Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ph.D Bart Gillespie, MonaVie/Cannondale gets the thumbs up as a "Real World Success".

We always hear about the best hopefuls for a gold at the upcoming Summer Olympics in Beijing this August! And we have a few racers going there for that quest! That is success alone!

We also hear about the pro who rides their bike every day for six to eight hours. No question, this type of effort makes a difference! They might even hold a part time job at a major backer of sport "Home Depot" working with or on a National team.   Not a problem! We want people to get the support, we wished they would get more support from the industry, as we want them to be successful and take their dreams/game to the world in a sport that doesn't really allow them to "feed the bulldog."

Success can be viewed in many ways! Not everyone goes to the Olympics or holds a PhD, and that is what makes this sport much different than say football,  baseball, basketball, etc...   Big money!  But in this sport, it is much more about small money, almost no support!  Truth is, in the real world, most people have to "feed their bulldog", and provide for their family.

You have to love to hear about the real world "Working Person", who holds a real job, has a family, gets their PT, then a Ph.D., and still finds time to jump on the bike, and places in the top races. Perhaps we need a "Real World" ranking and that would be Ph.D. Bart Gillespie #1.

Their are many voices on the subject of what you need to have to be good in this game!  And many of the voices go to great effort to under-mind our services!  So we present guys like Bart Gillespie, who has worked hard for years,  used our services for years! So has his MonaVie/Cannondale Pro Mtb Team GM member, Matt Ohran, who has had some very real back issues. You can check out their site at: Note the names of some very well known pros on the new team!  

Another real story: we even had a gal, Jenn Halladay, who is another real world person.  Jenn had super success 2007 winning some big races,  real pros like World tt Champion Kristin Armstrong, and Crit champion Van Gilder, who both were previously on TEAm Lipton together.  Van Gilder nows rides for Cheer Wine.  Back to Jenn; she has a real job, she is a real mother (has five kids), and still loves to race.  Think about it, if you  are a pro and then some mother of five raced you and I mean raced you! It could do a head trip on you, and it does!  How cool is that?  We all want a good race and that means a deep field that can throw it down!

Bart is our focus this month and we are very pleased he is in Velo News! Bart has been on our front page for years, (how time goes by) flashing at you in red. Not only is he a full time PT in SLC, Utah, however he just finished his D.P.T., and is working as a Dr. of PT. with troops returned from war and has long used our services (Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish)!  Bart is well known in the SLC, Utah area within mountain bike.  He can even race the 100 mile races and leave most racers in the dust, because he understands that every stroke counts. He ranked 7th this past year 2007 and you can read about him in Velo News magazine.

We like Bart because he knows what he wants, stays the course, can focus, doesn't buy into the hype, and gets what he needs (e.g. PhD of PT). He seeks out more truth in all things, not just his sport! Bart is open minded and willing to learn! A rare thing for someone with such a high degree! Far too often, people just out of school use their degrees to set courses for setting the "woods on fire" with what they just learned, or what they think they know. Little do they know that they have just reached the tip of the ice berg! They do however obtain a license to learn and with that they do! No question that takes time, and its great to see people like Bart doing just that!  Bart has learned much throughout the years as a PT and can we say "This horse drinks water!"

So why is it, that these type of people use Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfishlike (e.g. Russell Cree D.P.T, C.S.C.S of Herriott Sports Performance, Ph.D Sally Warner World Masters mtb Champion) and many others using our services ? No question, in marketing, people follow their heros.  Race on Sunday, buy on Monday! 

They use our services because we are the real deal, and not some mass marketing basic fit process! This is not some eyeballing, touching you here and there and calling it good! We have learned many years ago in skiing, that you can't just use videos and place markers on the skin! Close, but no cigar! We have even had to change people who have been in wind tunnels. These people don 't grace the front page of some magazine, however they are very successful! Much of what we do isn't in school. Think F1 race cars and how they uncover things to win and keep close doors! Public and basic... "Naught."

It is also true, many of our racers don't want the field to have what they know.  That's normal!
It also makes them have to race harder!  Give pro Nat Ross 24 hour mtb racer a call and ask him about that!  He will tell you straight up!

Check out our race results throughout the years and note how many top racers also hold the highest level of education, such as Ph.D's! For whatever reason, after they work their way to the top and learn, (they seem to hold the know how (science) to sort through all) e.g. the mass marketing and good old boy and gal networking!  It's perhaps more about who you know in the game, rather than what you know, or what you can do for someone.

