Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thinking makes it so!

Do you know what you are looking at?  What is outlined in red?  What does this do to your pedal stroke? The mechanical process of injury are: compression, tension, shearing.  If you wish to protect your bones, estimates are not good enough!

A simple test!  Mark you skin with a pen, and note how the skin can move over a joint (1cm-2cm).  Then think about that when you get your bike fitting that way?  

"Never doubt the ability of a small thoughtful group of people to change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has"  - Margaret Mead

We know how to build "blue print" a motor, we have for over 10 years. Are you sure you want to trust the hype of other fittings systems? 

To make horsepower, you have to know how to build the motor from the hard parts, inside out, not the outside in from the skin that so many assert!

Once we make the horsepower, then you want to make sure the front-end alignment of the car doesn't wear out the (bones) tires!  Eyeing it doesn't cut it,  plus using a video doesn't, you have to measure the hard parts to find the (toe-in, toe-out, and yaw) and that is what our CAD does!

The video is for teaching the moves not the fitting.  The throw of the lens will be off, meaning you can't be exact!

Wait till you see what we have coming for 2009!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rebecca Rusch - Competing in Ecuador.

I am a little late, but here is a report from our friend, 2-time 24 world champ Rebecca.

Rebecca Rusch, como parte de su participaci0n en la Vuelta al Cotopazi 2008, estara reportando para SleepMonsters ( Haz click aqui para ver las ultimas actualizaciones...

Rebecca is in South America again, seeking out the best mtb races on the continent, and will be part of the Vuelta al Cotopaxi, a race that goes all the way around Cotopaxi, an active volcano in the western part of Ecuadorian Andes.  

Is this not the way to live?  Travel the world and ride the bike!  

Rebecca is covering the world on a mtb and will not use anything but a WN fit for it!

The 24 hour mtb champ, Rebecca was in Ecuador.  

She and her boyfriend Craig where at a two day event that went on in Vuelta al Cotopaxi (2-day staged MTB race).  Over 200 people and in it's 4th year.  

Nearest city has 2 million people, but they have awesome single track within minutes.  Rebecca & Greg Martin will race in the 24 hour mixed division. The altitude is a very significant factor!  Lowest point is 10,000 ft., and they go to 14,000 ft. It can even snow!

Do we need to say, they will have majestic  views.

Seeing the mtb world!  Ride on!  

The race website is:

Happy Holiday!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Gould & Bishop "KOA'S"

Sue Butler threw the hammer down for a strong start.

The temp was about 29-degrees F w/ a 20 mph wind!


Both Gould and Bishop backed up their game Sunday!

Georgia putting the power to it! Perhaps she wanted the race over due to her hands being so cold!

The end of the race!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gould & Bishop Hand Out Convincing Wins!

North Carolina Grand Prix

Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA, November 22, 2008

Race 2 - November 22: Elite Men


1 Jeremiah Bishop (USA) Trek/Volkswagen Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2 Russell Stevenson (USA) Redline Bikes
3 Jonathan Baker (USA) Vitamin College p/b XP Companies
4 Bart Gillespie (USA) Monavie - Cannondale Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish

N. American Trophy #7,

Whitmore's Landscaping

Super Cross Cup 1

South Hampton, New York, USA, November 22, 2008

Race 1 - November 22: Elite Women


1 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2 Lyne Bessette (Can)
3 Natasha Elliott (USA) Stevens
4. Sue Butler (Monive-Cannondale) Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish

Monday, November 17, 2008

Georgia Gould takes USGP Cyclocross Lead!

We had the chance to be on hand in 6-8 inch mud nearTrenton, NJ area for a weekend of a true mud fest! Just the kind of conditions you want for a cyclocross! It had lots of action and if you wanted to do well here, you had to be able to make power, have perfect balance to handle the mud and be able to run!

That was not the case for 97% of the field?

