Monday, December 17, 2012

Carey Sweeps NCGP!

Carey sweeps North Carolina Grand Prix weekend

Peter Hymas
December 17, 01:53, 
December 17, 06:18
Arnold, Emily Shields repeat podium placings as well
Katie Arnold (Bob's Red Mill), left, and Amanda Carey (Volkswagen Boise Cycling) together in the lead on the opening lap.
Katie Arnold (Bob's Red Mill), left, and Amanda Carey (Volkswagen Boise Cycling) together in the lead on the opening lap.


One day after winning the first UCI 'cross race of her career, Amanda Carey (Volkswagen Boise Cycling) added another to her palmares as she swept the elite women's races at the North Carolina Grand Prix weekend. Katie Arnold (Bob's Red Mill) finished second to Carey for the second straight day while Emily Shields (Mock Orange Bikes), too, duplicated her previous day's result with a third place finish.
While the podium was a carbon copy of Saturday's, the parcours at Hendersonville's Jackson Park was transformed by overnight showers and rain which at times fell heavily during the elite women's five-lap race. What was a fast and furious grass criterium on Saturday became a slick, muddy circuit which put a premium on finesse and bike handling skills, particularly on an increasingly tricky off-camber section 300 metres from the finish line.
When the gun went off Katie Arnold launched like a rocket down the start straight to grab the holeshot and immediately put some distance between herself and her rivals. Amanda Carey, however, who won after leading start to finish on Saturday, found herself playing catch-up.
"I had a really bad start," Carey told Cyclingnews. "I missed my pedal multiple times which is never a good thing. I really had to work hard on the first lap to move my way up but I also wanted to ride a more tactical race today. Yesterday it was 'Boom!' - got the holeshot, went off the front and rode by myself the whole time. That's really hard to do."
Nonetheless Carey rode through the field and jumped across to Arnold and by the end of the opening lap the duo had a 14-second advantage over the four-rider chase group comprised of Emily Shields, Allison Arensman (Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech p/b ABRC), Rebecca Blatt (Van Dessel) and Corey Coogan-Cisek ( p/b Blue Competition Cycles).
While Carey and Arnold battled at the head of the race the weather turned for the worse on the fourth of five laps - what was just a misting drizzle transformed into a strong rain shower which played a pivotal role in the race outcome.
"Katie was riding so well today, really strong," said Carey. "I actually thought she was stronger than me today. Once it started raining I lost my rear wheel on one side-hill pretty immediately. I had my pit bike ready to go with some pretty aggressive mud tires and I pitted immediately. She didn't so I think she was still riding some pretty intermediate tires. That's when I started to take my time on the flats but rail corners because I knew I had a more aggressive tire plus I have disc brakes."
"Amanda and I were off the front right off the bat just duking it out," said Arnold. "She made a pit exchange when I probably should of after it started pouring. I thought 'I feel pretty good on the Grifos' but all it took was one lap for it go get really sloppy and sure enough I went down."
Carey was leading Arnold onto the ever-slicker off-camber section near the end of the penultimate lap when Arnold crashed and put her rear derailleur into the spokes.
Carey heard Arnold go down and with only one lap to go she found herself alone in the lead. "I got a little gap and then just tried to ride it smooth and upright. Not strong...upright," Carey said with a laugh.
Arnold was able to ride her bike to the pit where she swapped it out for a new one but Carey's lead proved insurmountable. Carey once again soloed to victory with Arnold repeating as runner-up.
"I'm still happy with my performance - I felt really good today. My legs felt strong," said Arnold.
Meanwhile the battle for third was a hard-fought contest between 19-year-old Emily Shields and 18-year-old Allison Arensman. On the third lap the four-rider chase group splintered with Shields alone in third being chased by Arensman. At the end of the lap Shields held a seven-second advantage over Arensman and over the final two laps the gap remained tight between the duo.
"I was worried because Allison was behind me and we race against each other every week - I couldn't mess up or dab once because she'd catch me," Shields told Cyclingnews. Nevertheless Shields found the sloppy conditions to her liking as she held off Arensman to claim a second podium finish in as many days at Jackson Park.
Full Results
1Amanda Carey (USA) VW Boise Cycling
2Katie Arnold (USA) Bob's Red Mill
3Emily Shields (USA) Mock Orange Bikes
4Allison Arensman (USA) Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech p/b ABRC
5Katherine Shields (USA) Mock Orange Bikes
6Corey Coogan-Cisek (USA) p/b Blue Competition Cycles
7Ellen Noble (USA) Trek Cyclocross Collective
8Erin Silliman (USA) Corsa Concepts Cyclocross Team
9Rebecca Blatt (USA) Van Dessel
10Julie Hunter (USA) BikeBeat/VaAssetGroup
11Erica Zaveta (USA) Lees McRae College
12Cinthia Lehner (USA) Pepper Palace/Spin-Tech p/b ABR
13Deb Sweeney Whitmore (USA) PainPathways Cycling Team
14Elizabeth Lee (USA) Louis Garneau Factory Team p/b Fuji
15Carol Jeane Sansome (USA) Silver Cycling

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Amanda Carey WN's her 1st UCI'cross!

