Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wobble-naught fitted Jeremiah Bishop is the best from the USA.

Jeremiah Bishop gave the U.S. its strongest showing in recent years with an 8th place, the first time a US rider has made the top 10 since 1995. After a poor starting position putting him at the back of the grid, he "treated the first two laps like a short track to get up there. It was important to get to the front as quickly as possible. once I got up to Frischy, I tried to do what i could to help him beat Meirhaeghe."

We can't ask for more! We don't get the chance to fit people all over the world, so getting Jeremiah in the top since 1995 is a very big deal. Where would he had been, had he had a better starting position?

Super results by Jeremiah Bishop as he was the strongest US male rider.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Does weight make a difference?

If you have some very steep hills you will find out.

"It's been a long and hard experience to figure out how to show the pedal stroke that makes a difference, through a truthful situation, we can show you what the pedal stroke is all about."

It took us years and a lot of effort to put a model together which shows perhaps the best stroke. It still takes a big effort but we wouldn't have it any other way because the passioin we have for the game only makes the reward that much better.

You never know who our Dartfish HD has been used on? If you want a model of the best pedal stroke, this is it. This is a shot of Norway's 4 time World Champion, super-star Gunn-Rita. Our Dartfish was used on her to unveil her pedal stroke at Sea Otter.
Even when she warms up her legs go so fast that you can't see what she is doing w/o the aid of the Dartfish. A picture tells a thousand stories. In this case, a thousands degrees of truth!!!

Note that she doesn't use the newer disc brakes that are on the market, so many do on the pro tour. Do you think they impact your game? What does extra weight do on really steep hills? Go and look at some of the uphill climbs the best in the world had to contend w/ in New Zealand. This is real climbing where every ounce counts.

According to her private PT from Germany, it is because the disc brakes are a bit heavy.

Perhaps that has something to do w/ the way she can race up the hill? But just like Tiger Woods, she and her support group think of everything. They have spent much time training in CO, and much time working on her pedal stroke. Afterall that is her job. That attention to details shows in her performance and success.

Her husband shared w/ us how much time she has spent getting it right. Too bad for many who just go ride. Slowing down and doing perfect practice will come out during the game. What basketball team doesn't spend time on the skills?

Gunn-Rita has one of the best pedal strokes we have viewed. We use it as a model for others to better understand. It is almost perfect at all points of the pedaling phase. She gets on the stroke early and stays on it longer. And her upstroke is the correct angle it needs to be!!! I bet if she played golf, she would be getting more distance than the field using her driver.

She told us that she has spent months just working on her stroke. Not just going out and riding. Not unlike a golfer who heads to the practice tee, the rider should slow down and work on the perfect "pedal stroke." Perfect practice is!

Georgia Gould got a very respectable 20th against the worlds best mtb racers and on a mountain goat type of course.

Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish can show you the turth and the results are the ending statement!!!


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Georgia Gould & The True "Luna Build."

Its always funny how the press always talks about the product and gives them most of the credit, how their tool makes such a huge difference. The bike doesn't even come close to all the parts of a human motor.

By just looking at a picture of a bike doesn't tell you how to stack-the- bones of a "Georgia Gould." The picture of a bike only shows you the tool and its parts.

When viewing the picture of the bike, you have no idea why the saddle is set at a certain height behind the bottom bracket, how much sag one needs, given their upper body weight, nor what angle to set the handlebars for the best of all worlds, what placement of the cleats for the best ankling, nor where to best place to the controls for the lighting fast needs like a "Gun Fighter" etc...

You can look at a picture of any golf club, snow ski, tennis racket, all you want, they are only a tool. It shows you what the hard parts are made of and not how they work. The true build is the human mind and their control of their human muscles.

Georgia Gould knows what makes a difference. She has worked very hard through the years, working to perfect her game. It is the little things that are very hard to obtain. She spent over 6 hours on the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish viewing her muscles, learning which one does what. Learning the correct angles for the most use of her total body. She has also been on the Wobble-naught fit for most of her racing life. She was winning 24 hour races last year. She has "True Grit."

She has put in her time, effort & hard work! She is smart and open to learning. Georgia is the kind of person who makes life come to them by her hard work. She has earned it! That is what makes the difference.

Check out what Cycling News has to say about "her" bike.


Monday, August 21, 2006

US Crit. Cliff-Ryan, Leogrande takes elite crit after Tina Pic & Laura Van Gilder collided at full speed. This is real racing and they sometimes get upside-down before hitting the ground. These girls are the real deal and they really race.