I love what music artist Sting said. How can you take an idea and teach it to another person and them not to change it? Regarding his own story!  That is why we use the high-tech over networking! It's not about who we know, rather what our tools can teach you! And with that, we don't know until we get you on the systems! No two people need the same thing! That is why we are headed outside with Dartfish!

The bottom line in this game is that you never know who really holds more truth. People can tell you good stories, they can tell you anything, and if it doesn't work out, well "they didn't pick your folks." You just don't have what it takes!  Next!!! The  problem here is, do you have five years to hang your hat on information.  Even in NASCAR, teams go away! Step up or go away! We even know people who change coaches every year for whatever the reason.

Go to our site and read what Dr. (hard working) has to say about his fit.  We have the results of so many on the bike fit and the best pedal stroke, through the many years.   Understand we can't claim anything! We can only show you what you need to work on and that has made the difference, and  for many!

Congrats Bart for your efforts in all that you do! You are the real deal and you hold a gold medal in our minds! Thank you for sticking with us through the years!

I also want to say we are very pleased to be working with the MonaVie/Cannondale Team on the trail, real time, making a difference with Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish.

We don't mind working with real people! Not everyone gets to the National team.   We also know what it takes to be successful, work hard, and we work every hour to bring more truth to your game! 

Monday, January 28, 2008

Off To The Races! Pua puts 7 min lead 1st lap w/ a Cold!

It's our business to help you become more successful!
Date: Jan 28, 2008 at 9:52 AM
Tinker and Pua WIN 12 hours of Temecula 08
9:52 AM (1 hour ago)

Tinker and Pua WIN the 12 Hours of Temecula February 26th, 2008 Temecula California

Today was the season opener for the 2008 12 hours of Temecula race series. The weather was beautiful at first, but it was soon to change, turning cold, then windy after only a few hours of racing, and finally ending with three hours of nasty cold rain to top off the day.
Right out of the gate Tinker Juarez dominated the entire race field, building a two and a half minute gap only half way through the first 10 mile lap!
On the Women's side the story was much the same, Pua stayed out front with the top three men and was able to put over seven minutes on her competition by the first lap. After only seven hours she had already gained a lap on her nearest competition. A bit past nine hours Pua was able to finish the race approximately three hours early for the win with 10 laps. Pua was also awarded the queen of the mountain award and the fastest female lap.

Ron Sawicki
"Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish"

Check out the new Velo News! Check out new video!

We spent some time at Nat Ross "Pro Bike Center" and the staff of Velo News came over to reveiw what we have coming for all of our dealers.

Check it out:

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Over coming the many years of doping!

The revolution is on! Are you working too hard!? Are you still using yesterday's ideas in survival mode? It's funny how you don't think about certain things until you need them.

How would you know if your fit is right? Now that's definitely worth thinking about. What is the compelling reason to choose a certain size bike, stems, handlebars, cranks, etc...? How do you go about developing an answer to your specific needs? Our athletes, our passion, can provide more honest feedback no matter what your skill level.

While some would have you believe that their systems can help you achieve your ultimate performance, we're here to show you the blueprint of your fit, the moves that make more watts, so that you are not riding a medieval torture device.

The year 2008 signals a dedication of Wobble-naught CAD and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish to the quest for truth. We have always been known as "the race company fit." We've won more races than you would know, starting with 5 National Championships in the year 2000 alone! We have become known as a racing dynasty in mtb, road, tt, tri, etc... which is the only place we can get the "end all" truth!

This heritage has given us unique insight into the development of technology which our competitors just can't replicate. That is why Dartfish joined us!

We can solve the issues real riders want solved in the real world! Imagine unlocking the power of your feet, promoting balance, saving energy, and allowing your joints flex as nature intended.
From World-Cup proven to local race, or just knowing how to ride those 50 to 100 miles, come to the right place for meaningful technology to solve your issues.

We are so glad to be a part of the many racers who have won at the highest levels, being clean.
We have had our success through knowledge of the game; teaching a better pedal stroke, sharing experience and meaningful dimension.

The more you learn, the more familiar you become, therefore the more you can relive the experience! Your game only gets better!

