Monday, December 24, 2007

Season's Greetings!

The Internet is a very powerful tool. It is a great place to send you message! There are the questions of etiquette, openness and free speech that we all have to grapple with. What is the future of software, how far do we go? Rest for sure, there is always going to be a critic and their network of challengers on all subjects!

Since our first very fits, using Wobble-naught CAD software in 2000, the first on-line CAD solution, many have gained huge benefits and even reached their dreams. In fact in 2001, we had 5 National Championships! A great story, but on the same note, there have been the Humbugs of Christmas pass!

No worries! Bad spirits with chains don't spook us! We intend on staying our course, providing our customer's the very best service in the game. We don't mind a few Humbugs! They only make us work harder! Ha!

So enjoy a little fun! Say a "State of Mind" about the use of our newest software!

Dartfish in the stockings!

Results many, not from one throughout the years, but from many with great grins as they push throught the gears!
Many opinions "Well, Humbug to this", the rivals exclaimed to the crowds! Those people must have their heads clear up in the clouds!

Tis the off season, but mostly in fear, in 2008 who next will appear? The Humbugs pick up their lattes and attempt to race, they think they ride, ride with great pace. Does a true magic reside deep inside, or do they use EPO on the side?
Convictioins, I can't see it with a wondering eye, how they race, as they set such a pace as they leave my side. Did traffic pull over, beholding the sight, how could they, their out of sight?

They honked with voices to others who hear. Voicing their opinions laced, while clutching their gears! Technology is growing, they grimaced and sneered? I have spent most of my life time "trial & error" by chance. A long journey with cycling, for twenty-years plus, in such pants. I have guarded my secrets, the bits and pieces plucked, now to say I have lost my luck!

Now they use Dartfish for all to see, in an attempt to be much better than me! So what else can I say, as I sail on my way? They for sure are mucking my play!

Down the dreaded highway without "Dartfish" a few will go! Unless I use Dartfish, I am sure to be slow! For some with a high degree, they think with great pride, we have studied it all, so walk to our side.

Many spend great time marketing, marketing to thee, stating an "sliver bullet" a bullet indeed! We'll make you much faster, fast as a flash, give us your money, and the other's boulder-dash!

While others just smile, with what they realize, there are many who are mislead to stand by the wayside! How dare they deprive us of true solo's dreams! They have spoiled our great secret we have protected it seems. As it is off season, they scheam against us, not without great big fuss! They pull their boots and cap to ride you will see, I must work that much harder to keep them near me!

There are many who don't quite believe in what they don't know, so thank goodness for the hevy snow Ho! Ho! Ho!

We now are using Dartfish, making precise decisions about your game. The human eye can't see the under lying facts. That is why we have partnered up with Dartfish!

Merry Christmas! Christmas is not just a date, it is a state of mind! Most consider it a source of joy for the children. May we all never gorw too old to enjoy our toys e.g. bikes!

We know you have been preparing for the 2008 season, but if you can possibly fit just a few more presents in your sleigh, here is our wish list:

1) Peace on Earth

2) Merry Christmas for all of our customers, friends and family.

3) And a Happy New Year, too!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Getting to the bottom of the Femur.

Let's "naught" view the femur in basic form, or from the outside or just the skin! Rather, let's get to the bottom of it! The wrong compression can cause you harm! It for sure affects your pedal stroke! If your saddle is in the wrong zone it will affect your game!

We are viewing from the under side of the femur. The medial side of the femur is always on your right!

The question is? Does this type of info make a difference for the racer?

We think a "deeper meaning" does!

Does this information make a difference?

I guess so! Even in only two weeks time! You don't have to get to the bottom of it and get faster! Besides, there are many fitting systems you can use!

We just spent a whole day with Pua here in Boise, ID a couple of weeks ago! Pua is new to cyclocross and her major competition at her second only cross race was the S. Cal. series leader Lana Atchley. Pua knowing the bottom turth, pushed the pace up and sat on Lana's wheel not letting her slow. After 20 minutes Pua could hear Lana breathing hard and struggling so Pua made her move. Lana could not answer and Pua took the win by almost a couple minutes!