In the elite women's race, run earlier in the day, Colavita's Tina Pic looked to be the favorite. Having won the last four of the race, Pic showed that at 40, she is still fast, taking the $500 mid-race sprint and riding very near the front for most of the race in Downers Grove, Illinois.

However Team Lipton had no intention of rolling over, however, with former national crit champ Laura Van Gilder, they knew they had a shot at it. With only a few laps to go the team got its yellow train going.

Into the final corner, Pic and Van Gilder were sprinting full gas, shoulder to shoulder, when they collided. Van Gilder's right foot shot into Pic's wheel, the result was Pic went sliding across the course, taking down Jenn McCrae (ConexTrain). Quickly Van Gilder gathered herself, recovered, clipped her foot back in, and came out of the final last corner in the lead, with an uphill 150 meters to go. On Van Gilder's wheel, however, was strong inline skating Theresa Cliff-Ryan, who showed the legs that won her national and world championships - on skates - and came around Van Gilder for the win.

Just like NASCAR, a lot of stuff can happen in a crit, you never know who is going to win until it is over! Go out and watch one of these races, they are good!


Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA) Verducci Breakaway 1.16.40
2 Laura Van Gilder (USA) Team Lipton
3 Mackenzie Dickey (USA) Aaron's Corp Furn
4 Shontell Gauthier (USA) Team Joy
5 Brenda Lyons (USA) Victory Brewing
6 Anna Webb (USA) Karl Strauss/SDBC
7 Candice Blickem (USA) Aaron's Corp Furn
8 Rebecca Larson (USA) Aaron's Corp Furn
9 Kelly Benjamin (USA) Cheerwine
10 Kacey Manderfield (USA) Wolverine/Redken

Sunday, August 20, 2006

U.S. National Criterium Championships

From the start the race was quick and hard, a breakaway with Lauren Franges (Victory Brewing) and Laura Van Gilder (TEAm Lipton) went off the front for multiple laps. It was up to teams like Colavita-Cooking Light to do the work and take up the chase which took quite a bit of energy from all.

After pulling back the leading pair, the race settled until a prime launched what should have be the final selection late in the race, with all of the major teams represented, including TEAm Lipton with Kori Seehafer, an Aaron's and Colavita-Cooking Light rider and Victory Brewing's Rachel Heal.

As what happens so often, the riders could not agree on working togethere after a couple of laps and the field was able to keep them in sight. "I tried a few moves to motivate them," said TEAm Lipton Seehafer. "Rachel worked a little but the other two were sitting on and didn't try to work. When I saw the peloton I jumped inside on Heal to try to stay near the front of the field when they caught us."

So, on the final turn it was Victory Brewing's and Mackenzie Dickie (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings) battling to the line. "I got on Blickem's wheel for the final lap and she dropped me off in third place going into the last two turns," said Dickey. "I was behind a Victory and TEAm Lipton girl. I came out of the last turn even with the TEAm Litpon girl and once I straightened out I just went for the line."

Three of the top five, 3rd, 4th, and 5th know our fit.


1 Mackenzie Dickie (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings)
2 Shannon Hutchinson-Krupat (Aaron's Corporate Furnishings)
3 Kori Seehafer (TEAm Liton)
4 Nicky Wangsgard (Colorado Premier Training / Colnago)
5 Lara Kroepsch (TEAm Lipton)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

USA 24 Hour mtb Champion.

At her first race Reba informed us that she did not know anyone at the start of the NORBA season. We told her to call Gerogia Gould also from Idaho. She won't have that problem any more!

2006 24 Hour Solo Mountain Bike Nationals
July 29-30, Wausau, Wisconsin

At the start of the season, I never dreamed I’d be writing a race report as a National Champion in 24 Hour Mountain biking. But, after less than a full season of bike racing and just 8 bike races under my belt, I rode my way to a National Championship title and Stars and Stripes jersey last weekend!

The race was in the Midwest, so that meant I could recruit family members, Mom and Uncle Doug to crew for me. I also flew out my good friend and master mechanic, Jason, from Idaho. As we rolled into the race venue late Thursday night, we noticed motor homes with riders names on them, fancy tents and lots of logos. As a relative underdog and unknown in the cycling world, it was a very intimidating scene. We staked out camp and went back to the hotel to watch the weather channel. There were severe thunderstorm warnings for the weekend. We knew we’d get rained on, it was just a question of how much and when it would strike.