Yes, cycling has been hit hard by all the "naughty" things people or teams are willing to do in order to win! Yes, cycling has been hit hard by large marketing hype jumping on the need of some fitting services. However, on the the same note, we feel the sport will only get better for this. The fitting systems "weeds" will be pulled.

That means truthful high-tech will be used to take your game to another level! The older medieval ideas, (plum line and someone's eye) will go away with time. We are just sorry the industry changes so slowly! However our racers love it!

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom." - Gen. Patton

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What does it take to win a race?

We just spent some time with our long term friend Dane Spencer, a National USA Ski Team member, at Java in Boise, Idaho. He was back in town for a much needed rest from the World Cup. Dane is a true professional and has been on the national team for most of his 30 years of life.

Dane pointed out that most of the races are at elevations less than 5,000 feet, so many of the races had rain instead of snow. He said that his left knee, which was "bone on bone", was acting up and it needed down time. When you interact with different sports, you gain a lot of insight on how short you have at the pro level, high movement sports!

I informed Dane that Dartfish is now a part of our Wobble-naught CAD systems. You see, Dane has spent many hours gaining understanding of what he needs to work on using Dartfish.
It can be used in the "real world" turf of what ever you are doing such as road, track, tt, mtb, etc...

I also pointed that we just picked up a 2008 2-up Can-Am 800cc Max LTD to follow the mountaintbike action. In other words, we can follow you where ever you go and use the Dartfish to help you improve your game on the playground! So, here is what's coming next! I just got off the phone with Shonny Vanlandingham and we are in the works of flying her here sometime in April to do just that! She has the SRM mountainbike powermeter on her bike. So we will use the Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish sytsems on the ATV up to 300 yards away to follow her on our mountain bike trails and learn where she needs work! Hunter Allen will be in charge of her watts recording.

We know that Shonny is fast on her mountain bike, but she will not be able to out pace the Can-Am 800cc Outlander as we follow with the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, working with the SRM powertmeter within the Dartfish.

We are also using our systems on the open road to follow a team and help teach them all how to work together! No matter if you are indoors or outdoors, and on any surface - we have you covered!

Dane Spencer told us he loves the use of Dartfish. It uncover the "truth", it shows you the "facts", rather than what you think. Dane said it this way, "On any given race, you have 60 pros who can throw it down! But it is the brain of merely four to five guys who always get it done! Those same pros are the ones who care about the "truth" in their game. That is why they use this kind of high tech!"

You best learn your own game! Learn what you need, not what someone else thinks you need!

This is the reality of what we do! We let you use our tools and you see the "truth" of what you need. Dane understands this and that is why we might use him on snow in the near future!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A rising star "Chloe Forsman" on the fit!

U23 National Champion Chloe Forsman (Luna) is said to be a rising star!

Wow! Shonny Vanlandingham- super star, Georgia Gould- super star, and Chloe Forsman-new star!

Boy, there are a lot of stars out there! And we've had the pleasure of working with many of them!

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - How I wonder what you are?

We know...Star Dust!

Tim Carolan, a new dealer, performed the fit for Chloe! How cool is that, he can take our constraints and nail the fit! Now that makes a difference!

We don't wish upon stars! We just make them brighter!

Let it be known, you don't have to be a star. Just as Chloe went to Tim, go see any of our dealers and they can make you brighter. No black holes here!

Tim Carolan
825 N Anita ave
Tucson, AZ 85705
United States Work: (520) 461-5105

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ronnie Thomson - Thomson Stems/Seatpost Dies!

January 18-20, 2008

It was a sad weekend, as Ronnie Thomson died Saturday at his L.H. Thomson office in Macon, Georgia, just one week prior to the Ronnie Thomson Appreciation Day. His company makes some of the best CNC mountain bike stems and seatposts. What of the Ronnie Thomson Appreciation Day this year? Well, although it will be a difficult day for all at Thomson, the families desire is that the festival continue, and it will.

Thomson is no longer simply a brand, it has become legacy and shares a part with many of our top racers. Ronnie brought so much to cycling because he looked at everything with a different perspective. He stood behind Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish throughout the years. Ronnie also provided support for anyone who worked with us. At one point, he even looked into buying a part of Wobble-naught CAD. He knew we were on the right path! However, Ronnie cut a path for the aftermarket business and his designs make a huge difference in the game.