It was a great course to view the many different riding styles. There are as many styles as fit systems and you could see it in the way they raced. We had the owner of Teaneck, New Jersey's "3rdNature" with us to take note and learn why our CAD makes a difference. Just the looks on the faces of the racers was enough to say they where not comfortable as the many systems/ideas claim? The trainer is not he real world!

Skiing is coming. I guess everyone looks the same on the ski slope? Have all the training you want, you still have to ride the bike! Then as the teacher, know what to look for!

The Luna gals are on a different zip code and just rode a way! He saw the difference of a basic road bike idea setup and how it doesn't cut it in this type of racing! That just makes it much easier for the pro's in the know to set a pace they can't touch! Way to go girls!

Now, with Georgia double wins at USGP Mercer Cup, she has landed on top of the USA Cycling National Cyclocross standings. Gould takes over the lead from Laura Van Gilder.

As Georgia put it! There are many ideas out there. That's good, as it allows her to put her powerful skills to work!

Sue Butler blasted from the start for the hole shot, then Gould and Nash rode away, almost lapping the field on a course that was 11 min per lap.

These gals haul the mail.

Even in warm up you have to get your brain in the game!

Georgia is deep into the stroke!

See one of our dealers if you want to really get to the next "Zip Code."

Better yet, if you live near Jersey, come by and learn this week! 3rdNature, Teaneck, NJ
Spending the whole week for this cowboy is bit different! They don't say "you bet" or "a".

As I have learned from Teaneck, New Jersey!
Forget about it!
How ya doin!
I even saw the areas where Tony dumped the dump the bodies!

While Mike was standing next to Georgia's bike in the pits talking "How ya doin" to Georgia's husband "Dusty", her bike was hanging from a tent, as I turned and looked to my right the tent & bike flew up in the air about 30 feet from a hard wind! Wow!
As you can see, it killed the front end, so Dusty didn't have time to talk, as he had to replace every thing on the bars!

Forget about it!

This weekend we head over to South Hampton, Long Island for more action pack racing w/ Nat Ross to is coming to
do his thing Saturday night, to watch Sue Butler, Georgia Gould.

Are they going to do well this weekend?

Forget about it!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What does skiing have to do with cycling?

History repeats, cycling has become very much like skiing? You go to a ski school and you don't know who you will get for your instructions. Just because you are in a ski school doesn't mean you know how to ski. Everyone makes their claims to be the best!

"Just because you know how to race DH, doesn't mean you know how to perform in other areas!"

You go to a ski area or a high price resort and there might be 1,000 plus instructors who work for a ski school, some work full time, others work for a living. They both don't mind taking you out on the slopes to teach you and make money. The rates vary i.e. private, group, race camp, etc..., and if you are good enough you get the privates and the rest is for the new instructors.

Each of the instructors has a different understanding of (skiing) more or less of a certain level of move. They all look the same in the lift line, but some might be new and teach only the kids, and are learning their own moves? Wearing the same outfit, ess will be good enough to teach all -mountain.

Rare do you have a race coach in a ski school and most of them don't even like ski schools? The same holds true for school types not liking the ski racers and perhaps they both don't like the free riders? You might best in the gates, but that doesn't mean your the best coach i.e. a ski race coach? Others might be better at jumping 30 foot cliff. sticking the landing and skiing crud? Some might get their lips mashed! But they might be better in bumps?

They might be better in the air to a point, yet can't fly 200 feet. Fewer yet might be better of teaching the other instructors? They might be in some union (PSIA or US Ski Team) and make their money going around the country holding clinics?

That's the business! Its just good to know who's giving you the business!

Rare is it to have a World Cup ski racer, even at the top of their game performing well in all conditions and terrain. In fact, they don't get time say in the deep stuff, as it might mess up their game with timing, edging, where the hands go, etc...

Cycling is very much the same way! Just because you can run gates, doesn't mean you know how to ski the bumps, or be the jumper. Nor is a GS expert or the best SL expert able to run DH! Perhaps the DH person can't run SL or teach a novice?

