Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Amanda Carey - NUE Champ for the 2X!

You never know what compels a person to do things, much less race 100 miles on a mtb course? No walk/race in the park, or even a 50 mile race, add another 50 to that and see if you can even pedal, much less at race pace. That's a lot of country to cover.

We have watched Amanda turn attention on WN'ing the NUE mtb series, turning up the heat for the last few years for anyone who cares to race her for a "never easy 100 mile mtb race." Very challenging, yet very rewarding job! You have to have the physical and mental, plus a bike fit that allows you to handle what comes forth and it will.

What more than we can say about the success of this gal! Racing is not easy, it really gets in your head and it will take its toll on the human body.

WN's 6 in a role and takes the National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) for the 2nd year in a role! That's

You might say Amanda is top-notch, she has the how-to manual in her kit.

Congrats Amanda Carey - A very reputable name in the 100 mtb game!

Thanks for using WN as your source of bike fitting!

Pua Mata takes USA Nat. Championships

Pua Mata (Sho-Air/Specialized) wins the US Marathon National Championships

Pua Mata (Sho-Air/Specialized) wins the US Marathon National Championships

Elite women's podium at US Marathon Nationals

Elite women's podium at US Marathon Nationals

Elite women's podium at US Marathon Nationals

WN works with multi racers and they are at the top of their game, this pic both Pua & Amanda stand on the USA National podium, we are so pleased with their results.

Hats off to Pua Mata who uses our know how and takes "USA Nat. Champion."

Other great news, Amanda Carey, not only takes 4th at Nats, but also obtained her 2nd NUE Championship back-to-back, she went 6 for 6 this year!

WN knows what makes a difference!

We can make you WN Fast!

Sue Butler - takes 3rd at Star Crossed!

Star Crossed Podium

A very successful weekend!

I have to say, I was a bit scared to race this last weekend. The breathing issues in Vegas made me a bit apprehensive and my chest and throat were still feeling the effects. However, in the good Pacific Northwest air, I felt a bit better. And you have to start your season at some point.

Saturday's Star Crossed was definitely not the same. Not only was it not the first big race of my season , but it was not under the lights and not at Marymoor, it had a different feel.

A bit more calm. I welcomed that. I didn't start very well, but found myself in the initial selection soon enough when there were only four of us. Then it separated more and it was Caroline Mani and I together. She was cornering better than I, but I was powering the flats. I finished third and was pretty satisfied with my race. It was solid. A good start to the season.
Sunday I got my start back. I had a great start, getting the hole shot, but then happy to relinquish it to follow. Again, the selection was made after a lap, but Mical's fierce attack left Caroline and I together again. The second race of the first double weekend was tough. I didn't quite have enough staying power. I rode to a solid fourth, and although I missed the podium, I raced well. I felt it was a strong weekend to start the season off, transitioning to the efforts of cx.

Monday, September 05, 2011

WN Fast Eddie O'Dea - Nap time. He just rode for 48 hrs in the 350 mile Trans Nth GA

Eddie O'Dea was on the phone just before the race. He wanted to hear thoughts on pace, skills, etc...

It is not uncommon for people who really care about WN'ing performances to accept information on their pedal stroke and other useful skills. After all, most sports have coaches standing on the sidelines, like football games, baseball games, skiing, etc...

Have you noticed cycling is not known to have a coach on the side line yelling in their ear or calling plays? Training coaches are many and most never see the person they are training?

In the world of racing, the racer has enough to deal with... so it's very helpful to have someone to pay attention to a number of things that can make a difference... We have a long history of making a difference.

Thanks for you're ear Eddie. Nap time, or should we say coma!


Sunday, September 04, 2011

Read our blog: Amanda, Alex (PCP2P) Pua takes UET, Sue & Hunter's Stars & Stripes, Eddie 350 TNG.

Much success this 2011 Labor Day weekend. Results posted as results came in (no order) of who ranks higher than the other. They are all special and deserve top honors. They have all done their homework!

WN gets top results! There are many fit ideas on the market these days, so its great to see our WN users atop of their game.

Scientific, Uniquely Prefect, Real Results, Power

Results demonstrate any program's worth!

Pua Mata is USA Pro Mtb UET.

There are two Ultar-Endurance Series. We are just glad that the two top gals use WN.