The Ronnie Thomson Appreciation Day is scheduled for January 18th through the 20th. There will be camping, a four hour race, bonfires, live music, you name it, plus all kinds of biking events. These will be brought to you by SORBA and OMBA for a weekend of camping, riding, and fun, so mark your calenders. Come and plan on having a good time, for this will be a fitting celebration in honor of the man who did so much for cycling.

He will be missed and we wish the best for his family and all the staff.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boise's Armstrong gets "Best Female Road Rider" poll!

Wow!  Our local gal  gets "Best female road rider" in Cyclingnews!

We are so pleased to hear the super news!  Due to where we live, Kristin Armstrong did not get the eye of the media.  Women don't get the money like the men, so it is so hard to stay in the game!

A year or two ago, I attempted to get the local head of a TV station who was having a beer with us at Lucky 13 after a long ride to hear about our sport. He really liked my new carbon fiber frame.  I pointed out that we could use some help, and to follow a big race we put on here! That Kristin had just taken her first USA Road Championship.  He said that was very cool, as did everyone around the table.  So I put more effort to get the TV station behind our sport!  He said, "No Way - it not BSU Football, and plus she is a women".  Can you say "Hot blooded", the cold beer did not cool me down!  I will not tell you what I think about this!

This is so cool!  This is not easy, Kristin has stuck to her game through the years,  worked harder, learned more, perhaps than any road racer we know!  She rides solo many times on her bike on roads that follow other sports much more than say local football. 

Rewards come to those who work like she has!  I also recall the early days of working on her bikes with her friend Brad Page (PT), in the dark 10pm, having her ride up and down the streets near the local watering hole Luck 13.  Other times, doing web cast with her and another world champion Reba Rusch also from Idaho.

I also recall the first time meeting her on a mtb trail just above Boise, ID.  At the time, she was very new to the bike game!  Now look at her!!!

She was already World Champion TT.  But to win and not have people,  or to have the media to get behind you "well that can be taxing"!  

"Best Female Road Rider 2007"
Dreams come true if you are willing to do the work she has done!!!

Congrads Kristin!  You have  made your mark in history!  You have earned it!

Friday, January 11, 2008

L.H. Thomson "David Parrett - Marketing Manager"

"In my time at Thomson I have watched Tom Coleman grow Wobblenaught over the last 6 years. Through all the bikes I have owned and ridden over the years, regardless of what components I have been running, and I have been spoiled, fit and technique have always been more important to my experience riding the bike. There is nothing you can buy, no lotion you can apply that will make you comfortable on a bike that does not fit. I am far from being a great cyclist or athlete, but I get to watch quite a few. If you know me very well, you know I watch one very closely every day. Performance can not be purchased, it comes from persistence and hard work. What matters is having your bike function as a well built tool, thus allowing you to persist at the work that has to be done to get better, whatever better means for you.

Tom’s program gets to the heart of how you interact with the bike. Like any market, Wobblenaught is not the only game in town. There are choices, but Wobblenaught deserves a strong look from rider and retailer alike.

The longer I ride the less I care what brand bike I am riding and the more I simply want to make sure it fits. One of the ways I make my bike fit is by using certain products to set my bike up. I will not discuss my favorites but there is one saddle, one pedal, one tire, not to mention one stem, and seatpost that I use. I have a preference for shorts, glasses, and gloves as well. Out of all the choices, I have found mine. May not work for you, so what, there is a choice. Shops need to let OE’s know that the consumer benefits from both quality OE components and a vital thriving aftermarket to provide that choice. I know OE’s need to build value with their component brands, and sure, I work for an aftermarket company and am biased. However, I have seen OE’s learn from us, and I think the industry is better for the aftermarket companies that have often led innovation.

I hope in the rush to build brand and maximize profits that bike OE’s don’t lose sight of what makes cycling as fun and approachable as it is.

I love my VW, and I love the service and support I get from VW. But I am not at all sure I want cycling to become the generic experience that buying a car or computer has become."

David Parrett
L.H. Thomson Marketing Manager
ph: 478-788-5052
fax: 478-788-1956

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

View the Facts!

In this sport, you are going to hear everything in the world about what you need and from everyone! Design philosophy at your cost, your body, or your fun!

The focus in the last few years has been on a wider range of bike designs that help keep certain x,y,z brands growing. In order to achieve this purpose,  designers where pushed into an aftermarket design, using for example, multi-position stems, seat posts, and saddles. They learned from dealer feedback that was about the only place for the retailer to make a profit!