Think about when she learns how to mount and dismount?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Less Talk - More Facts

A graphic picture of the turth is "Worth a Thousands Words".

There are a lot of smart people who have the techniques for creating presentations. They are very effective in public speaking and can tell a good story. They have a very convincing way to convince you and place doubt about anything that is not their idea. You might even buy into it?

We just show you!

You've got to see it to beleive it.

We know your moves and can even show you inside & out!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Georgia Gould 3rd & Sue Butler 6th at US Cyclo-Cross!

US Cyclo-cross Championships

Kansas City, Kansas, USA, December 13-16, 2007

Just how you want to see it, good racing in Kansas at the US Cyclo-cross Championships. This is such a cool game! Very fun to watch with tons of action packed racing. We understand how hard it is to watch a road, mtb race, perhaps you catch the start or you might see the end. You can watch most of the Cyclo-cross action with very little effort! Just move to one part of the course to another. The fans are great, bringing many cowbells and they always seem up!

Congrats to Katie Compton for a good hole shot keeping out front till the end! Both Katie and Georgia are building the Cyclo-cross sport in the USA. Fans are coming to watch how good racing unfolds. The Cyclo-cross race is short in time (45 min.) and in this game, you have to throw it down quickly e.g. drag race, put time on others from the start. If you get stuck in the field, fighting the ice & snow, it can slow you down due to the single lane traffic. Less lanes to pass!

What a long season for all! These people need time off the bike (1-2 weeks) Ha! We hope they all have a nice break and look forward to their efforts 2008 season.

Congrats to Georgia Gould, as she has had a super season on the Cyclo-cross racing, and we are pleased to watch the results of Sue Butler who came to see us this 2007 year. Her coach "Kendra Wenzel" suggested she get her bike fitted by us. It seems that her game has been turned up a bit. Any time you can get two racers in the top 10 pro is very good.


1 Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) 0.33.47
2 Rachel Lloyd (Proman/Paradigm) 0.22
3 Georgia Gould (Luna Women'S Mtb Team) 1.17
4 Kerry Barnholt (Tokyo Joes / Van Dessel) 1.53
5 Maureen Bruno Roy (If/Wheelworks/Sram P/B Gen) 2.21
6 Sue Butler (River City Bicycles) 3.47

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Better Way To "STOP" Inaccurate Guess Work!

I have been a coach of some movement most of my life. To get a "horse" to drink water, you have to be demanding! It seems that a horse will be happy to just run with the heard! Do only what they do!

Not unlike any animal, they can remember the "harsh tones" of your voice even through the years. There is a better way to get your point across. Let them see it!

To improve your game, you must be demanding and with great focus. The problem here is on the same "tone" less demeaning! Words can hurt!

How many times have we seen the dad yelling at his kid? I just saw this while in Lyons, CO. The poor kid was crying and his dad was yelling at him how he "sucked"? Coaches they are not, and the kid grows up, still remember a demeaning or hurtful thing a "Dad/Mom" a bad coach said to them when they were young. Almost every person who is still active, present can still remember those harsh and likely inaccurate statements a coach said, even though it is years, if not decades later. Anyone can point out the wrong things, say this or that, post something on a web site, but can they provide solutions that makes a difference. Understand this, if you don't perform, its not their problem?

I remember Anke Friedrich telling me how the German National Ski Team beat her up and how much they hurt her with their strong tones while she was on the team. After becoming her coach, she took NCAA National Championships in 1989/90 in SL & GL. She made the book of world records as the only women to do that. I used pictures (models) and many of them to show her what she needed to work on!

Anke went on to get her PhD from MIT in science!

We must stop “teaching” in any way that is demeaning, and become a positive role model/coach.
There is no room in teaching or coaching cycling for a coach or bike fitter who's by voice or action, is belittling a
player or the truth about the movement.

If these coaches don't understand the movement, they need not be an active voice. It is not right for people to pay money to people who guess on what they might need to improve. To many voice their inaccurate statements on the "horse". The problem here is they learned it from running with the heard! They only know what they heard! Ha!

