!

Elite Women

1 Katie Compton (USA) SPIKE-Primus Mootry-ROL Wheels
2 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Chix

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