The major brand company - we want some of that! How dare they make a profit from other stems, saddles, seatposts, etc...?? They are removing our stems and other products to put something else on our out-of-the-box bike?

The truth in the bicycle business is capitalization of your choice of product to make the shop money. The dealer discovered that this sport is a very season limited business. Many dealer's get similar prices across the board for one bike brand vs. the other bike brand. With a very small margin on the bike, the dealer either takes advantage of the opportunity to move "aftermarket goods", do the services and make small margins, or he goes away! The brand representatives will simply find another dealer! On average 1,000 dealers go away annually!

No question that dealers are very stubborn in their ways, given the market, and from what they learn from their product representatives! That is why coaches, training classes, physical therapists, and even physicians have begun to help with all the needs not taken care of by the "stubborn" retailers, all because it would cost them time and money to provide those services. You have to pay someone to perform a service! And at the same time, you worry how you are going to order all those bikes for next year.

The fact is, the retail dealer can make "two times" the aftermarket accessories profit over say their typical shop service! The dealer needs to make a profit to open their doors next year. More so, to order and cover the huge cost of (x,y,z brand) in September or October and that cost doesn't get smaller! They also have to pay that off by July! They can't control that, so to play with their brand, they have pay, and to pay, they have to make a profit due to the increase of design. Therefore, "Stubborn Dealers" go away!

The attention is towards marketing or branding! With the explosive growth of the sport, everyone is a fit expert or pro? Big bike companies have attempted to retard this fundamental need for years at the retailer cost! The idea was for the retailer not to have to change out something on the new bike they ordered in October, and have to pay for them by July of the same year! You have to move the bike no matter what size!

The gun is on the side of the dealer, then the staff! How does one know who to trust? The fact is you can ride a bike that is too large or too small, given the newer designs. Maximum adjustability has allowed the staff to put you on the wrong bike.

Sure you can ski on a longer ski and have fun with big long turns on big mountains, but don't go into the bumps or go to a "mole hill slope"! Who cares! You dropped good money on a brand ski "what ever size" at some retail store and you are on the slopes! I don't think so!!!

What is it you want to do? Don't get pushed into the mass national group marketing control that exclusive retailers practice. They all have the basic "best fit", they have all been told so! Do they use the best technology, showing more truth? Most do not!

"If Your Ship Doesn't Come In, Swim out to it!" - Jonathan Winters

The problem here is you have to learn to swim one-stroke-at-a-time! We can teach you!

The only way we can do it, is to show you! Our results through the years are the best trend in the game. We can't claim anything, but we can show you how to improve, to go to another level!

With tools like Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, we don't just fit you to the bike, we teach you how to pedal!  And we can do that on the open road or the mtb trail!  We just follow you with our high - tech!


Here is a true story of Simon, who flew all the way from London, England for a day of our service! Simon also flew his coach, Hunter Allen, the "Power Meter" pro, who wrote the book on "Power Meter Training". They flew out to Boise, Idaho for that day. Hunter travels all over to teach people how to get the most from "Power Meters".

A very large % of coaches use his software for coaching!

Simon is very demanding and powerful man, and he gets results! At what level? Simon founded and interacts with Bill Gates on a regular basis. He can have any service in the world and is willing to travel there to get it!


"I have attached a bunch of screenshots and a spreadsheet showing your percentage improvement. DAMN impressive! Note that the percentage improvement is comparing your test values to the previous month’s best power, at same time duration.

I am particularly impressed with the ‘smoothness’ of your power line in the 20 minute test.

I have attached a similar 20 minute test, done on a similar terrain of an athlete I coach that has NOT use the Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish by Tom. The contrast is dramatic.

Note how smooth your power is and steady the effort.

WOW, the pedaling practice has really shown through here.

I am going to write up an article on your improvement to be printed in the Road Magazine with your permission.

I’ll send you the article tomorrow as well. It’s going to be titled, “The

of the bike fit.”.

Hunter Allen"

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink until it is ready - Horse Sense"

Power meters are great for showing the "sum" of all the muscles! They really help a coach to gain insight on more truth! But on the same note, a power meter doesn't tell you which muscle you need to fire and when!

By using our services, Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish we can show you how to pedal and make more power! There are many parts in a motor and to "blue-print" it takes strong insight on and off the trainer!