Pua Mata atop final Pro UET standings

The USA Cycling Professional Mountain Bike Ultra-Endurance Tour (Pro UET) completed with the Hampshire 100 in Greenfield, N.H. Pua Mata (Huntington Beach, Calif./Team Sho-Air) topped the women’s standings.


Mata won each of the three races she entered to amass 180 points and top the final women’s standings. Karen Potter (Shrewsbury, Mass./MTBracenews.com/iRideAdventures), who won the Hampshire 100, finished second with 60 points. The four riders tied for third with 40 points were: Anna Milkowski (Andover, Mass./Wheelworks Racing), Jana Repulski (Boise, Idaho), Jennifer Smith (Gunnison, Colo./Alpine Orthopaedics) and Andrea Wilson (Cordova, Tenn./Mid South Velo).

Pro UET Final 2011 Overall

1. Pua Mata (Huntington Beach, Calif./Team Sho-Air) — 180
2. Karen Potter (Shrewsbury, Mass./MTBracenews.com/iRideAdventures) — 60
3. Andrea Wilson (Cordova, Tenn./Mid South Velo) — 40
3. Jennifer Smith (Gunnison, Colo./Alpine Orthopaedics) — 40
3. Jana Repulski (Boise, Idaho) — 40
3. Anna Milkowski (Andover, Mass./Wheelworks Racing) — 40

Alex Grant takes his 3rd Consecutive PCP2P "new record" He had a wedding to attend!

Alex Grant (Cannondale) takes home his 3rd consecutive Park City Point to Point (PCP2P) in a record 6:49:23. He takes home the winning paycheck of $1750.00! He had a wedding to get ready for!

There you have it! Get the job done and recover for the next performance! A winning mind set!

1. Alex Grant (Cannondale) 6.48.58
2. Tinker Juarez (Cannondale) 7.01.00
3. Josh Tostado (Bach Builders) 7.02.26
4. Bryson Perry (Lifetime Fitness) 7.08.16
5. Cary Smith (Hammer Nutrition) 7.18.21
6. Stig Somme 7.20.58
7. Brandon Firth 7.23.47
8. Greg Gibson 7.32.45
9, Casey Zaugg 7.33.55
10, Chris Holley 7.35.42

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sue Butler Takes USA Master Road Championships!

How could things be better for Sue Butler. She is a mtb gal w/ the focus on CX. but can dish it out to the roadies.

"Gets the Best All Around Rider Award"

She takes a Sliver in the crit. It was said, she lead most the race. Then turns around and takes the WN in road.

Sue Butler (wearing blue) earned her first road gold medal in the women's 40-44 road race in Bend, Ore.
Sue Butler (wearing blue) earned her first road gold medal in the women's 40-44 road race in Bend, Ore.
In the women’s races, the action was equally frenetic. After helping her teammate win gold on Thursday evening in the criterium, Sue Butler (Portland, Ore.), who considers Cyclo-cross her specialty, topped the women’s 40-44 podium in the road race on Saturday. Butler found herself in a move with Debbie Milne (Belden, Miss./Absolute Racing Team-MSMOC) and stuck with it. The two strong riders managed to open a gap on the field as they rode through their second lap before deciding the outcome in a sprint.

“I came out here to get some really good fitness for Cyclo-cross,” Butler said. “The event is in my backyard. I’m a Cat 2 on the road, so I’m not the smartest road racer. I sit on the front a lot. It’s a good experience. I’ve had a lot of fun.”

Way to go Sue! "Stars & Strips"

Amada Carey makes it 6 for 6 NUE. WN's PCP2P against some really tough gals!

Amanda Carey is a real tough mtb gal - WN Fast

Amanda Carey puts her skills to the test and goes undefeated in NUE races this year winning the Park City Point to Point (PCP2P)! Local pro Erica Tingey moved her way through the pack and finished strong 2nd. Sonya Looney and Rebecca Rusch duked it out till the end finishing 3rd and 4th.

1. Amanda Carey (Kenda/Felt) 8:17:33
2. Erica Tingey (White Pine Touring) 8:31:35
3. Sonya Looney (Ergon) 8.36.28
4. Rebecca Rusch (Specialized) 8.37.24
5, Jennifer Smith (Alpine Orthopedics) 8.46.43
6, Evelyn Dong
7, Kelly Boniface
8, KC Holley
9, Erin Collins
10, Jenelle Kremer
11, Sonya Bugbee
12, Jill Damman