Carey WN's NC Grand Prix opener!

Amanda Carey (VW Boise Cycling WN) soloed to her 1st UCI  cx win of her career at the North Carolina Grand Prix in Hendersonville, NC, a race she led from start to finish. Katie Arnold (Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross) finished alone in second 20 seconds later while North Carolina's own Emily Shields (Mock Orange Bikes) steadily advanced throughout the five-lap race to secure the final podium position 14 seconds later.
Full report, photos to follow
Full Results
1Amanda Carey (USA) WN VW Boise Cycling0:42:16
2Katie Arnold (USA) Bob's Red Mill0:00:20
3Emily Shields (USA) Mock Orange Bikes0:00:34
4Erica Zaveta (USA) Lees McRae College0:00:42
5Rebecca Blatt (USA) Van Dessel
6Ellen Noble (USA) Trek Cyclocross Collective0:00:45
7Katherine Shields (USA) Mock Orange Bikes0:00:57
8Erin Silliman (USA) Corsa Concepts Cyclocross Team0:01:00
9Sara Tussey (USA) VeloShine Cycling Team0:01:03
10Corey Coogan-Cisek (USA) p/b Blue Competition Cycles0:01:23

Monday, December 10, 2012

Russell Thorstrom USGP, Bend, OR WN by 1.41 over 2nd!

  1. We posted that Russell got his wings on Thurs.  I guess so, as he can make time without a flock!
    Russell puts 1.41 on 2nd place!

  2. 1  608 THORSTROM Russell  WN Fast at Bend, OR.
  3. 2  602 WATTS Brook                    1:41
  4. 3  601 WELLSMAN Peter            2:17
  5. 4  610 WRIGHT Don                      2:47
  6. 5  615 YENNE Steve                      3:53
  7. 6  604 HOPPER Buff
  8. 7  616 RODGERS Ken
  9. 8  617 RAYMOND Kevin
  10. 9  612 GREGORY Rick
  11. 10  611 SADOFF Paul
  12. 11  607 VOLKERT Brian
  13. 12  613 MILLIGAN Robert
  14. 13  603 HEITMAN Greg
  15. 14  621 SIBILIA-YOUNG Dennis
  16. 15  619 KIEFER Stan
  17. 16  614 PAULY James
DNF 609 RAPP Steve DNF 622 FLEETHAM Frank
Team ICO
Michelob ULTRA - Big Shark Raci Pro City Racing
World Bicycle Relief
Upper Echelon Fitness
Team Double Check/Confluence Di Oregon Paddle Sports
Blue Rooster
Black Dog Velo
Bicycle bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobst Team Double Check p/b Confluenc Fischer Plumbing Cycling

Independent Boneyard Cycling Tripleshot Racing Allegro Cyclery Boneyard Cycling
Bend, OR December 9, 2012
License Time Gap
511057 41:12
500467 42:53 1:41 

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Amanda Carey 2012 season!

WN Faster!

 There is a lot more people focused on cross. It used to be everyone’s 2nd sport.  Now it’s much more popular, it’s become a lot of people’s No. 1 sport.  The test just got harder!  Doing one's homework makes a difference!

This gal has!

Russell Thorstrom WN Fast Day 1 USGP, Bend, OR.

Place Bib Last
  1. 1  608 THORSTROM/WN Precison (Being a Dr. of Bird "Raptor" Bio, Russell knows how to fly)
  2. 2  602 WATTS
  3. 3  601 WELLSMAN
  4. 4  610 WRIGHT
  5. 5  615 YENNE
  6. 6  604 HOPPER
  7. 7  619 BAUDER
  8. 8  612 GREGORY
  9. 9  618 RAYMOND
  10. 10  613 MILLIGAN
  11. 11  611 SADOFF
  12. 12  623 SIBILIA-YOUNG
  13. 13  607 VOLKERT
  14. 14  617 RODGERS
  15. 15  603 HEITMAN
  16. 16  614 PAULY
  17. 17  622 BEIGHTOL
  18. 18  620 DEPENBROCK
  19. 19  616 LITCHFIELD
  20. 20  624 FLEETHAM
  21. 21  609 RAPP
Chief Commissaire: STAPLES Jordan _________________________________________ 12/8/2012
Russell Brook Peter Don Steve Buff Donald H. Rick Kevin Robert Paul Dennis Brian
Ken Greg James Richard Al Philip Frank Steve
Team ICO
Michelob ULTRA - Big Shark Raci Pro City Racing
World Bicycle Relief
Upper Echelon Fitness
Team Double Check/Confluence Di

Black Dog Velo
Blue Rooster
Fischer Plumbing Cycling
Bicycle bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobst Independent
Team Double Check p/b Confluenc Oregon Paddle Sports

Tripleshot Racing Richard Beightol Pacific Power Blue Sky Capitol Velo Racing Boneyard Cycling Allegro Cyclery
276787 83434 502117 511376 505567 15726 INTL 501612 500095 503346
Bend, OR December 8, 2012
Time Gap
42:05 1:00 43:01 1:56 43:02 s.t. 43:28 2:23 44:14 3:09 44:50 3:45 

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