As the solo riders were called up to the line, I looked around at the competition and recognized names I’d read in cycling magazines. The main competition in the women’s field was last year’s winner, Monique Sawicki. As the field was lined up, the race director paraded the National Championship jersey in front of the crowd asking, “who wants to win this?” I glanced at the jersey, but then looked away not wanting to psyche myself out or get too nervous. The plan was to just go out and ride as consistently as possible and execute fast transition times.

The first couple of laps were crazy with the crowds trying to pass on narrow single track. The course was about 14 miles long with over half of it being technical, tight single track. The riding was fast cornering in very tight trees peppered with slippery, technical rocky sections. It was like a fast moving video game. The first three miles were very fast double track with some small climbs, so I tried to use that section of the trail to pedal hard each lap. Once in the single track, it was a fine line between riding fast and staying on the bike.

I was in 2nd place for the first two laps with Monique just a couple minutes ahead. I was riding comfortably and felt good that her lap times weren’t that out of reach for me. I figured it would take a while, but I’d try to reel her in over the 24 hours. I was surprised on the 3rd lap to come across her on a small climb. I passed her quickly and then focused on trying to open up a bit of a gap. I put 5 minutes on her in that 3rd lap, then consistently rode 3-4 minutes faster per lap for the remainder of the race.

Somewhere late at night, I lapped the third place female, but did not want to relax at all. The night riding is my favorite time, so I focused on trying to stay consistent during the night and to continue to open my lead. Despite being careful, I crashed about 6 times during the race, once being a pretty hard, direct hit with my shoulder into a stout tree. The good news is that my shoulder’s not separated or torn. Just incredibly bruised.

About 4am, the wind started howling, the air turned cool and it was clear that we were about to get absolutely hammered with rain. The downpour was incredible! I have seriously never been in a deluge like that. It was as if buckets were being pour directly on my head. The pace quickly slowed because visibility was seriously impossible. I kept riding and was just getting adjusted to the weather, when race officials waved me down and forced me to stop. I was about 1/2 way around my lap at an aid station. There were about 30 riders stopped there under tents and the officials were handing out trash bags for us to wear. As we waited, lightning was cracking all around us. As I shivered in the fetal position inside my trash bag and tried to relax my cramping legs, I wondered how much of my lead I was losing by being stopped.

They kept us there about 45 minutes and attempted a re-start. I finished that lap wearing the trash bag and took about 30 minutes to get warm again and coax my body back into race mode. I headed out for another lap, unaware now of where the 2nd place woman was or how much of a gap I had on her. At 9am, with just one hour to go in the scheduled race time, I pulled up to our transition area ready to swap bikes and head out on my final lap. My trusty crew was just standing around and my 2nd bike was not ready to ride. I was a bit delirious and confused. That’s when they informed me that the race was over. The officials had stopped the race again due to more approaching storms and had given everyone an official finishing time from the first stop at 5:30am. It meant I’d ridden an extra 2 hours that I did not get credit for, but I didn’t care. It also meant that I was officially the new National Champion!

Technical Details:
In the end, I rode 16 laps, 224 miles and 23 hrs, but due to the early stop, only got credited for 14 laps. My fastest lap time was 1:11:44. Average lap time was 1:20:32.
I was an hour ahead of the next female and would have finished 8th in the men’s field.
My longest pit stop was probably about 2 minutes, with an average pit time of around 30 seconds. I rotated between two Specialized bikes throughout the race so that Jason could work on one while I was riding the other. One was a carbon S-Works Epic, the other an aluminum S-Works Epic. Bike fit was provided by Wobble Naught custom bike fitting. My fuel consisted mainly of Hammer Nutrition products, Red Bull and chicken/avocado sandwiches. My illumination during the night laps was provided by Light and Motion. Shades by Smith Optics. Last but not least, my amazing crew consisted of Mom, Uncle Doug and Jason Bauer from George’s Cycles in Boise. Thanks to all of my sponsors, friends and family for coming together to make this happen for me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Next stop for mountain biking: 24 Hour World Championships in Oct!

Rebecca(208)720-2676 C(208)726-3864 Hhttp://www.rebeccarusch.com/

Monday, August 14, 2006

Welcome to the new Wobble-Naught Blog

Hello all,
Welcome to the new Wobble-Naught Blog. Here you can find out the latest and greatest on our race success and other industry news. Please check back often and leave feedback as you see fit. Thanks - WN

NORBA 2006 is History!

