Monday, December 24, 2007

Season's Greetings!

The Internet is a very powerful tool. It is a great place to send you message! There are the questions of etiquette, openness and free speech that we all have to grapple with. What is the future of software, how far do we go? Rest for sure, there is always going to be a critic and their network of challengers on all subjects!

Since our first very fits, using Wobble-naught CAD software in 2000, the first on-line CAD solution, many have gained huge benefits and even reached their dreams. In fact in 2001, we had 5 National Championships! A great story, but on the same note, there have been the Humbugs of Christmas pass!

No worries! Bad spirits with chains don't spook us! We intend on staying our course, providing our customer's the very best service in the game. We don't mind a few Humbugs! They only make us work harder! Ha!

So enjoy a little fun! Say a "State of Mind" about the use of our newest software!

Dartfish in the stockings!

Results many, not from one throughout the years, but from many with great grins as they push throught the gears!
Many opinions "Well, Humbug to this", the rivals exclaimed to the crowds! Those people must have their heads clear up in the clouds!

Tis the off season, but mostly in fear, in 2008 who next will appear? The Humbugs pick up their lattes and attempt to race, they think they ride, ride with great pace. Does a true magic reside deep inside, or do they use EPO on the side?
Convictioins, I can't see it with a wondering eye, how they race, as they set such a pace as they leave my side. Did traffic pull over, beholding the sight, how could they, their out of sight?

They honked with voices to others who hear. Voicing their opinions laced, while clutching their gears! Technology is growing, they grimaced and sneered? I have spent most of my life time "trial & error" by chance. A long journey with cycling, for twenty-years plus, in such pants. I have guarded my secrets, the bits and pieces plucked, now to say I have lost my luck!

Now they use Dartfish for all to see, in an attempt to be much better than me! So what else can I say, as I sail on my way? They for sure are mucking my play!

Down the dreaded highway without "Dartfish" a few will go! Unless I use Dartfish, I am sure to be slow! For some with a high degree, they think with great pride, we have studied it all, so walk to our side.

Many spend great time marketing, marketing to thee, stating an "sliver bullet" a bullet indeed! We'll make you much faster, fast as a flash, give us your money, and the other's boulder-dash!

While others just smile, with what they realize, there are many who are mislead to stand by the wayside! How dare they deprive us of true solo's dreams! They have spoiled our great secret we have protected it seems. As it is off season, they scheam against us, not without great big fuss! They pull their boots and cap to ride you will see, I must work that much harder to keep them near me!

There are many who don't quite believe in what they don't know, so thank goodness for the hevy snow Ho! Ho! Ho!

We now are using Dartfish, making precise decisions about your game. The human eye can't see the under lying facts. That is why we have partnered up with Dartfish!

Merry Christmas! Christmas is not just a date, it is a state of mind! Most consider it a source of joy for the children. May we all never gorw too old to enjoy our toys e.g. bikes!

We know you have been preparing for the 2008 season, but if you can possibly fit just a few more presents in your sleigh, here is our wish list:

1) Peace on Earth

2) Merry Christmas for all of our customers, friends and family.

3) And a Happy New Year, too!

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