Monday, July 30, 2012

Josh Oppenhelmer Takes 1st at 100 mile Bogus Basin!

  • ‎1st place overall at the Bogus Basin Marathon. Long races require awesome fits!

Pua Mata top US Pro UET

Juarez and Mata top final US Pro UET standings

Tinker Juarez (Cannondale Factory Racing Team)

Tinker Juarez (Cannondale Factory Racing Team)

  • Tinker Juarez (Cannondale Factory Racing Team)
  • Pua Mata (Sho-Air Specialized) rides in the top five on lap two

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Our friend Nat Ross Snowmass 12-hour race wraps up series!

Pua Mata (Sho-Air/WN) and Tinker Juarez (Cannondale) won USA Cycling's Pro Ultra Endurance Tour (Pro UET) this weekend. The Tour consisted of five events, wrapping up in Snowmass, Colorado, this weekend with the 12 hours of Snowmass.

Juarez won the elite men's final race in Colorado, posting three wins in the three races he contested to bring his season total to 180 points and top the final Pro UET men's standings. Eric Bostrom (Team Sho-Air-Specialized) overtook Brendon Davids (Team Sho-Air-Specialized) in the standings after placing second on Saturday, adding 40 points to his total and finishing 27 points behind Juarez. Davids, tumbled from the top spot in the previous standings into third place, 40 points behind Juarez. Kip Biese finished the season in fourth place with 66 points, while Ryan Clark (Surf City Cycles-CAS) rounded out the top five with 55 points.

In the women's standings, Mata, who won the first four races of the season, had clinched the top spot with 240 points and did not compete in Colorado. Jessica Cerra (Cal Coast Bikes) finished in second place with 70 points. The winner of Saturday's race, Sari Anderson (Honey Stinger Trek), collected 60 points and sits in third place. Also with 60 points, but sitting in fourth place (due to better single-race finishes) is Tonya Bray ( Four women each have 40 points, including Amanda Carey (Kenda-Felt), Sarah Jansen, Leanne Miller, who finished second in Colorado, and Andrea Wilson (Mid South Velo).

See full results from the 12 hours of Snowmass. Final US Pro UET standings are below. (Note: Full standings were not available at the time of posting. Brief standings are shown).

Men's USA Cycling Pro UET Final Standings
1David "Tinker" Juarez (Cannondale Factory)180 pts
2Eric Bostrom (Team Sho-Air-Specialized)153
3Brendon Davids (Sho-Air - Specialized)140
4Kip Biese66
5Ryan Clark (Surf City Cycles/CAS)55
Women USA Cycling Pro UET Final Standings
1Monique 'Pua' Mata (Team Sho-Air Specialized)240 pts
2Jessica Cerra (Cal Coast Bikes)70
3Sari Anderson (Honey Stinger Trek)60
4Tonya Bray (
5Amanda Carey (Kenda-Felf)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gaining an Edge. Fitting and technique!

A good body needs a good mind in order to use it's high-performance power plant. The source of this mechanical power comes from the muscles the cyclist employs, the muscles moves the bones.

We know of no muscle that can push, so why have your bike set up for that?

Humans are very much like horses, they only drink water when they are ready. Let it be know, that if you don't care about the smallest %, you will not be the best. WN spent all day with this pro mtb racer. By the end of the day he was starting to get it!

The pics below are of mtb racer, Drew Edsall (Kenda) working hard to get the mind right, find the correct pedal force, get his muscle/ nerves activation spot on, and he now knows a thing or two about saddle height for the type of game he has his cross-hairs on! As so many have through the history of WN, we feel that the Kenda Pro will hit his target soon.

I will simply say, you are not born with it and it has to be learned and being open minded like Drew Edsall will make a difference for him.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Carlos Alzate of Team Exergy WN's the Cascade Crit!

Team Exergy Carlos Alzate takes the Cascade Crit.

Well done Team Exergy. Any one who knowns racing knows what a team effort road racing is.

