Monday, December 03, 2007

Georgia Gould "Mud Puppy" soloed to Victory to Another Win Sunday!

A Mud Puppy - is a tough amphibian (salamander), can be over one foot in length. Order Orodela: four families, in particular some are known as (mythical spirit's) that live in environmental conditions others cannot! According to some, can even fly?

The Mud Puppy makes a living in the wet, cold, mud, streams and rivers within the oldest mountains of the world in eastern USA. Nothing in the form of weather (snow, rain, fire, etc...) effects them. They are lighting fast, have a lot of fight in them, will bite and are are well known to even withstand fire. No manner the conditions, the lizard-like creature is very aggressive! They are very successful of making a living where others are very uncomfortable!

Understanding how important the "Hole Shot" is, in typical fashion, it was Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) dominating the start of the race. She was able to get a gap on the field and take a lead. However, Gould kept working and slowly brought Compton back.

Demonstrating why she has a "Mythical Spirit" to her rivals, was crowned the overall winner of this year's Crank Brothers U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross, Luna's Georgia Gould soloed to yet another victory on Sunday in wet and windy Portland, Oregon. Many want to know what makes her tick, why is she so fast? We know what's going on, we have had her in our laboratory, finding maximal preceived effort.

Health maintenance, any program planned to prevent illness, to maintain maximal function is very much part of this game, especially this time of year! The season is long!

Compton, has been on the road a lot, sick since returning from Europe that included a World Cup win, started the race with a small gap over Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain-Haywood) and Wendy Simms ( on the first lap but abandoned "threw the towel in", shortly after both Gould and her Luna teammate Katerina Nash overtook her?

The harsh weather also prompted Bessette to leave the elite women's race early. In this type of racing, harsh weather is part of the game. You have to be able to handle it, in which is going to come a bit of discomfort. You have to have your A-GAME and your health is very much part of that. After a long season, Cyclocross can kick your butt, a real test on the human body.

Georgia had the series wrapped up after winning Saturday, does what she does best "raced". She outlasted her major rivals Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) and Lyne Bessette (, who both abandoned the cold, wet mud-splattered contest.

Georgia has the will to stick to things, no manner, that is why she can go the limit. Georgia is one a "Mud Puppy", she doesn't let the conditions get her down! She showed that when she raced 24 hour events.

As a series winner she is awarded automatic selection to USA Cycling's world cyclocross championships squad.

Georgia is the real deal, a real "Mud Puppy"you might say! Funny, she doesn't look like one! Ha! But her intensity is so, measured directly related to the performance outcomes.

What a banner year!

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