Thursday, December 13, 2007

When the bike is right you love it! Even in the snow!

Georgia Gould just did an interview with

She has stayed with our fits throughout her racing years! She will not use any other fitting system. She has also worked harder on her pedal stroke than most!

I was just down in Lyons, CO watching their state cyclocross championships on Sunday. She raced the men and held her own against some of the top racers in the world! There was about 10 inches of snow on the level, very cold, very pretty, about 8-degrees? I heard from Nat Ross that there where about 700 racers? It was super to see that many people racing in the snow.

Below is a quote in the

"Also, I don't need too much time off the bike, I like riding my bike especially my mountain bike."

When the bike is right, you love it! The bike becomes part of you! Even in the cold & snow!

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