This is why each of our dealers are going to use "DARTFISH" software in 2008. Not only do we set your bike up to your best range of motion and best line of pull for that game using Wobble-naught CAD software, but we show you the truth with "DARTFISH" without inaccurate statements from guess work or simply because someone performs fits by eyeballing it!

If you want to really learn how to pedal, we can show you! Not tell you!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Gould "A True Sport" Hopes For A Good Battle!

Will Gould seize Compton's throne?

The women's championship race will likely boil down to a battle between two riders, USGP winner "Red Hot" Georgia Gould (Luna) and three-time U.S. ‘cross champ Katie Compton (Spike Shooter).

While Compton has dominated the championships for three seasons - her combined time of victory for the three races is nearly three minutes - Gould looks to be riding on par with the Spike Shooter star.
Gould just spent the past Sunday racing in about 10 inches of snow. She even raced the men's pros, so she has a good understanding what is ahead.

"I hope it's a good battle - those are the most fun races to watch and ride," Gould said. "I feel like everyone has gotten faster this year."

Georgia is not the normal racer, she likes a good race where others will do anything to get ahead e.g. drugs, etc...

She knows you earn it and she is willing to put in her time, or putting time on others, no manner the outcome! That is why she races some of the top men in the world and holds her own!

I heard some men say "I don't want to race & get Georgia-ed". Ha!

Note the distance on the pro men and the number of them!

Georgia is a "A True Sport" when she races men or women!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

When the bike is right you love it! Even in the snow!

Georgia Gould just did an interview with

She has stayed with our fits throughout her racing years! She will not use any other fitting system. She has also worked harder on her pedal stroke than most!

I was just down in Lyons, CO watching their state cyclocross championships on Sunday. She raced the men and held her own against some of the top racers in the world! There was about 10 inches of snow on the level, very cold, very pretty, about 8-degrees? I heard from Nat Ross that there where about 700 racers? It was super to see that many people racing in the snow.

Below is a quote in the

"Also, I don't need too much time off the bike, I like riding my bike especially my mountain bike."

When the bike is right, you love it! The bike becomes part of you! Even in the cold & snow!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cyclocross in NC, Applegate takes 2nd!

Why is this so cool? First, Andy uses our Wobble-naught CAD software in Asheville, NC to find the very best solution for his customers. Given the number of different fitting systems, ideas, coaching, bike stores, etc..., Andy is killing it!

We track the each fit a dealer performs, using the Wobble-naught CAD solutions. Each fit takes about two hours. We don't know how he finds time to even ride?

To race, you have to spend time on the bike! For the true pro, their job is riding the bike, not working some where. For the most part, they only have to worry about what time of day they get their ride in. I just came home after being in Denver, CO working with the the folks at Velo News all day Monday at Nat Ross's Pro Bike Center in Golden, CO. We gave them a super overview, "the bare bones", of what we do! We only spent 12 hours showing them how we use Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish with the WN solution. We only gave the the "peak of the ice berg", of how we teach the facts! When you see it, you get better!

After a long day of delayed flights from Denver,Co on Tuesday, on the way home, I eyed our friend, World Champion Kristin Armstrong on her bike (temp about 24-degrees), putting her time on Hill Road. It was the warmest time of the day and that his her job (to ride). Kristin is a pro and sticks to the her game plan and the results show it!

Not to take away from the pro, but Andy on the other hand goes to work everyday and then races on weekends. So placing 2nd is very good! Wonder what he could do if he was on the bike every day?

At least, he is thinking, teaching the perfect pedal stroke all week! Ha! It comes from your brain! Results!!!

Now we see Mark Hekman is back on the bike racing, back in the top 10 again! Welcome back Mark, for taking 8th.

Congrats Andy for working in the real world, and throwing it down on the weekends! You don't have to worry about where your next meal is coming from!


Men 1,2

1 Jon Hamblen (RGM-Watches-Richard Sachs) 1.04.43
2 Andy Applegate (Land Rover / Cannondale) 0.47
3 Travis Livermon (Cycling Spoken Here) 1.03
4 Charlie Storm (Back to Dirt / Inland Construction) 2.11
5 Charlie Pendry (Back to Dirt / Inland Construction) 2.27
6 Will Black (KCCX / Verge) 3.21
7 Joshua Whitmore (Carolina Triathlon - Ryobi) 3.46
8 Mark Hekman (Land Rover / Cannondale) 3.59

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dartfish Announces Capital Increase of 4 Million Swiss francs to Fuel New Media Initative.