I think you get the point that someone can have a "patch, or a uniform" and they all are instructors, wanting to make a living in the sport they love.

"They all can't carve their turns"

Then you have to ask the question, how many do this for a living? How many new instructors are there? How many have the eye for the skill you want learn?

Then by the time you learn all of the different levels, you might be viewed too old, not in your prime, not cool enough to be the person who knows that skill?

It is true that the head of USA cycling was also the head of US skiing? The same business model has come forth! Skiing became a government, after all the goverment is a business and wants to make money from the system. Given all the thousands of instructors across and many of them have a full cert., (PSIA or US Ski Team Coach) not to be confused with US Ski Team member some seek their seventh heaven else where?

One of the best ski racers "Bode Miller" in the world doesn't work with the national team coaches?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jeremiah Bishop wins the Iceman Cometh.

Bishop takes the 10th annual Iceman Cometh in Michigan.
A large turn out of 2,000 signed up and Bishop was at the top.

Portland's (SSCXWC) Sue Butler wins!

Single speed cyclocross world championships was held in Portland, OR.  It is the premier event for single speed cyclocross.  You only have one gear and that means you have to practice.
Some do and some just say "what ever."

We all know, you can't make every horse drink the water. 

Some are devoid of influences!  There are many different stables (establishments where race horses are kept and trained) and they all have their horses and ideas.  

Race horses can be like certain dogs and listen only to one-person , or to their private "whisperer."  The trick is to watch them so its not just flowing out the other side.

You have to watch their ears to see if they are listening!

Sue Butler had her ears out - for the Portland, OR  race. 

"World Single Speed Cyclocross Champion"

Friday, November 07, 2008

USGP New Jersey - We will be there!

USGP New Jersey

 The USGP of Cyclocross presented by Crank Brothers will set a stage this upcoming Nov 15th, 16th for the nation's elite racers to try their luck in the Northeast's hotbed of cyclocross. Then there is more action on Nov. 22nd, 23rd in Long Island.

We will be there with 3rd Nature owner Michael McTigue to watch cyclocross high horsepower hot rods Georgia Gould and Sue Butler race. Then we go up the road to his shop for a fun filled week of blueprinting motors, and learning how to make some real horsepower. Topics like how to stroke any engine for torque.

We're out for torque, and horsepower and nothing serves it up like huge cubes (cross section of muscles) and a big arm.  Stroking delivers both.  Sounds like a car engine?  You bet, your motor/body works pretty much the same way. There can be more creativity to stroking than just buying a crank and bolting it together.  You will need a good blower to make all this horsepower. 

Come and learn what to do with that info.  When considering stroking your engine, the first thing to grasp is that of the crank throw.  Pick your stroke means deciding the maximum torque, we'll focus on gaining the longest possible stroke.  We don't care if you run a small block or large block or who was your manufacture. We will find a better stroke!

If you live in the area be sure to come by to see how we make some real horsepower. 

3rd Nature "Bike - Body - Spirit"

1382 Queen Anne Rd

Teaneck, NJ 07666

Ph: 201 833-0009

Sue Butler (Monavie / Cannondale) pro is going to show up to the store on Wed 19th., even having one of her bikes blueprinted.  Sue can never get enough of the Dartfish. Then that night to review her race from Trenton, NJ and let her tell her story.

Later that week, "Hall of Fame mtb" 2 time Race Across America Champ, world premier endurance specialists Nat Ross is going to be on hand Saturday Nov 22nd for the full day and that night, hear his thoughts about doing race pace for 24 hours or longer. Learn what it takes to do these super endurance events.  This is not riding just a 120 miles.  Nat Ross has had a ton of input on the Gary Fisher twenty-nine inch wheels.  He is very easy to talk to and will answer your questions on endurance needs.

Come and learn why Nat Ross, Georgia Gould, Sue Butler and so many other top pros use Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish.  Can you say, hearing it from the pony express or the horse's mouth and no they are not Mr. Ed!  There much faster and are much smarter.