Jeremiah Bishop
Race Results 2006:

Race 5 - August 13: Short track
Pro men

1 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher
2 Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis 0.01.22
3 Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Trek/Vw 0.07.46
4 Todd Wells (USA) Gt Bikes 0.39.60
5 Adam Craig (USA) Giant 0.51.20
6 Carl Decker (USA) Giant 1.03.28
7 Sam Schultz (USA) U23 National Team 1.06.52
8 Ricky Federau (Can) Teamrace.Com 1.09.15
9 Mathieu Toulouse (Can) Team Maxxis 1.30.99
10 Travis Brown (USA) Trek/Frs Plus 1.42.31

Georgia Gould

Pro women

1 Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Womens Mtb Team
2 Susan Haywood (USA) Trek/Vw 0.05.00
3 Dara Marks-Marino (USA) Titus/Kenda 0.08.12
4 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Womens Mtb 0.23.25
5 Shonny Vanlandingham (USA) Luna Womens Mtb Team 0.35.93
6 Jimena Florit (Arg) Luna Womens Mtb 0.57.96
7 Heather Irmiger (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 1.14.17
8 Catherine Pendrel (Can) Norco 1.24.29
9 Chloe Forsman (USA) Tokyo Joes/X-Fusion 1.35.73
10 Willow Koerber (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 1.40.53

Transrockies Results

Race Results 2006:

80+ Men

1 Theo Wouters (Ned)/John Bullens (Ned) Otten Marathon Racing Te 31.27.38
2 Jon Gould (USA)/Davey Moore (USA) Team Tamarack/Scott US 1.44
3 Mike Edwards (Can)/Rich Hamilton (Can) AreaConnect.com / Differe 1.39.34
4 Mike Cavaliere (Can)/Stan Magee (Can) Riders of Graymount 2.09.52
5 Gary Hill (GBr)/Jack Peterson (GBr) UK NUMPLUMZ 2.48.18
6 Paul Newitt (Can)/Nels Guloien (Can) Team Pedal Kona 3.22.08
7 Derek Shiers (Can)/Dale Plant (USA) Kona/TiCycles 3.58.24
8 Hans Swaans (Ned)/Jan Van Rooy (Ned) Joyb!Ke – Bth - Joybik 4.19.35
9 Scott Thomson (Can)/Richard Fletcher (Can) Arrow Racing 5.00.24
10 Tim Butler (USA)/Hamish Gordon (Can) Team RACE 5.16.15

We won four stages, second in two stages and fifth in one stage (broken derailleur) finishing second overall in our division by 1 minute and 44 seconds. The race was incredible. We were the highest finishing US team, the highest finishing unsupported team and ended up in the top ten overall. The competition was fierce with former Canadian Olympians Andreas Hestler (Atlanta '96) and Seamus McGrath (Athens '04) winning the overall race. Thanks to you I was in a position to win. Unfortunately at the beginning of Stage 6 Davey Moore, my partner, broke his rear derailleur causing me to pull him for 40 K and we ended up losing over 20 minutes that stage. Thanks again!!!

Jon Gould

Luna Rules!

Race Results 2006:

Pro women

1 Jimena Florit (Arg) Luna Womens Mtb 1.51.14
2 Heather Irmiger (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 0.52
3 Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Womens Mtb Team 1.22
4 Dara Marks-Marino (USA) Titus/Kenda 1.41
5 Shonny Vanlandingham (USA) Luna Womens Mtb Team 2.07
6 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Womens Mtb 3.43
7 Susan Haywood (USA) Trek/Vw 4.34
8 Gretchen Reeves (USA) Trek/Vw 5.36
9 Catherine Pendrel (Can) Norco 7.58
10 Willow Koerber (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 8.46

Jeremiah ''mt. goat'' Bishop

Race Results 2006:

Pro men

1 Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Trek/Vw 1.54.58
2 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 0.42
3 Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis 2.44
4 Todd Wells (USA) Gt Bikes 3.16
5 Adam Craig (USA) Giant 5.11
6 Ross Schnell (USA) Trek/Vw 6.15
7 Sam Jurekovic (USA) U23 National Team 7.40
8 Kashi Leuchs (NZl) Cannondale/Vredestein 7.54
9 Eric Jones (USA) Raleigh Facotry 8.03
10 Jay Henry (USA) 3D/Hillenbrand Racing 8.28

NMBS Final Cross-country standings
Men (Unofficial)
1. Horgan-Kobelski
2. Kabush
3. Bishop
4. Craig
5. Wells

Bishop ends the US NORBA 2006. He has had his best season yet.

