Monday, September 24, 2012

What doctrine do you believe?

WN "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

We know top guys who are paid to use systems and they will tell you point blank, that they didn't buy into the fit system!  But they have to make a living in a very low budget sport!

There is a 80/20 rule that can be applied to all things in the world.  WN is glad of its sparsity.  It makes the job of being better than the 80%!  

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes

The top mtb pros racing in the US this past weekend e.g. Brevard, NC, Jeremiah Bishop, going #1, Sam Koerber #2, Drew Edsall taking WN in Missouri, all have something in common! 

They have heard our long or non-tedious piece of admonition or reproof of the mass marketing teachings regarding fitting ideas, pedaling styles!

They also don't care to be the norm, the average! They all are in our data base and they have heard our sermon on what we "know" makes a difference!

Drew Edsall is becoming WN Faster! Takes WN in 6hr race in Missouri!

WN Faster!
I would like to say precisely how long it takes to get the learning centers to learn?  For most, its about 60-90 days for the muscles and nerves to get use to things. That about how long its been since Drew Edsall came through Boise R&D!  It is different for different people, but the first step is to get the bike dialed.

The human is a human linked chain! How can you focus on the moves if you don't know have the fit figured out?

"It hurt a bit, but I got the win in yesterday's 6 hour race here in Missouri. Now for some solid rest and recovery."

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Looking for the Holy Grail of perfect fit? Keep looking!

With all the news about mass marketing fitting jigs, etc... Perhaps more truth from a guy who is really doing his homework!  A quote from a guy who has been earnestly been looking for the Holy Grail of bit fit ( London-based fitters). Is bike fitting like the Monty Python of what's perfect?

We know that a person must learn how to pedal!  You must learn the skills for what it is you wish to do! We know many don't like how a super stiff fitting jig puts them in a perfect position!  No kidding, a fitting jig is so independent from a bike you ride!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail loosely follows the legend of King Arthur. Arthur along with his squire, Patsy, recruits his Knights of the Round Table, including Sir Bedevere the Wise, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot and Sir Galahad the Pure. On the way Arthur battles the Black Knight who, despite having had all his limbs chopped off, insists he can still fight. They reach Camelot, but Arthur decides not to enter, as "it is a silly place". They are instructed by God (represented by an animated photograph of cricket figure to seek out the Holy Grail.
Their first stop is a French-controlled castle where they believe the Grail is being held. After being insulted in mangled Franglais, they try to sneak into the castle in a Trojan Rabbit, but this plan goes terribly wrong when they forget to hide inside it first, and the rabbit is subsequently catapulted back at them. Arthur then decides the group should separate to seek the Grail.
Concurrently, in a manner of "breaking the fourth wall", a modern-day historian is describing the Arthurian legend for a television program. He is suddenly killed by a knight on horseback, triggering a police investigation.
Each of the Knights encounters various perils on their quest. Arthur and Bedevere attempt to satisfy the strange requests of the dreaded Knights who say Ni. Sir Robin narrowly avoids a fight with the Three-Headed Giant by running away while the heads are arguing, causing embarrassment as the bard following him sings "Brave Sir Robin ran away". Sir Lancelot accidentally assaults a wedding party at Swamp Castle, mistakenly believing them to be holding a lady against her will, only to discover an effeminate boy. Galahad is led by a Grail-shaped beacon to Castle Anthrax, populated only by women who wish to perform sexual favours for him, but is "rescued", somewhat against his will, by Lancelot.
The Knights regroup and travel to see Tim the Enchanter, who points them to caves where the location of the Grail is written on the walls. To enter the caves, the group is forced to defeat the Rabbit of Caerbannog using the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. They enter the cave and are attacked by the Legendary Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh, which devours Brother Maynard. Arthur and his Knights flee and barely escape by virtue of the beast's animator suffering a fatal heart attack.
With their final destination known, the group travels to its last peril, the Bridge of Death, where each Knight is forced to answer three questions by the bridge-keeper before they can cross the Gorge of Eternal Peril; Sirs Robin and Galahad fail and are thrown into a chasm below. Arthur, at his turn, accidentally tricks the bridge-keeper, who is thrown into the chasm himself.
Lancelot becomes separated from Arthur and Bedevere, and is later shown being arrested by police for the murder of the historian. Arthur and Bedevere travel to the Grail castle, which turns out to be occupied by the same French forces who insulted and drove them off earlier. The Knights amass a large army and prepare to storm the castle, but just as they begin to charge, the modern police arrive on the scene. Arthur and Bedevere are arrested, and one of the officers knocks the film out of the camera, putting an abrupt end to the movie. 