How the west was won!

The pivotal location just outside Trenton, New Jersey, has already lured local 'cross stars from up and down the Eastern seaboard and the ones arriving from far-flung points across the country will only add to the tense, hyper competitive atmosphere.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Lance Armstrong uses Dartfish! Why Not You!

Why does biomechanics connect the sciences?

Throw your bike in a trainer (mini lab) and have at it! Alignment fanatics, concepts and interpretations arise!

First, it should be known that there is no blame here, just calling a ace an ace.

Yes, athletes need to know how their bodies work. Its a good thing Matt was exposed to US Ski Team, he was able to understand how things better work. He is aware of balance, muscle recruitment and nerve functions, joint proprioceptive receptors and more. He knows a few things about his body and how it works best in space. He also owns a company "Coyote Design," that makes prosthetics. Matt also knows to be at the top of your game, it's the last 20% that makes a difference.

Since he is the marketing director, he knows the concept that shoots for the less perfect 80%. In other words how the marketing game pushes comfort. Matt knows that most cycling folks don't have the time or the money to do the last 20%. The focus is to just get you on a bike.

Today, it is accepted that an experienced fitter performing alignments are needed. Not even 7 years ago was this true. Retail stores and reps didn't buy into it. It slowed things down with hard goods. Today, there are thousands of people in retail, or the trend "specialty shops" nationwide attempting to dial you in. This is good news, to a point. We know how that works, pick your ski boot store wisely!

Major problem, shop technicians attempt to get trained each year, but don't stick it out and move on. If you own the store, each year you had to retrain someone. Ouch! The same for bikes, suggest a bike, maybe suggest a footbed, or even cant your foot or the shoe. Great, but you still need to learn how to move. In the fitters defense, little education has been available. And we all know, just because your in the health care, doesn't mean you know how to play the game.

If that was so, then we would see the ill care (MD, PT, PA, PhD, OT) tag on the front of a Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong? The sport is not in a crisis, restoring a person to the level of functioning (to work properly and normally). What's normal?

Coaches are more like ski instructors and focus on your training concerns. Do they go out and ride and teach you skills? The industry even has a government signing off on who is who and what is their rank? Sounds like the old US Ski Team and PSIA governments.

Note the head of the cycling today was the head of skiing in the US? They make a ton of money for a cycling government teaching. Pay your dues coaches! Lessons learned, there was good money to be made with the PSIA & US Ski Coaches systems.

Why does top gun skier B. Miller do his own thing? Why is Lance Armstrong hiring international experts, one who's dad is very famous, named Eddie M., and made bikes from a country just west of Germany?

Cycling offers a sense of choice. You can elect to do it or not do it. Cycling exists in a non-authoritarian (government) atmosphere in which it is up to the individual to groom his/her own sense of self-confidence and accomplishments.

You don't have to be on the PSIA or US Ski Team to learn! We are not on some private slope where they can run you off the hill for teaching!

There is a new age where knowledge, technique, and equipment advance all the levels of sports. It is like cell phones, they change fast!

Fact: You don't choose your parents! In fact, you don't pick your country, government and could have i.e. a French or a Austrian, or a German influence on teaching, coaching. Europe and the US is not on the same page regarding educator and coach. The focus is to turn concepts into reality or is that money?


I thought you might find this interesting. I seem to recall hearing most of this before! I hope you are well.

"I have this hump in my back and I can't rotate my pelvis to straighten it out. I will go longer, narrower and more behind the hands if I can," said Armstrong.

"Last Saturday I tried a whole new position, seat back, nose of the seat up, elbows very narrow and bars low and I couldn't pedal the bike. So Sunday we went with nose of the seat down, moved the seat forward, widened the elbows and raised the bars. It was still fast but not as fast. However it felt infinitely better. So if you are 5% slower in the tunnel, but you gain 25% of your power back, that's what I mean about the perfect intersection of power and position," said Armstrong.

