Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Team Exergy declaring game over! Exergy/Twenty16 game on!

Boise, Idaho's only ever pro men's team Team Exergy removed from consideration!
Exergy's decides to keep in the sport, going with the women's Team Exergy/Twenty16.
Due to the times, there are many teams gone!

We saw how hard these guys worked, how much effort they put forth! The team was growing. They followed the rules. They stepped up to the plate and would go toe to toe with the best teams in the world. They got the invite to rance the big races in last few years! It will be sad not to see them in the largest US races. WN Precison had guys like Fast Freddie in the hunt, racing across the line "clean."
As of last week!  Ben Chaddock - Super stoked to be racing for Team Exergy in 2013! Officially it is 41 classrooms....and 12 schools, be we are tipping the scales at 1150 students! 

These guys are now out of work. “WN Fast Freddie will be back for the long term,” McManus said. “He's part of our long term success plan.”
Canadian criterium champion Ben Chaddock will also be back, as will many of the same faces the team fielded in 2012. “We're sticking with a lot of the riders that we have, so that didn't allow us too much opportunity to look at lot of older riders,” McManus said. “We've got
our eyes on a few young guy, and the guys that we have, most of them we've had for a number of years, so we've really invested a lot of time and development in them.”  
How well WN Precison knows this.  It takes time to make a team, to take younger guys and turn them into Nat. Canadian Chmpions like Ben Chaddock.  

Just one week ago! 2013 season would have marked the 4th consecutive year that management company Escalera Racing and title sponsor Exergy Development Group have partnered to field a North American team, starting with an elite amateur squad in 2010. 
For what ever the reason?  This is truly sad for all the hard work to just go out the window this late into the season!  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WN is the Offical system of Sho-Air/Cannondale

No matter what face you put on legs, WN can make them 

WN Faster!

WN - the offical fitting system for a reason!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wilier Bikes the choice of Exergy!

Wilier was very proud to announce their first ever sponsorship of US-based team!

Wilier's Cento1 SR keeps pace with an increasingly important trend among top-end race bikes: convergence. In the past few years, companies had 2 high-end race bikes: one as light and stiff as possible, the other designed in a wind tunnel to ensure an aerodynamic advantage. 

For 2013, the trend remains, the top bike designs are beginning to blend aerodynamic characteristics into their lightest frames. Scott may have been the first brand when it released the Foil last year. Now, two other bikes are showing similar characteristics: Trek's just-released Madone 7 and Wilier-Triestina's new Cento1 SR. 

If you are going to race F1, you have to have the advantage or go away fast! Just like all sports, cutting edge ensures an advantage!  The sad truth, we will never know who Team Exergy has had to race, dirty for drugs, the use of special helments not allow for others,  etc...  Truth, all teams seek advantage!

Team Exergy seeks advantages in equipment and high-performance!  They race to WN!

We must point out, even with the light and stiff aerodynamic advantages of the top bikes, you must learn (technique) how to use the tool!   WN science has concerned many styles of pedaling that have come forth from our latest research, things that can be put into actual use plus we can teach it! We can fine-tune the most important tool of all, the human mind, teaching it how to achieve and reach its potential.  Team Exergy simply rides faster and with better aerodynamics for optimal racing performance and stay injury-free.

Road racing is a team sport, so its very important to stay in the game the whole season, injury-free.  It's best to keep the team in the game!

That's why WN Precision is the fit science for Team Exergy, to help the racers learn how to tap into their technique like no other, allowing them to get the most from their newer bikes.  

The times are a changing, sport science has developed in a similar to the high tech bikes. General science, copy cat ideas is not going to make a difference due to the fast change.  

Taboos that the details don't matter are being busted!  What is more amazing is the lack of science in the pro field?  Perhaps, due to the basic fit systems not working for them!

There is a lot of marketing that's not clear! At the top of the game, the "real world" a scientific approach is vital for optimizing performance!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sho-Air Cannondale Pro Team 2013

Representing one of the finest assemblages of legs on the North American circuit, the 2013 Sho-Air Cannondale squad will be packing some serious firepower at top-tier events across North America.