Georgia Gould Luna also had her best season to date.

Both have worked really hard and at the hardest level in the mtb game. Congratulation to them both.

Wobble-naught could not be more happy w/ their efforts! Both have used the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish to watch their muscles.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Know the Difference!

Last spring we went to N.C to work on the A&F team. Most riders found immediate improvement in RPM & Wattage output. A&F Cycling Team p/b Inferno was one of the 5 Elite teams in the country to be invited to the $100,000 Tour of Elk Grove this coming Saturday! They are ranked #1 in the USA for elite teams. Results not hype!!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Team Liption Continues to Dominate

TEAm Liption Continues to Dominate!

Kori Seehafer TEAm Lipton cools down after some hard work in Boise, ID.

Armstongs takes the win and Kori
takes 2nd.

NORBA at Brian Head, UT

Race Results 2006:NMBS No. 5

Brian Head, UtahCross country

Go find your local 10,000 ft.mountain then if you can start climbing even higher and in no time your lungs will start to feel like they are burning. It just hurts the whole time."This venue is for the racers. There's not a lot of glitz like in Park City, but if you like to race your bike, Brian Head is the place," The roots of this kind of racing is from hardcore skiing!!! You best know how to go downhill.Utah's local Chrs Fox (Sly) takes expert race, Jeremiah Bishop Trek/Volkswagen takes 3rd and US Champ Georgia Gould 5th, Idaho's Lorien Lightfield Tamarack takes 5th in Super D.Men

1 Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 1.40.13
2 Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis 3.06
3 Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Trek/VW 3.11
4 Todd Wells (USA) Gt Bikes 3.11
5 Jay Henry (USA) 3D/Hillenbrand Racing 4.23
6 Carl Decker (USA) Giant 4.51
7 Ross Schnell (USA) Trek/VW 5.00
8 Adam Craig (USA) Giant 5.53
9 Nick Martin (USA) Trek/VW 6.16
10 Ricky Federau (Can) Teamrace.Com 6.16
11 Alan Obye (USA) Sram 6.54
12 Nick Ranno (USA) Trek/VW 6.59
13 Brent Miller (Aus) Santa Cruz/Fox Shox 7.27
14 Jeff Schalk (USA) Trek VW- East 7.47
15 Eric Jones (USA) Raleigh Facotry 7.59
16 Sam Schultz (USA) U23 National Team 8.27
17 Mathieu Toulouse (Can) Team Maxxis 8.37
18 Jeff Hall (USA) Salsa Cycles 8.58
19 Colin Cares (USA) U23 National Team 10.06
20 Alexander Grant (USA) Rocky Mtn/Oakley 11.26
21 Brig Brandt (USA) Bend Elite 11.38
22 Eric Ransom (USA) Tamarack Resort/Intense 11.43

1 Heather Irmiger (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher 2.01.57
2 Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Womens Mtb Team 0.35
3 Shonny Vanlandingham (USA) Luna Womens Mtb Team 1.11
4 Dara Marks-Marino (USA) Titus/Kenda 2.54
5 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Womens Mtb 3.34

1. Susan Haywood, Trek-Volkswagen
2. Sara Bresnick-Zocchi, Ford Cycling
3. Linden Kimmer, Soulcraft
4. Heather Svahn, Content Works
5. Lrien Lightfield, Tamarack

Race Results 2006:3rd Bank of America Invitational Criterium

Race Results 2006:3rd Bank of America Invitational Criterium -

NECharlotte, USA, August 5, 2006ResultsWomen Pro - 37 km

1 Tina Pic (USA) Colavita/Cooking Light 57.23 (38.69 km/h)
2 Laura Van Gilder (USA) Team Lipton
3 Gina Grain (Can) Colavita/Cooking Light
4 Jen Mccrae (USA) Conex Train
5 Mackenzie Dickey (USA) Aaron's Pro Women's Cycling
6 Laura Yoisten (Can) Victory Brewing Cycling Team
7 Anne Samplonius (Can) Biovail
8 Sarah Uhl (USA) Home Depot Center-Serotta
9 Sarah Caravella (USA) Team Lipton
10 Brenda Lyons (USA) Victory Brewing Cycling Team