Mike Godfrey

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

It does appear that cycling is more art than science. Techy looking bike fitting services abound. These devices are for quick, qualitative assessments or a quick performance check. Just show them something and get them out the door. Does this accelerate the learning curve? To do that, you need a great depth of understanding, and time. It can be overwhelming!

So how do we cut through it all the concepts?

Power cuts through a lot of the compromising factors that dilute the significance of time, distance, speed, and heart rate as measures of performance. To say you ride a certain amount of miles per week and you pedal at 100 rmps is just another way to say you have the time and perhaps are in good shape.

Today, most know that intensity rather than duration is the focus for training the body to adapt. What is the point of spending time doing something less than perfect if it lowers the performance? So to focus on a higher % of perfection is a good thing.

You can't go by perceived exertion "I had a hard, moderate, or easy" ride today. These are very vague so to ask a person who is on the bike "how does that feel" is wrong! Most people don't pay attention to their game, nor care to focus, so they just ride. You always hear how tough or brave someone was this day or that on their ride. That is where a technical coach, a person who can define the concept.

Much of the focus is on training only. So it is no wonder at one time, the heart rate monitor revolutionized training to measure intensity and training changed. Then is was found it has limitations from its shifting lag to "catch up" with what the muscles are really doing. Better than nothing, but not the best. Not much of a technological breakthrough here!

Lactate measurements have been used for as a indicator of effort (not how you feel). Bottom line, the more lactate in the blood, the greater the intensity of exercise. Great for measuring fitness, not great for instantaneous feedback. It also lags and is not "real-time" measure of intensity. Too funny, we knew this when the Sweeds used Ingamar Steinmark to test even back in the 60's, 70's, standing on the side of a ski hill. How many decades is that with this new approach? It is promoted that we are witnessing something new?

Again, power is a direct measure of work or better (the sum of your effort). How do you get a mechanical advantage (lever length & its ration to the resistance arm)? What is the best angle of knee extension, what is the best line of pull? Where do the loads decrease? First if you don't know, then you can't use your brain to fire the muscles in the best firing order, your power is lower. Then the faster you get it done, the more power it takes.

Only with properly functional alignment of the bones can you work as efficiently as possible. The only real truth here, is there is no such thing as ideal!

That allows everyone to jump into the concept game!

Now think about your friend who is 2 times your size. They have to make more power than you. In other words pedal force multiplied by leg speed is more power. The more you can generate, the greater your potential is for getting good results in a race.

Peak power in tt is a better predictor of a race than aerobic capacity (VO2max). Once again, what is it you want to do?

Technology has taken its sweet time to help cyclists and cyclists don't care too much for the cost of accurate, reliable, lightweight equipment. Perhaps it has been retailers and coaches don't have the money for the high-tech.

About learning. No sliver bullet! It may take years for a rider to develop the skills, and that is more true for the self-coached athlete. Most people don't have the financial resources to have all the technology, nor pay a coach who just tells them what to do.

The mixture of motor control, awareness, self-perception, imagination and spiritual strength is the secret of top performance and learning. Knowing about these elements and skillfully applying the knowledge gives validity to the term "professional." Only then can you convert potential into talent.

"The centipede was very happy quite, until a toad in fun said, 'Pray, which leg after which?' That worked her mind to such a pitch, she lay distracted in the ditch, considering how to run." Anonymous

Computer & instrumentation technologies continue to advance useful dimensions to the cyclists. This process will never end! And we are at the front, cutting a path to better understanding!

We know a few things about teaching. When you go outside you really teach people how to improved their game. Less guesswork will allow you to address the subtle changes that occur. Your perception of what you are doing might be off! Why spin your wheels doing the wrong thing?

Today we use video for live on the open road monitoring, to get better results, just like the replays that come from football, tennis, etc..., to make better calls. We always knew what you you do in a trainer is not what you do in the real world. That is why so many don't notice our fit until they get outside in the real world. A stiff trainer is not real world!