After the Boise Exergy Crit Team Exergy was due!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chipo KROGG - Team Exergy KOM!

The McKenzie Pass road race has been part of Cascade Classic since the venerable stage race's inception during the 1980's. The punishing roads and rugged terrain have earned McKenzie the distinction of "Queen Stage".

The first half of the dichotomous course is on the rainy western slope of Mt Washington while the second half takes place in the arid high desert of the eastern aspect, finishing on top of the 3 Creeks climb.

For the second consecutive year a nasty high speed crash in the early miles of the day caused carnage in the peloton, this year claiming the Yellow Jersey as an unfortunate victim. This year's crash closely followed a 3 rider escape, and by the time order was restored the small breakaway had 3 minutes lead. Team Exergy's Sam Johnson proved the strongman of the trio, crossing Mt Washington first and earning a polka dot jersey for his day of work.

Back in the peloton, Paco Mancebo and his team assumed control of the chase, catching Johnson at the 7km to go marker. Shortly after, a select group of 7 men built a half minute lead that would survive to the line, with Mancebo taking top honors and Matt Cooke slotting in at 5th place.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Amanda Carey (NUE) WN's a very hard Breck 100

One hundred mile mtb races is what Amanda lives for! After interacting with her at a 50 mile mtb, she said, "I ready for another 50."

In her own words:

"Wow. That was hard. Really, really hard. But also very fun! Happy to say I survived and won the Breck 100 today!"

WN'ing by 43min over 2nd!

1Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt) WN10:09:01
2Jari Kirkland (Alpine Orthopaedics)0:43:02
3Tracy Thelen (Ascent Cycling)1:55:40
4Ryan Natalie (Yeti Beti)

Congrats Amanda!

Pua Mata 2nd at Missoula. MT Way ahead!

Sho-Air uses WN for their power! Both men & women are teachable.
Pua Mata takes 2nd in MT.

2012 Women's Individual Standings
1Pua Mata
240 points
2Jessica Cerra
Focus Bicycles
70 points
3Tonya Bray
60 points
4Sarah Jansen
40 points
4Andrea Wilson
Mid South Velo
40 points

2012 Men's Individual Standings
1Brendon Davids
140 points
2David "Tinker" Juarez
Factory Cannondale
120 points
3Eric Bostrom
113 points
4Kip Biese
KJ Bike Coaching
66 points
5Ryan Clark
Suef City Cycles/CAS
55 poi

Exergy Boise Crit

Exergy Twilight Criterium:

A brief July rain put chaos in the peloton at the 2012 Exergy Twilight Criterium. Both the men's and women's races endured glacial mid-race roads before the pavement dried in time for fair finishes on the flat, fast parcourse.

Confusion and carnage reigned during the first half of the men's race. Crashed and lapped riders poured through the pit area each lap making it impossible to determine the exact cause of their malais, and many unfortunate victims were removed while less worthy adversaries remained in the race.

After the storm settled a group of 7 slipped the field, setting a strong pace and threatening the victory. In the group were Ben Chaddock and Carlos Alzate, among others. The break suffered a major hit when Eric Marcotte lost contact due to a late flat tyre.

Riders from United Healthcare and Jamis teamed up to reel in the escapees on the ultimate lap and UHC's Hilton Clarke took top honors as Alzate hung on for 2nd. This was Clarke's 2nd victory in Boise following a 2008 title.

Clarke 2nd Boise Twilight title

Full Results

McGrath overcomes prostest to claim women's race

Men - Pro/Cat 1
1Hilton Clarke (United Healthcare)1:25:14
2Carlos Alzate (Team Exergy) WN
3Michael Weicht
4Luke Keough (Team SmartStop/MK)
5Rafael Meran (CRCA/Foundation)
6Conor Mullervy (Team Exergy)WN
7Jean-Michel Lechance (Rosetti Devo)
8Euris Vidal (CRCA/Foundation)
9David Santos (CashCall Mortgage)
10Erik Slack