Monday, November 28, 2011

The hardest part of cycling is the repetition. "Perfect Practice Is"

Reality? How many times has a poor fitting bike or a sales job had you not living up to you're expectations?

Now is the time to get the head right. Get the bike correct, then focus on the correct moves. The challenge is to focus on reality or things that really make a difference in the expectations e.g. each stroke.

Any one who plays a sport at any level will tell you, the hardest thing in that game is repeat the best move. Without knowing it, many make the mistake that more is better. They take prior knowledge (memory) old bike fit and attempt to add to the output e.g. a golfer who hits the perfect ball, wants to hit it harder and the results suffer.

No human can hit the golf ball perfect over and over, place the hammer on the nail perfect every time. The same holds true for the pedal stroke. There is a lot of noise (outside sensations) e.g. beliefs that retards the process.

If you don't know your precise measurements (facts) e.g. cleat constraints and belief it, you provide a weaker pedal stroke.

Every golfer addresses the golf ball first or suffer the results. You need to know what you want to do, more important practice it.

The best sales job on how someone else does it is not good enough. If you can't reach the ball with the club in hand, the so called best move in the world will not make a difference. Your commands are for you're needs, not someone else and you have to learn them.

The brain is the key to all movement and if it has doubt, it is weaker.

When you have a closer (data) approximation to the solution of a problem, you have a better chance of repetition.

Even with the correct bike setup, you still have to have the sensory input, the belief (feedback) that allow optimal output.

Put it simply, our predictions come from truthful measurements, facts, that allow you to practice better. Expectations then come forth!

That's just the way it is!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jingle Cross Rock Day 1 – 2 "Solid Results"

1Meredith MILLER
3Susan BUTLER (WN)
4Maureen BRUNO ROY
7Amanda CAREY (WN)
11Rebecca BLATT
12Brittany MCCONNELL
14Serena BISHOP
15Marne SMILEY
16Corrie OSBORNE
17Corey COOGAN
19Catherine WALBERG
20Elizabeth SO
21Sarah HUANG
22Jeanne FLECK

Day 2

Butler takes third spot

Full Results

1Teal Stetson-Lee (USA) California Giant/Specialized0:36:20
2Meredith Miller (USA) California Giant/Specialized0:00:38
3Susan Butler (USA) WN0:00:52
4Maureen Bruno Roy (USA) Bob'S Red Mill Pb Seven Cycles0:00:59
5Amanda Carey (USA) WN/ Kenda/Felt0:01:15

Monday, November 07, 2011

Iceman Cometh Challenge - Bishop 2nd, Carey 4th in a Deep Field.

Big money, big names!

Just like any sport, all ittakes is one smallest thing to change your outcome. That's why it's important to get every stroke right, if you don't someone else will. Great effort from both Bishop and Carey.



1 128 Lukas Fluckiger 128 Wynigen MI Trek World Racing 1:33:05
2 140 Jeremiah Bishop 140 Harrisonburg VA Cannondale 1:33:07
3 206 Sam Schultz 206 Missoula MT Subaru - Trek 1:33:13
4 178 Brian Matter 178 Sheboygan WI Gear Grinder 1:33:18
5 214 Tristan Schouten 214 Sheboygan WI Mafia Racing 1:33:19
6 176 Mike Phillips 176 Chicago IL Adventure 212/specia 1:33:28
7 218 Travis Woodruff 218 Tucson AZ Trek Store Boulder 1:34:02
8 129 Matthias Fluckiger 129 Orchlenberg, S MI Trek World Racing 1:34:14
9 203 Christian Tanguy 203 Rochester MI Team Cf 1:34:14
10 208 Matt Shriver 208 Madison WI Trek 1:34:18


1 231 Heather Irimiger Boulder CO SUBARU - TREK 1:46:01
2 243 Chloe Woodruff Tucson AZ BMC MTN DEVELOPMENT 1:46:13
3 232 Catharine Pendrel Kamloops BC LUNA CHIX 1:47:03
4 225 Amanda Carey Victor ID KENDA - FELT 1:48:32
5 226 Judy Freeman Brighton CO KENDA - FELT 1:48:45
6 237 Johanna Schmidt Traverse City MI EINSTEIN RACING 1:50:43
7 224 Kelli Emmett Manitou Spring CO GIANT 1:50:44
8 242 Susan Stephens Essex ON QUIRING CYCLES 1:51:50
9 240 Erica Tingey Las Vegas NV WHITE PINE RACING 1:51:57
10 234 Heather Spencer Pinckney MI TEAM FAST 1:54:55

Sue Butler - 3rd in Cincy3 Ohio

Great effort by Sue Butler against the best in the world. She gave us a call and we covered what can make a difference. Sue is great, she listens and is teachable and that makes the difference. In the heat of the game, the smallest things can be huge, so it's helpful to have a focus!

Day 2 of Cincy3 Cyclocross Festival


  • 1. Katherine Compton, Rabobank-Giant, 40:13
  • 2. Caroline Mani, CC Etupes Le Doubs Pays De Montbeliard, 40:24
  • 3. Susan Butler, WN, 40:30
  • 4. Kaitlin Antonneau,, 40:48
  • 5. Meredith Miller, Cal Giant, 40:49