So if Lance uses Dartfish why not you? It is a viable training tool, but not the only tool that he uses, but he has the brains to review it. He also has the brains and money to go to the wind tunnel to micro adjust his tt bikes.

It was pointed out that Lance has a 3D fitting system in a his shop in Austin, Tx. So to respond to the question. Why then is he going to a wind tunnel? Why go outside and use Dartfish?
Is the qualitative sizzle in appearance not enough (skin moves over joints) in contrasted with quantitative technology. We use Dartfish to help teach in the lab and real world!

We have SRM within the Dartfish or is that Dartfish within SRM and it takes into account (quantitative & qualitative). Still accurate interpretation and only with the most effective communications can you get the horse to drink water!

We not only have 10 years of service in cycling, we also have years of teaching (interpretation & communications) people to move and at the highest level in the world in other sports. Many made fun of our visual models, not knowing to teach you have to express things to the lowest common word, for the listeners, as they may not be fluent in language? Who is?

Countless books on cycling have been published and they all claim to be the Bible. Sad, but true, most of them come short of that goal and most are yet another rehash of the same old material under some "new, exciting approach."

Constructive illustrations are very effective teaching methods. Clarity and dimension is needed to the written word. In many cases for the arrow to stick in the target (brain), oversimplification is the only way.

"To study medicine without books is to sail an uncharted sea, while to study medicine from books is not to go to sea at all" Sir William Osler

Another little-spoken-of, but important, aspect of learning cycling is vicarious feedback that can be provided instantly and continuously. Anyone who has any time coaching knows you can kill a athlete's talent by overload!

So when we started with our PhD, PT, PA, 3 Engineers, then the many sources from Germany, USA, and Switzerland , we said "let the baby walk" let it stand on its own feet. And let the "ill minded critics" have at it. If it works, the voices that dis, can't stop it and they will, like all without good sense or judgement have no hesitation in tackling a situation that even the wisest would avoid. Real engineering!

We find it funny that some use their degrees to hype their services (not to be at sea). We didn't feel the need to share the degrees of our staff of PhD, PT, PA, 3 Engineers, 2 with master degrees. We know how some do that, rather we wanted our services to obtain the results. We know how people learn, how they achieve results. Too often we been told how to do something.

Ten years of services and teaching and results we have.

Looking at style is like looking a white light. It is very complex but its complexity is not obvious.

If you want to impugn someones intelligence, the options are almost limitless. Better what is their motive, can it be money? As we are seeing in business anyone can buy inventory. We sell service, work done for a customer other than manufacturing sales of soft or hard goods.

Why is it then, many don't understand that we all can learn, even a Lance Armstrong?

It must be what they get at the feed lot? Perhaps its the Alpha ego? Perhaps in cycling like golf, skiing, its because they fail to see it with their untrained eye? Or, they are just a stick in the mud.

Lance Armstrong adds Gruene to win list.... with Dartfish help!

We are only as good as the truth or in cycling trends.

I guess you have to have some smarts to short
through it all.


Cyclist may move their feet in circles during pedaling, but applied force and developed torque in no way appears circular.

We can clearly illustrate how pedal forces and torque vary during a pedal cycle. Know this, the magnitude of forces applied at various stages within the cycle is far from equal. Now think of the above picture of our 3 time World Tri Champ Matt Perkins!

There is a mechanical necessity to single-leg efforts. I guess having two legs just trips people up! Same for skiing, two legs just get in the way of the other, the key is now to get one out of the way! We show you!

A email from our Dartfish friends!

Tom look who is using Dartfish.

Best regards,


Victor Bergonzoli



No question, if Lance Armstrong uses something people follow. Funny how that works?

We hold the only partnership in the world with Dartfish. Why, because they know that we know what we are looking at and we are lead sheep! The rest just follow!