"Over these sessions I’ve had fittings using the Specialized / Andy Pruit BGFit system, two using the Retül system (which I am also qualified in using), twice at CycleFit in London (one at Covent Garden and one at Pearson Cycles who are trained and licensed by CycleFit to use their name) and once at Baum before they built my Corretto.  The next one will be with my physio who is also a trained and well practiced bike fitter.

So system which do I prefer?

In truth, none of them.  I have always taken on the advice of the person doing the fitting, ridden my bike for a while post-fitting (which you should always do, and for long enough to settle into the changes) and then tweaked my position for comfort where I still didn’t feel right / wasn’t comfortable post-fitting / felt better pre-fitting / come to a compromise.  Each fitting has contributed some useful info, and each fitting (with the exception of one) left me with doubts about the fitters understanding of my issues and / or knowledge of what they were doing.  One of them in particular (and I’ll keep that to myself for now) I would only ever use through a VERY experienced fitter too…"

- "Consider this also:  Have a good day, be happy and relaxed, then go for a bike fitting – you’ll probably end up in quite a different position than if you were tired, stressed and unhappy.  However, during your fitting you’re sat indoors on a trainer or fitting jig so in reality either way your position will probably be slightly different when you’re out on the road anyway.  You will sit differently on the bike depending on how you’ve slept, what your stress levels are like, how happy you are, who you’re riding with, what type of ride you’re doing etc... Given that’s the case, how can there be such a thing as ‘perfect fit’?"

True, there in only motion in and out of balance, there are zones of contacts, it also takes the mind to know how to move and when!  Coming soon!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pua Mata defends her Nats Jersey at Bend, OR.

The primary motor cortex is the area where learning takes place & precise movements come forth!

WN Fast Pua Mata defended her national champion’s jersey, finishing in 4:09:35. Kelli Emmett (Giant Mountain Bike Team) took 2nd at 9:13 back.  Sarah Anderson (Honey Stinger-Trek) was about 11 min behind Emmett. 

1Pua Mata (Sho-Air) WN 4:09:35
2Kelli Emmett (Giant Mountain Bike Team)0:09:13
3Sarah Anderson0:20:34
4Serena Gordon0:25:41
5Kelly Boniface (Moots)0:39:47
6Jana Repulski (Broken Spoke Cycling)0:40:38
7Jari Kirkland0:44:19
8Jessica Cerra (Focus Bicycles Usa)0:50:44
9Mary Ann Ozier0:53:28
10Tonya Bray (Mtbchick.Com)1:09:07

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jenn Halladay - LOTOJA 206 miles "#5"

Jenn Halladay was in a back brace this time last year 2011! The reason, a car won!

For a mother of 5 she has a very good track record, a great track record for those with no kids. Things like lapping the field here in Boise at the Twilight Crit, racing the biggest names in women cycling! How could a mother of 5 kids do that? You might say that can put a fire under you, if you are a racer!

Jenn also has a Nat tt Championships WN by 4 min over 2nd place! She has many other success stories! But 2011, took her out of the game!

I spoke to her about what to focus on just before the race, while she was in route to Logan, UT.
She pointed out "I have to prove to myself that I can do this again."

She did, she took her 5th WN at the 206 mile Logan, Ut. - Jackson Hole, Wy (LOTOJA) race.
She focused on her pedal stroke the whole way!

Remember, you don't have to be good at anything! You can spend your life being just being average, mediocre at best. What drives you? We all have one life to live, with choices, having an exciting or fulfilling life, or not!

Sport is more than "for fun of the game." It's about the belief to be one's best, showing the highest standard or level that a person or thing can reach!

Impressive Jenn!

Congrats on #5

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Georgia Gould 3rd at Worlds! As she put it "OMG"


