Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hot News! Dartfish for dealers! We never stop working for High-Performance Cycling!

Stay tuned! We have always been a trending company, being on the cutting edge! We always lead for others to follow e.g. lasers, software, sEMG, footbeds, etc... Now our dealers are going to take fitting to yet another level. This is going to change the game! You don't have to have a basic fit from a retailer, just because big brother tells them to use their way "or the highway" approach!

It is not about the brand name, its about you!

Bones assist the body in movement because they are a point of attachment for muscles. That means its very important to find the joint shape where bones come together. Muscles, whether attached to bones or to internal organs and blood vessels, are responsible for movement. External movement is accomplished by the contraction and relaxation of muscles that are attached to the bones. Ha!

That means if you use our methods of measurements to find the exact attachments, knowing the shape of the joint, you better get the best range of motion, and the best line of pull. How else can you measure formation and structures? That's why so many racers get the results. Its not just about one person, its that we have many different people, with different shapes and sizes taking world championships!

There are 206 bones of various types in the body. Long, short, flat, sesamoid bones, in which different size/thickness patella (kneecap), a flat bone that lies in front of the articulation between the femur and one of the lower leg bones called the tibia. In fact, the tibia, the largest of 2 bones of the lower leg; the tibia (meaning flute-its shape looks like a flute) runs under the skin in the front part of the leg. This flute looking bone joins with the femur at the patella, at its top it can be convex or concave as it moves on the upper leg, and as its distal (ankle) forms a swelling that is the bony prominence (medial malleolus) at the inside of the ankle.

Now the foot, the contact point e.g golf club to golf ball. It can have many shapes. There are many types of talipes; talipes equinus, tailpes calcaneus, tailpes cavus, talipe varus, talipes equinovarus, tailpes calcaneomarus, talipes valgus, talipes calcaneovalgus or talpes equinovalgus. A lot to know, so it sure is great to have CAD to get think about all this!

So many things to think about, you could have your mothers pelvic girdle even if you are a male, or be a female and have your dads hip bone size and shape. Within that hip, you havea socket called the acetabulum. The acetabulum was named because of its resemblance to a rounded cup the Romans used for vinegar (acetum).

Then with all the shapes, you can hit age 40 years old, with a normal spine and then start to change by (oseoporosis-kyphosis) by the time you are 60 or 70 years of age.

It should be know, that we have done our homework! So if you think our fit is basic e.g. just hang a plumb line, then you do not understand how we placed untold amounts of bone constraints into our CAD software to find your best movements. Basic fitting "NAUGHT".
Are we just sizing a bike, using some jig "NAUGHT". Are we in the patho business "NAUGHT".

But what we do to you is very specific to bones. We know the bare bones of your fit and their best actions "that makes a difference". No matter you age, or shape! We make you move better on what ever bike brand! We don't change the shape of your bones, we only work with what you have, not making your fit like someone else.

Bones are complete organs, chiefly composed of connective tissue called osseous (bony) tissue plus a rich supply of blood vessels and nerves. This tissue consists of osteocytes (bone cells) surrounded by a hard, intercelular substance filled with calcium salts. It should be noted, that if you force your bones e.g. using shims under your forefoot can damage your bones in your foot or say your knee. We can't change the shape you have!!!

I think it is important you know we are not doctors who treat bones and bone diseases, those are orthopedists, named after being used years ago in a branch of medicine dealing with correcting deformities in children (orth/o means straight, ped/o means child). We do not correct deformities, rather deal with what you have.

Rheumatologist are doctors who treat joint diseases. Rheumat/o means watery flow and relates to joint diseases because various forms of arthritis are marked by collection of fluid in the joint spaces. That amount of collected fluid can impact your fit, the better to use our methods.

Osteopaths practice osteopathy, which is a separate school of medicine using diagnostic and therapeutic measures and based on the belief that the body is capable of healing itself when bones are in proper position and adequate nutrition is provided.
We are not the healing business, but many informs us how well they feel, no discomfort?

Chiropractors (chir/o means hand) are neither physicians nor osteopaths, and they use physical means to manipulate the spinal column, believing that disease is caused by pressure on nerves. We don't use our hands, but we do reduce pressure on nerves and bones.

If our dealers measure you right, you will have the best fit you can obtain. There is none better! But you still have to pedal!

After your fit with the Wobble-naught dealer, they now will be able to show you the actions of your bone, or the facts! Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish has worked for many years to bring more to your game! The R&D has been long coming.

We will now have the powerful Dartfish software that has been working with Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish in the hands of our Wobble-naught dealer's and at "no cost up front" to the dealer. A very powerful teaching tool with full phone support and much more!

We watched as "COST" is what stops a dealer from getting the state-of-the art! That means the customer doesn't have the best "TRUTH". No manner if your a coach, retail store, using 6 or 20 cams for 3D (only watching the skin, as the joint moves under it) or part-time fitter, cost has always killed the customer from getting things right! People don't learn by someone just telling them how to do something e.g powermeters! In fact, it takes a lot of visual to show them what they need to learn and do! It is so cool to use this high-tech to show them how to make 20 more watts. Most can't believe their eyes!

We have been leading the horse to water for years, but even then, some don't drink? Not anymore, your Wobble-naught dealer will not only perform the best fit for the game, but also will show you why it is!

Lastly, did you know, that Dartfish is already hooked up with SRM! We can follow you outside in the real world, watching your every move and show you your angles! COOL!

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