So if a Lance Armstrong has enough sense to learn and wants to improve his game, what's wrong with the rest of the world? It has to be his genetic code! The information carried by the DNA.
How else can one of the best in the sport "LEARN" when so many don't? I guess being slow is cool!

We have been taking people outside and making them faster for years. Its simply amazing how slow the world turns.

Do something that really make a difference in your game. Get a fit solution that makes a difference! Then go outside and let's make you faster!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Georgia Gould wire-to-wire! Two times in Colorado

Georgia had a few tricks and she also got the treats...

First was the Boulder Cup Saturday and another show Sunday for the N. American Cyclocross Trophy Series lead.

Halloween was over last Friday night. But "trick or treat" was still going on in Colorado.  Her trick,  focus, and that comes from having the know how.  

On Saturday she raced Boulder Reservoir and it is a perfect test track, as it has the reputation for rewarding riders with strong legs, precise handling and a little good luck.  She had the guns!

If you don't have bullets, you can't hit your target of success.  Racing is like the fitting war, and we want to help you become a "Dirty Harry -make your day' That's a big gun Clint shoots! Its very effective!

The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the Old One. I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw dice. - Albert E

Regardless of what you are told, what you are getting at the feed lot, the influence of muscle design on the production of force and the velocity of contractions is quite profound (deep seated), and is independent of other biochemical and physiological factors!

The angle of pinnation is key, as it influences contractile properties! This angle of pinnation at which individual fibers are oriented in relation to the overall muscle's longitudinal axis produces the best line of pull. So what about the heart?

You might say that Georgia Gould as a healthy person and has a "big heart" and she does. That is why her smile is real! She's very nice!

So some truth about hearts. At rest, the cardiovascular system in healthy people, has little difficulty supplying O2/fuels to the tissues. During exercise, however, demands on the system increase considerably. Same holds true for bike setup (trainer vs. real world).

Fact, cardiovascular capacity is important in determining performance in endurance exercise.
More important is their technique that employs a more effective propulsive force and minimize drag. You might have a "big heart" like Georgia, be a super nice person, but still can't go fast!

Understand that there is a limit to max O2 consumption to the (motor) and the body's ability to increase the transport and use of O2. True, if you can gain a small % that can make a difference.
Given your motor, stacking your bones and finding your best ROM will serve you well.

There are 600 skeletal muscles in the adult human being. That is about 45% of body weight. That should make it "clear", that it is the major site of energy transduction, and it is also a fuel tank to store energy used for exercise.

Appropriate skeletal muscle behavior is the central thesis of human biodynamics, as it provides for self-propulsion, even the ventilation of lungs (more O2), and in the animal kingdom -

to capture prey, avoid predators, and migrate!

No question, Georgia's satellite cells (myoblasts) that are normally dormant have come to life (a regenerative growth of new fibers). Now that's scary!

Research has demonstrated that satellite cells are activated when muscle fibers hypertrophy in experimental models. Cell activation is one important mechanism of exercise-induced muscle growth.

The trick here is to set your bike up for your muscle to be activated (on or off)! The treat is the success that comes from this deeper understanding!

Efficient cyclists share something, its a smooth relatively high revolutions per minute without engaging muscle groups that do not contribute to pedaling speed.

Let us inform you that Georgia has a (deep seated) understanding of her power and the results are what they are.

Here are the limiting factors :
  1. Cardiac Output
  2. Plumonary Function
  3. Cellular metabolism
  4. V02 - is only a predictor
  5. Parameters w/ training
  6. Blood to the brain for learning!

The appearance of our 2008 USA Olympic mtb member led the women's field in grand fashion, steadily putting a gap on the field racing for the spoils.

We told you in a early blog, this Alpha (has the brains) likes to get the goods first! She gets her fill and allows the left-overs!

With Compton still not able to race and Nash across the pond, Georgia put everything on cruse control for the win.


1. Georgia Gould (Luna) Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish
2. Rachel Lloyd (California Giant Strawberry)
3. Kerry Barnholt (Tokyo Joe's)