The fact is, we never know what you might need to work on, just like snow skiing, but if we can show you what's going on, you'll have a much better chance of reaching your targets!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Proprioception of the shoulder can be a real issue!

Proprioception of the Shoulder.

Far too often we see people with their shoulders and arms situated incorrectly while on their bikes! Could this be from a lack of detection of internal rotation? A loss of the feedback mechanism seems to be from the loss of control or someone not teaching them. You just don't jump on the bike and ride! There are many things to learn.

Insights into the role of joint proprioception on muscular stabilization of the shoulder was investigated by [ Blasier et al.,1994]who provided information on the central nervous system in the management of muscular activity. Shoulder joint proprioception was measured in a population of persons without known shoulder abnormalities, and it was found that individuals who have clinically determined generalized joint laxity are significantly less sensitive in proprioception. The detection of external rotation is significantly more sensitive than the detection of internal rotation, and it becomes significantly more sensitive as a limit of external rotation is approached. Blasier et al. suggested capsular tightening as one possible mechanism for shoulder proprioception.

Further investigation into joint proprioception was performed by [ Jerosch et al., 1995 ] who harvested the joint capsule, the glenohumeral and coracohumeral ligaments, and used the van Gieson technique coupled with a special silver impregnation for staining peripheral neurons. Axons, of the type II mechanical receptors (Pacini receptors), were discovered in all the ligaments with no detectable relationship to vessels or vessel walls. The significance of the finding is that neural structures discovered in the glenohumeral capsule are of clinical importance, particularly in recurrent subluxation and/or dislocation of the shoulder as they may control stabilization of the shoulder musculature causing a loss of the feedback mechanism.

[ Itoi et al., 1998 ] studied supero-inferior stabilizing functions of the coracohumeral ligament and the rotator interval capsule with the aid of a material testing machine. They found actual translation of the humerus in three instances: with the capsule intact and vented, with the coracohumeral ligament sectioned, and with the rotator interval capsule incised. Moreover, they discovered that with the arm in internal or neutral rotation, venting the capsule significantly increased supero-inferior translation that was unaffected by further sectioning of the coracohumeral ligament or the rotator interval capsule. With the arm in external rotation, only the coracohumeral ligament contributed significantly to inferior instability. Both this ligament and the rotator interval capsule contributed to superior instability to a lesser degree. Thus the coracohumeral ligament is a stabilizer in a superior and inferior direction with the arm in external rotation. Intra-articular pressure that is maintained by the rotator interval capsule is a stabilizer in supero-inferior direction with the arm in internal rotation.

Think of this information the next time you ride. Comfort is good!

Friday, January 04, 2008

North American "Woman of the Year 2007"

I just opened the journal of cycling "Velo News", the February 2008 issue.

The 20th annual awards issue has our gal Georgia Gould as the North American Woman of the Year!

Not surprisingly with the perfect season, Gould was #1, Katerina Nash #2, and yet another Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish user Shonny Vanlandingham #3 in the NMBS overall standings for cross-country and short track.

Many wonder how she rides so strong. We know that first of all she is smart and has the brains to focus on the correct things. Like sticking to the correct fit, allowing her to get the best line of pull from her muscles and the best range of motion from her joints. We don't know of any muscle pushing, so why have a fit that doesn't allow you to use your muscles to the best?

This is a funny sport, many of the top racers just go with whatever they dream up or learn over a very long course. By the time some learn more truth, their game is over. How sad!

Not for the fast learners like Georgia! She has become one of the top women pros in the world!

What is next for Georgia in 2008?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Best Skiing is here in Idaho!

Perhaps you have heard that we have some of the best ski slopes in the world. You can't ride the bike every day. Some days it's too cold! We have some pretty tough people that come from here such as Kristin Armstrong, Georgia Gould, Reba Rusch, and many others. What makes them so tough? What gives them their "thick skin"?

There was a time when we didn't have such crowds! Four wheel drive transportation has changed that!

I have heard good things about the 2008 XXL Stockli, a good "all mountain" ski. This gal was testing the "waters" with a pair of 186. She must be a DH pro, look at the size of them! She pointed out that the Swiss made skis work best for long turns in powder "wet or dry".

Yes! Sports do change! Those darn boarders are all over the place! There goes another one cutting up the lines!

The pro patrol is at work, making sure that everyone skis safely and follows the rules!

This was the rope-tow crew! They said they would pull you to the top in no time at all!

