Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's in a shape? Why do so many sit up?

What up with Aeronautics?

Aeronautics is the science of flight in air and space. Scientists and engineers who study aeronautics learn about how and why airplanes fly in air. Using what they learn, they can design better, safer, and cheaper-to-build airplanes.

But what about the study of things in a heavy medium that produce even more force.

What's really amazing is why this happens. The special shape (nature) or of an airplane's wing makes the air (water) moving around it behave in a certain way. If we look at an airplane's wing from the side, we can see that the wing is a special shape called an airfoil.

Air flowing over airfoil

An airfoil is curved on the top and flat on the bottom, causing some of the air to go over the top and the rest of the air to go along the bottom. This shape looks simple, e.g. fish, but it is the main reason airplanes can fly at all. Because of the airfoil's curved shape, the air moving under the airfoil moves at a slower speed than the air going over the top.

Once you get one of those shapes on the line in medium and current and note how fast they can move, only then do you start to understand the shapes that make a difference. They are doing a form of flying!

We are not attempting to take flight, but we need to take note. Why then does the bike industry want you to sit up more when you really want to go forward? Perhaps it's too much to ask and teach.

If you take a strip of paper and blow over the top of it as shown in the picture below, the paper will rise. Wow!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nat Ross & Reba Rusch are like the pink bunny! They go & go & go, etc...

Sport owes you nothing!

"Every stroke counts"

Team King and Queen of Pain

Category Duo Co-ed

Category ranking #1

Lap NumberRider NameLap Finish TimeLap Duration
1Nat Ross1:00:23 PM1:00:23
2Rebecca Rusch2:04:34 PM1:04:11
3Nat Ross3:09:57 PM1:05:23
4Rebecca Rusch4:17:45 PM1:07:48
5Nat Ross5:24:57 PM1:07:11
6Rebecca Rusch6:33:07 PM1:08:10
7Nat Ross7:44:02 PM1:10:55
8Rebecca Rusch8:56:16 PM1:12:13
9Nat Ross10:07:39 PM1:11:22
10Rebecca Rusch11:19:28 PM1:11:49
11Nat Ross12:32:33 AM1:13:04
12Rebecca Rusch1:46:45 AM1:14:12
13Nat Ross3:02:35 AM1:15:50
14Rebecca Rusch4:19:32 AM1:16:57
15Nat Ross5:39:05 AM1:19:32
16Rebecca Rusch6:55:03 AM1:15:57
17Nat Ross8:11:11 AM1:16:08
18Nat Ross9:28:10 AM1:16:58
19Rebecca Rusch12:00:10 PM2:32:00

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

EXERGY putting on a World-class Women's Race in Idaho.

EXERGY is an ice-breaker behind cycling in Idaho! We have had a thick-sheet of ice for a long time, about 10 years. We had a women's race, it ran for 19 years, then died for lack of money and backing. In fact WN provided support for a few of the teams when many said why?

Yea for the gals! Having two girls of my own, having worked with women ski racers, I have always been behind them in cycling. Our list is long, no need to name drop!

Here is the history of Exergy, they stepped up to the plate to help get a Boise based men's Team Exergy pro team! This team is the real deal and they have already made their mark with world-class athletes in 2010-11. Keep an eye on them in 2012. WN provides the fits for the team. That was huge! That cracked the thick ice that has been seen in the sport due to lack of support. You have no idea how hard it is to get someone behind the cycling sport. It has had many black eyes! Like any place, many nay-sayers wishing Exergy would go away. Many of those nay-sayers being rivals, each having their own MO, their own teams, support, etc...

Then Exergy in 2011 started helping with the USGP events, when many in the cycling industry just said "what ever". Who cares!

Then Exergy started helping USA Cycling.

Then Exergy gets behind a women's pro team. Boise based renewable energy company is renewing women's cycling in Idaho.

Now Exergy is giving $100,000 purse for the first year women's race for a Exergy 5 Day Stage race in Idaho. At its height as the HP Challenge, the purse of the women's challenge was $125,000, so to jump in at $100.000 is huge when women don't really make a living in the sport. The intent is to provide what is comparable to what a professional men team would earn during a 5 day U.S. stage race.

Is there any question who is the "Energy/Exergy" behind cycling in Idaho today 2012?

Exergy is not just talk, they are all in for cycling and for them to be a Boise based company is making a difference.

