Monday, October 29, 2007

Gould, races mid-field to 2nd in UCI USGP!

Velo News really loves their home state gal "Katie Compton", gives her tons of press and that great, but there are fans every where. It was said that Katie Compton showed total domination? OK guys, come down to earth. Yes Katie Compton (Spike) puts on an impressive display of force in every race, with a 1:20 lead on second-placed Georgia Gould (Luna). But their are also fans of other racers e.g. Ge-or-gi-a! They must be truck drivers from the looks of the tans? Truck drivers love racing! Ha!

Now that we are back on solid ground, it's not so much about who wins, but the race getting fans out for the super effort everyone puts forth. This is good stuff, not just standing watching 100 meters.

One thing that is real they are "Hot" out of the gate, full-speed-ahead and great fun to watch from start to finish. It is about the racer racing the course more than teams working together like road. Action packed!!!

Since we support Georgia with Wobble-naught CAD fits, Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, you know we are her fan "Georgia on our mind". Not to take away from Katie, but how cool is this! Georgia has fans as well as the other racers. Go watch one of these races! Go women sports!!! Someone will say "Right", but they do and they have fans.
This type of racing is fun to watch, so go out and support it!!!

Georgia was running about the same times as Katie, but had to start mid-field. However her choice to not be early races after her unreal season.Not to take away the win of Katie, but as Georgia said to one of the Velo reporters a year ago, Katie is not super human and can be beaten. That makes for good racing! That is why we have races and not just one race.

Racing is a good story, you never know who will take the win. Look at Vegas!

Racing 101:

How important is getting a hole shot in the first few corners of the race? Compton led an elite group of women who all happened to be Canadian: Wendy Simms, Lyne Bessette and Alison Sydor while Georgia (USA) who has missed a few races, making her start in mid-field.

Katie Compton (USA) - Even after starting slow, "at [the next] corner was so wide I could just pedal through the outside and move to the front." A key move for setting your own race pace! Soon, the UCI points leader and 3-time national champion was clear.

Behind, the Canadians traded pulls while Gould (USA)chased up from her mid-pack, slowed behind slower pace racers she had put the hammer down.

Georgia Gould - "I've only done one UCI race this year and that was in Vegas, so I'm in a little bit of a points deficit,"

GG - "I started in the third row, and really in that first part of the race until the barriers there's nowhere to move up. Even though it's wide, it was four people wide the whole way. So when it started spreading out a little bit and moving into the straightaways I was able to pick people off."

After a good effort, Gould made contact with the chase group, but didn't wait around long. "They were just riding around marking each other, and I want to win the race," Gould said. "So I attacked them, and then just rode around by myself because Katie was so far off the front."

Gould would finish 20 seconds up on the Canadian trio, with Sydor taking the sprint for third.

Lesson here! Starting at the front is key! If you are racing for points, you best show up to each race and have to fight your way back. This is good for Georgia, because at the World Cup level, you might be the best in your country, but then be back in the pack at the big ones.

We know that Georgia focus is on the games in her sport of XC mtb. Go Georgia!!!

Congrats to Katie Compton and the many others that make this so fun to watch.

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