Note: The endless expanses of slopes covered with pristine snow leave you speechless! Even "BREATHLESS"!

It has been pointed out you might run into a few "bully types" in Idaho! They even have warnings about them! Don't confront them! Should you hook up with one, you can even get fined with them in your hands! It's best to just let it go!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! 2008 Will Be Great!

We want to wish you all the very best in 2008. May we all find time to ride!

To all our dealers and customers, thanks for the use of our software! Get ready! Now comes more software truth!

Wobble-naught CAD + Dartfish = solution variations for every level and every budget! Don't just ride. Fly! Experience the magic that happens when you harness your best game! No matter how big or small your adventure with cycling, we can help. Far too many people are working too hard! Do you know the correct pedal stroke? You don't have to be a Conan, Rambo, or Armstrong, nor must you look like a hero. Mountain rides don't have to scare you!

I will say that I have watched both Coan & Rambo "live" on the slopes in Aspen, CO. "Naught!" They, like all us all, need "Dartfish". I am sure they can't help it! Perhaps that is why the backups have to pull off their moves! Even John Wayne, "The Duke", had someone as a stand-in! I even recall Rambo telling a table of about 18 people one night at a private party, how well he was using the "wrong size or 'too short" lady friend skis he borrowed. And she was on his longer skis. He made the point that he knew what size skis worked best and that he could really turn them. Sitting next to him was a Mrs. D. Trump, during the day she still looked good, and her eyes became very large, like "no makeup", when she heard Rambo telling everyone about how this sport was done. Be careful what you hear!

As I looked downward when he left the table for the restroom, I noted the height and steep ramp angle of his boots. Those heels had some stack height! Balance? No! Height? Yes! That sure would make your lower leg hold tone! He really had a sizing issue and he even was having a problem walking! With too short this, and too high that.. No worries, he was super human and very well known!

My point is, that marketing is not quite the entire truth! However, sometimes we buy into all the hype, which is why Wobble-naught gets to the bottom of it all!

Software has made a difference for so many! Our development has been represented in the cycling world winners since 1999. Numerous podium positions have been achieved in all disciplines throughout the years. In the 2001 season, for example, we won five National Championships, all with different people from different disciplines!

Our software is made with the expertise of many years of racing experience. The demanding riders use our stuff! However, while they may race, you too, can benefit from these results. From enthusiastic beginners to cycling buffs, our software is not only for the experts but for every level and every budget. You don't have to be an ambitious athlete without a real job who just rides everyday. Individuality is everything, and it's not about how good you are, or the about coolest kit you wear! It's about you just being you on your bike and paying attention to every pedal stroke!

Simply put, the more time you can ride, the better you will become. Some see boundaries, while others see boundless opportunities. We all have our constraints, and you need to be able to get back on the bike the very next day! If you go and work on bad motor skills, that is what you will get! Your every stroke counts!

Our professional staff has been saying from day one that although we've done our homework, "Let's let the baby stand on it's own two feet". Not unlike any new kid in town, we will be tested! And so far, this kid holds his own, and has no problem facing the world! Podiums at the world level!

It will only be a few days before the use of Dartfish will be provided to all our dealers! Please understand that there are many who have Dartfish, but in the hands of the wrong person, information is only that. This is a super tool when you know what to look for.

Our research and development never stops! Bike innovations come and go, but the "human motor", or brain, always needs help! The problem is who is helping you? Yes, we have worked with different institutions and have seen sensational results through the athletes. However, the knowledge we gain from competition is only a goal. It doesn't always flow into the needs of various individuals. So, if we can show you the "Real Deal", then it can provide you with a model to aim at. Something to put your teeth in to!

We don't target a certain group with our high-tech. We can fine tune anyone! This process can be repeated numerous times until we (WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish software & athletes) reach the desired performance.

This is not about someone taking information from someone else, holding some level of teaching, then marketing it on you! We start by identifying the needs you have and your bones, not some pro who everyone wants to market. Although it is true that many pros want our help! With that, we watch the sports scene and identify the trends of things that make a difference inside and outside!

Through our worldwide network, we also receive important feedback from athletes in different areas around the world. Now with Swiss made Dartfish, we intend on more myth-busting! It should be fun for us all. We even intend on making a way for you to take home your individiual Dartfish results, via email, or possibly DVD, so you can watch what you need to work on!