WN is very pleased to be part of this cycling support! We have always supported the fastest men & women in the sport, from grass-roots forth, even when many said why to now working with the fastest women and men in the sport.

It will be interesting to see who will now jump on the "Exergy shirt-tail". WN hopes anyone who holds a real passion for cycling.

Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Team Exergy Race Camp

Most top level pros have a private coach, work alone, or do their trail & error on what they should do for training, etc...

WN is the real deal, not just sizzle or ego show. Team Exergy know's the success, the impact they had last year and they know if they do what we teach, they know they will make their mark this 2012 season. They know what makes them faster "WN Fast".

Our business is to help the rider to find more while on the bike. Bring your trained body to us, we will get more from it.

"You must unlearn what you have learned or be the same"

WN Precision was full-speeed-ahead and even used FSA for Team Exergy race camp to get everyone dialed in on their bikes. No guess work! It took two WN Precision Pros full time working for days and night to fit and teach. Eddie O'Dea form GA., and Tom Coleman from Boise working/teaching together to get it done and we did in record time.

In most teams you have one super-ego, a vocke, the learned one who wants everyone to work for them. This is not the case with Exergy, this is one team who has an open mind to learn. They get it!

For most of the time the team was around the fitting area, watching two "crazed fitting pros" working at the speed of light. They understand the level of details that we bring to their game. We are very sure they are going to use it to show the cycling world what real science.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Change the saddle! Change the hip!

There are tons of crazy ideas on what saddle works best! The best choice is a saddle that allows you many options to change up the stroke. We know what those options are and how they can make a huge difference in your game. It makes no sense to drive a car locked in one gear!

There are times when you need different strokes.
"Some times, a pro golfer/baseball player needs to choke up on the club/bat"

No question, there is an old style of pedaling, we don't intend on going there because it's old and there are better, more modern methods. Why repeat history for less performance?

It is like a ski boot, if you don't have the best choice for your style, it can cost season after season. Get the correct tool can make all the difference.

The hip is a key area of concern, and if you can't free the hip up, you go slower! Another note, it is amazing how many kits don't work with the many saddles out on the market.

We have spent thousands to review most of the saddles. WN didn't just except the marketing hype.

We have done our homework! It's that what you pay for, for us to do our homework v. marketing hype. We tracked the pressures saddles for 1 year using Tekscan pressure sensors while you are up on the bike.

We had to pay for that R&D, but the 3D modeling helped us better understand how to inform you of truths.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Tour de France - A long history of Doping!

There have been allegations of doping in the Tour de France since the race began in 1903. Early Tour riders consumed alcohol and used ether, among other substances, as a means of dulling the pain of competing in endurance cycling. Riders began using substances as a means of increasing performance rather than dulling the senses, and organizing bodies such as the Tour and the (UCI), as well as government bodies, enacted policies to combat the practice.

Times might change, but humans don't?

Use of performance-enhancing drugs in cycling predates the Tour de France. Cycling having been from the start a sport of extremes, whether of speed by being paced by tandems, motorcycles and even cars, or of distance, the suffering involved encouraged the means to alleviate it. Not until after World War II were sporting or even particularly health issues raised. Those came shortly before the death of Tom Simpson in the Tour de France of 1967. Max Novich referred to the Tour de France in a 1973 issue of New York State Journal of Medicine as "a cycling nightmare". In the eyes of a 1998 German observer:

For as long as the Tour has existed, since 1903, its participants have been doping themselves. No dope, no hope. The Tour, in fact, is only possible because - not despite the fact - there is doping. For 60 years this was allowed. For the past 30 years it has been officially prohibited. Yet the fact remains; great cyclists have been doping themselves, then as now.

The real issue is "Fair Play". I guess many think in war anything goes?

A confidence (con) artist is an individual working alone or in concert with others who exploits characteristics of the human psyche such as dishonesty and honesty, vanity, compassion,credulity, irresponsibility, naivety and greed.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Team Exergy Gets F1 Type of Bikes Plus "WN POWER"

Fast Freddie Rodriguez is getting WN Faster!
In fact, the whole team is!

WN is headed to southern cal, to do some tuning on already impressive power-plants.
We have learned a few things that will take a already tuned machine to a blistering machine.

Pony time!

Ride the wind!
Race the wind!