Elite women

1Julie Bresset (France)1:32:25
2Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjaa (Norway)0:01:47
3Georgia Gould (United States Of America)0:03:12
4Esther Süss (Switzerland)0:03:22
5Irina Kalentieva (Russian Federation)0:03:23
6Sabine Spitz (Germany)0:03:45
7Tereza Hurikova (Czech Republic)0:03:50
8Lea Davison (United States Of America)
9Aleksandra Dawidowicz (Poland)0:04:03
10Blaza Klemencic (Slovenia)0:04:05
11Alexandra Engen (Sweden)0:04:26
12Adelheid Morath (Germany)0:04:38
13Tanja Zakelj (Slovenia)
14Eva Lechner (Italy)0:04:51
15Catharine Pendrel (Canada)
16Elisabeth Osl (Austria)0:05:11
17Anna Szafraniec (Poland)0:05:25
18Emily Batty (Canada)0:05:42
19Katrin Leumann (Switzerland)0:06:43
20Silke Schmidt (Germany)
21Katerina Nash (Czech Republic)0:07:32
22Rosara Joseph (New-Zealand)0:08:20
23Annika Langvad (Denmark)0:08:30
24Karen Hanlen (New-Zealand)
25Heather Irmiger (United States Of America)0:08:40
26Kathrin Stirnemann (Switzerland)0:08:49
27Nataliya Krompets (Ukraine)0:09:13
28Janka Stevkova (Slovakia)0:09:24
29Vera Andreeva (Russian Federation)0:10:47
30Sarah Koba (Switzerland)0:10:56
31Marielle Saner-Guinchard (Switzerland)0:11:10
32Elisabeth Sveum (Norway)0:11:33
33Mary Mcconneloug (United States Of America)0:11:45
34Anja Gradl (Germany)0:12:01
35Sandra Walter (Canada)0:12:30
-1lapRie Katayama (Japan)
-1lapAmanda Sin (Canada)
-1lapMarie-Helene Premont (Canada)
-1lapSabrina Enaux (France)
-1lapAnna Villar Argente (Spain)
-1lapHeidi Rosasen Sandsto (Norway)
-1lapAgustina Maria Apaza (Argentina)
-2lapsJaqueline Alvarez (Argentina)
-2lapsLee Craigie (Great Britain)
-2lapsErin Huck (United States Of America)
-2lapsLucie Chainel-Lefevre (France)
-3lapsJoana Barbosa (Portugal)
-3lapsNoelia Rodriguez (Argentina)
-3lapsPavla Havlikova (Czech Republic)
-3lapsMaaris Meier (Estonia)
-3lapsElisabeth Brandau (Germany)
-4lapsAsuman Burcu Balci (Turkey)
-4lapsStephania Magri (Malta)
DNFRowena Fry (Australia)
DNFLaura Turpijn (Netherlands)
DNFCécile Ravanel (France)
DNFAna Zupan (Slovenia)
DNFAnneke Beerten (Netherlands)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Persistance! Sticking to the skills, knowing the minute makes a difference if you want to be Nat. Champ!

For too long e.g. perhaps 20 years, the trend was seeking an advantage by doping. If I don't dope, I will not have the motor to race the other guy who is! Perhaps now, with the many coming cleaner in a sport of many a black eye, the bike setup details will be better seen.

In a sport of micro-secs, if you don't have bike right, kicking in the mental skills, meaning know how to make crucial moves, make more power, it will be noted.

It is possible, from a skill level to put harder efforts in training, improving the power of the pedal stroke, even in the events, recover in a sport where mathematics separate WN'ners from 2nd place. Crucial movements, in a sport that is of a exacting nature where the smallest % difference in one's ability and how they think can be the difference. More today than ever!

Again, the past 20 years the edge came from blood work. Finding ways to increase V02max %, or increase the submax % to put forth a wining move later in the race. In the exacting nature of cycling, sadly doping methods took root, VO2 professionals playing a role in seeking an advantage! You hear of the racer, rare is it to hear the name of the VO2 pro?

In my business, there is always a new kid on the block, always looking for ways to improve. In sports, like skiing, it was he person who just got their full cert in something that's going to set the woods on fire simply due to their personality. Many just burn out as quickly as they spent in an attempt to learn what they didn't know! Next!

If you are a real pro, you do it for a living. Just like many sport retail stores, someone obtains a passion on the subject, they have always wanted to do this, besides they have about 20 friends and or a club or a team they think will support them? Truth, about 1,000 stores open and 1,000 are closing, w/in no time. Next...

The Rolling Stones - you can't always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you might get what you need!

So its great to see people who stick to what they want like Sam - 2012 Nat. TT Champ!

Like in anything in life of worth, there is a lot of effort put forth, a lot of learning, a lot of years of sweat. I can't think of anyone who has worked harder, sweated more, putting unreal time on indoor trainers!

All that effort is what makes the success rewarding. I'm not shocked to see success from the likes of the J. Bishop NUE east, Alex Grant P2P, Amanda Carey P2P, Tim Bulter and the Sam Krieg's of the game.

They have done their homework. We are just pleased that so many of these names have been in our data banks at one time or the other.

Success comes to those who care!