What kind of company would want to dance with Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish?

A company that understands how good our software is!!!

Dartfish Announces Capital Increase of over Four Million Swiss francs to Fuel New Media Initiative

December 3, 2007 – Fribourg, Switzerland – Dartfish has successfully raised its capital by CHF 4'200'000 through a recent financing round comprised of the issuance of new shares from existing and new Swiss-based investors and a loan conversion. 2007 will be another strong year of growth for Dartfish in each of its three business lines of Broadcasting, Software and Services, with a year - end turnover of 10 mio. Swiss francs.

"The success of this new round underlines the strong backing of Dartfish strategy by current shareholders, as well as its attractiveness to external investors," explains Dartfish Chairman, Anton Affentranger.

This cash injection will be dedicated to Dartfish media initiatives, where coaches and fans will view, share, edit and post sport video content on the web, using Dartfish software technology tools. The platform intent is to be the preferred and most comprehensive web choice for sport video analysis.

"Dartfish has clearly established itself as the world leader in video analysis software for elite and expert users," adds Dartfish CEO, Victor Bergonzoli. "We now plan to bring Dartfish know-how and excitement to a broader-based community of coaches and fans."

The first version of the new platform is scheduled for release on January 2008.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Georgia Gould "Mud Puppy" soloed to Victory to Another Win Sunday!

A Mud Puppy - is a tough amphibian (salamander), can be over one foot in length. Order Orodela: four families, in particular some are known as (mythical spirit's) that live in environmental conditions others cannot! According to some, can even fly?

The Mud Puppy makes a living in the wet, cold, mud, streams and rivers within the oldest mountains of the world in eastern USA. Nothing in the form of weather (snow, rain, fire, etc...) effects them. They are lighting fast, have a lot of fight in them, will bite and are are well known to even withstand fire. No manner the conditions, the lizard-like creature is very aggressive! They are very successful of making a living where others are very uncomfortable!

Understanding how important the "Hole Shot" is, in typical fashion, it was Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) dominating the start of the race. She was able to get a gap on the field and take a lead. However, Gould kept working and slowly brought Compton back.

Demonstrating why she has a "Mythical Spirit" to her rivals, was crowned the overall winner of this year's Crank Brothers U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross, Luna's Georgia Gould soloed to yet another victory on Sunday in wet and windy Portland, Oregon. Many want to know what makes her tick, why is she so fast? We know what's going on, we have had her in our laboratory, finding maximal preceived effort.

Health maintenance, any program planned to prevent illness, to maintain maximal function is very much part of this game, especially this time of year! The season is long!

Compton, has been on the road a lot, sick since returning from Europe that included a World Cup win, started the race with a small gap over Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain-Haywood) and Wendy Simms ( on the first lap but abandoned "threw the towel in", shortly after both Gould and her Luna teammate Katerina Nash overtook her?

The harsh weather also prompted Bessette to leave the elite women's race early. In this type of racing, harsh weather is part of the game. You have to be able to handle it, in which is going to come a bit of discomfort. You have to have your A-GAME and your health is very much part of that. After a long season, Cyclocross can kick your butt, a real test on the human body.

Georgia had the series wrapped up after winning Saturday, does what she does best "raced". She outlasted her major rivals Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) and Lyne Bessette (, who both abandoned the cold, wet mud-splattered contest.

Georgia has the will to stick to things, no manner, that is why she can go the limit. Georgia is one a "Mud Puppy", she doesn't let the conditions get her down! She showed that when she raced 24 hour events.

As a series winner she is awarded automatic selection to USA Cycling's world cyclocross championships squad.

Georgia is the real deal, a real "Mud Puppy"you might say! Funny, she doesn't look like one! Ha! But her intensity is so, measured directly related to the performance outcomes.

What a banner year!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Georgia Gould takes Portland XC! Will take Overall USGP!

This is racing and if you want a war, just say something about someone in the press. Nothing heats one's blood more than someone making a comment in the press about someone and their skills. We get it all the time about our Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfishfi. It only makes us go that much harder!!!