They also use WN Precision to tap into those legs!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Amanda Carey is knocking at the door!

The US has some of the fastest women in the cx game!  It's no walk in the park!  When you break the top 5, you have you're game on!  If you keep knocking, you'll get attention!

1Katherine Compton (USA) Trek Cyclocross0:41:49 
2Katerina Nash (Cze) LUNA0:01:02 
3Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld0:02:15 
4Amanda Carey (USA) Volkswagon Boise/WN0:03:16 

Sunday, November 04, 2012

WN's Pua Mata wins 2012 La Ruta overall!

This is not a sales job!  We are not sizzle!  We do every thing we can to help the racer!  We go to great detail to teach them what makes a difference, even when peering eyes can become the very negative!

Humans are like horses!  Cowboy up!  "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".  The horse has to make up it's own mind, but too many times the horse has spurs in their side, attempting to change their course?  There is always rain attempting to put the fire out!  There is always a voice to the racer's ear, placing a very real felling of uncertainty or lack of conviction!  It can even be in their own mind?

For a host of reasons, the many fitting ideas, the many systems, the pedaling debate is not perfect, and sometimes the world gets caught up in sizzle v. truth!  Results speak over the course of time i.e. 13 years. We have been in front of the jury ( those who proclaim their remarks as the body of people who judge the competition). 

Don't think its easy for the racer's, even at the highest level, once you have everything dialed in, it becomes a mental game!  It becomes very personal, there again, are a million naysayers, saying you can't! It is true,  achievement is not on the radar for all.  It takes a special mind to overcome. That is why we go to great lengths to myth bust what they read and hear!  

Pua Mata made it 3 stage wins in a row on Saturday afternoon as she raced across the finish line on the La Playa Bonita beach on the Carribbean Sea. Throughout the 3-day race, Pua Mata dominated and none of last year's three podium finishers returned for 2012?  This is no walk in the park!  

Pua holds the mental power to reach deep and attain a desired level of effort!  Her great skill, plus her great courage is taken her to another level. I told her she was making history!  She's too focused on her pedal stroke to know!  Success comes from being focused on the job at hand, not being worried what the world thinks!

Fact checker!  WN has the record of both men & women at La Ruta!

2010, Ben Sonntag racing for a WN fitted team from SLC, UT, using a Cannondale Lefty takes the men's race w/ great results from Alex Grant also fitted and coached on pedal style.

We know for a fact, another winner of La Ruta who doesn't use the fit solution a major marketing company claims!  Marketing BS! Doesn't truth matter?

WN is still taking it to the world, no matter who and how they market it!  Results!  What's in your game?

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Team Exergy's Canadian Nat. Champ busy doing good!

Our Canadian National Champion is busy today in Boise visiting three different Elementary classrooms... Inspiring, and Educating our youth with his Bicycle Inspired Kinetics in Elementary Schools.
By the way, Ben will not use anything other than WN bike solutions!

Mata crushes the women's competition at La Ruta!

La Ruta de los Conquistadores 2012

Monique "Pua" Mata rode to her second consecutive stage win at La Ruta in the women's category.
"You wake up and you don't know how you feel until you get on the bike," said Mata. "Of course, I'm a little tired, but the moment I throw my leg over the bike, it could be a different story. You start at 6:00 am and there's not a ton of time to warm up, plus you're in a parking lot in San Jose, you can't really spin around. I was riding around in circles."

Pua Mata putting on a mental show!  WN has worked w/ Pua for years through highs and lows, so its great to see you crush it!  No easy ride for this gal, Pua has the ability to focus on her game
and ride away!

Amanda Carey Is A Top Dog!

Top Dogs!

Amanda Carey is standing next to some of the fastest women in cyclocross in the world!  Amanda finds  the courage to step up to the game and gets results!  Her fire is burning!  Nice job Amanda and thanks for using WN as your source of know how!