Wait till you see what we intend on doing this year on the road with all our high-tech. It has been a long time coming, but we will start the 2008 year with the best on road real time high-tech tools (WN,Myo-facts sEMG,Dartfish, SRM, more) you can have!!! What is it you want to know or learn? We can address it all while you are on the road in real time and then we can show you more "WATER".

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink!

This will make the horse drink the water. We just changed the game again!

Just like Georgia Gould, we also refuse to get into that kind of "mud" throwing in the media or perform the underground methods to get people to listen to us! There are many who "smooth talk" but results are the end all. They say all kinds of stuff to get your ear, or your money. It should be noted that Georgia only throws "mud" as do most of our dirt racer's do, from her rear wheel turning over.

This is a very funny sport! There seems to be a union? There way or the high way!

The very same thing happen to me in another sport. I coached Anke Friedrich from Germany to NCAA 89/90 in SL & GS Championships for two years running. She changed the game, then she got her masters at the UofU, then went on to get her PhD at MIT. There where many coaches, trainers within the top ranks saying "You can't do that". I have a PhD and I know and make the say on what is! Now some of those same people head national cycling org? One of the heads said that sEMG doesn't make a difference? Ha! According to Dartfish, only a few years ago, the same people said that very thing about their software. They did not want to use it, said they could not see how it would work, besides they already have their coaches. Now I understand they are trying to learn it?

As one of our top pros Shonny Vanlandingham said during working with her at her home on the Kona, the Big Island, "I can't read this stuff, it would drive me crazy. Its best, not to respond, nor read this stuff, rather just to stay focused on what she does "RACE".

Georgia Gould win races!!! That is a fact, a Myo-fact! She uses our Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish and reads our emails to her about racing! Things that make a difference! It is hard claim a "Sliver Bullet"! That is why their are so many coaches, teams with so many different ideas. You can be on one team vs. another, use their services and that can make a difference. Luna is one of those great teams and their results are real. We are so pleased to work with their top guns!

It was written, that: Gould (Luna) might have read or took her rivals' comments to heart, she took control of the race early and opened up substantial lead on the respective category's national champion. Compton gets a ton of press, that comes with the wins!

Truth is, Georgia races Georgia Gould and the race course. She has given 100% to every race she is in, that is just the way she is. That goes back years ago when she raced her first 24 hour race in Moab, UT., placing in the top three. She was on our fit then also.

She is just learning how important it is to get the hole shot and then maintain the pace. We know she has the power and can maintain a fast smooth pace, as she can hang on the the pace of the leaders. She has being working on her sprint.

"I just tried to be smooth," said Gould, who made a major impression on the mountain-bike world this year by sweeping the NMBS cross-country series. "I try to base my races on how I feel, and not on how other people feel. In these kinds of conditions it's easy to make mistakes. At one point Katie was about 10 seconds ahead of me, and I just focused on staying smooth."

Racing is a hard game. Ask Shonny Vanlandingham who was sick early this year. You have to have all the stars right to have a good season. That means you have to have your health also. Good legs vs. bad legs? Results are results!

She is just getting faster as she learns! Is that not how we all learn? Georgia doesn't have time on the track like sprinter Katie Compton had, but she is learning fast!

With the win, Gould has the overall series title locked up, with 230 points to Sydor's 158. Even if Sydor won on Sunday and Gould did not finish, Gould's 230 points would outweigh Sydor's potential 208. Because Compton skipped the middle round of USGP competition to compete in Europe, she is out of the running for the overall competition.


Elite Women (42 starters)

1 Georgia Gould (Luna) 41.39
2 Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) 0.23
3 Katerina Nash (Luna) 0.59
4 Lyne Bessette ( 1.13
5 Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain Haywood) 1.21
6 Wendy Simms ( 2.07
7 Amy Dombroski (Velo Bella - Kona) 2.21
8 Wendy Williams (River City Bicycles) 3.05
9 Barbara Howe (Velo Bella Kona) 3.09
10 Kerry Barnholt (Tokyo Joes / Van Dessel) 3.13

What a gal!