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Team Exergy - First race "RESULTS"

Team Exergy - The real deal! They take their first race!
Read about it at their new site!


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Ernesto Marenchin & Brian Bennett "POW"- 24 hr. Old Pueblo!

Let's go racing!
Time to test all those fit ideas.

Ernesto Marenchin and Brian Bennett take the duo WN at Old Pueblo 24 hours.

Ben Sonntag, WNner of La Ruta de los Conquistadores was impressive throughout the race. While his 5-person co-ed NoTubes/Weapons of Ass Destruction team finished second in their division, Sonntag rode blistering laps in under one hour.
WN Fast!

TWENTY-NINE INCH Bikes and Fitting Opinions!

Mass market ideas on fitting don't cut it on the 29er! The wheels are larger and the real concern is getting the saddle to top of handlebars correct. For example the riser bars really throw things off.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feb 16th, 2011 "Bizarre" Contador In & Armstrong Out?

In a bizarre series of events, the Spanish cycling federation has cleared Tour de France champion Alberto Contador, and exonerated him of any doping charges. He is therefore free to race immediately.

Now the news that Lance Armstrong is out only days apart?

This is a day of history in the cycling world.

Controversial career

Lance Armstrong has announced his retirement. He become increasingly mired in controversy. He was to take part in a number of events on the US calendar in 2011?

Was Contador the straw that broke Armstrongs back?

Armstrong revealed his decision in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday in Austin, Texas.

There will not be a 8th Tour de France!

The allegations of doping in his former US Postal Service team that surfaced in 2010 and they will not just go away!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are You Crushing It? Too Much Back Extension Breaking You Down?

Wonder why the back gets sore?

Did you know sit ups, crunches and back extensions do more harm to the lower back than most people realize. Now jump on your bike and you will realize more what a bad fit can cause an ouch!

Enlightening information protects your spine.

A couple of reasons to avoid these exercises:

1) "The sit-up imposes approximately 3300 N or about 730 pounds of compression on the spine." This means that every time you do a sit-up, knees bent with feet locked under something, sitting up from the ground to vertical, that amount of pressure is crushing your intervertebral discs. "The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has set the action limit for low back compression at 3300 N. Repetitive loading about this level is linked with higher injury rates in workers, yet this is imposed on the spine with each repetition of the sit-up!"

2) Back extensions are no better. On the roman chair (this is the piece of equipment that is set at 45 degrees and you can lock your feet and rest your thighs on it so that you can drop and lift your upper body, working the back) performing one back extension, imposes over 4000 N or about 890lbs of compression on the spine These types of exercises impose up to 6000 N or over 1300lbs of spinal load and compression, then add road noise. These exercises are referred to as the "superman". Please avoid these exercises at all bike fitting costs! The deadlift both work the back and spine in the biomechanically correct fashion. There is no isolation of the muscles and the body works as one functional unit.

How does the core function on a bike?

3) The most important aspect of abdominal muscle performance on a bike is obtaining the control that is necessary to A) Appropriately stabilize the spine, B) Maintain optimal alignment and movement relationships between the pelvis and spine to the saddle and C) Prevent excessive stress and motions of the pelvis during movements of the extremities i.e. too low of a saddle.

4) Hopefully Point C above enlightens you? You can see that what we are trying to do is train the core to stabilize the pelvis, and to efficiently transfer force to the arms and legs.

What does this all mean?

5) In cycling, there is obvious risk taken by working out, but if we can make good choices we can do a better job at avoiding injury.

6) In sports it is necessary to have abdominal strength in flexion. avoid too much spinal loading while still working hard. Cycling exercise can be tough and its best to work the abs while minimizing the spinal loading and reps performed.

Avoid any type of back extension where possible and try to work the core as it was meant to function. Lot's of front support, side support, and anti-extension exercises will make a difference.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Perineum - Male bike fitters need to know. An area of concern!

The above model is the pressure contact points of a saddle for a female.

The above is the male contact points on that same saddle.

Too many male fitters tell the gals how to ride, and how to sit on the saddle by their own feelings. I can't think of the last time I have seen a guy give childbirth even if they did have something to do with it.

No wonder so many gals come to us with an ouch!

The perineum refers to the area of the trunk between the thighs and the buttocks. The pelvis is limited inferiorly by the pelvic outlet, the inferior pelvic aperture, which is bounded anteriorly by the pubic symphysis and posteriorly by the coccyx.

There seems to be many who think this area of the body doesn't come in many shapes and sizes.
In fact their fit ideas don't take a precision measruement?

Then you have the comparison of male and female and its the subpubic angle adn pubic arch that can't be on the outer side of the leg by video and some short of leds?

The man pelvis is heaver & thicker than a female pelvis and has more prominent bone markings. In contrast, the female pelvis is wider, shallower, and has a larger outlet.

The diameter of the lesser pelvis is key not just for childbirth, but how you need a correct pelvic examination. We measure that and that makes a difference.

There is no reason to have an ouch because of a very misleading bike fit!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

This isn't your run of the mill "Bob" He has a PhD and gets it!

Wireless communications!

"Molasses, snails and glaciers: none are slower than an organization developing a new wireless standard. "

PhD Bob now works for Bob, he use to head R&D for HP here in Boise, ID, for 26 years! When you have to work for the man, you can't develop. We had coffee at the "Cof-fice" and after showing him what we need, you best stay tuned!

The mother of invention comes from snails not getting it!

WN & Bob just might change the cycling world big time. Why? Because we know what's needed! Not about price point molasses, snails, and glaciers.

We both know how slow organization move, many of the ideas fall on deaf ears!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

3000 BC To 2011 Why does man not learn?

The function of the body is one of the oldest basic medical sciences, it started in Egypt about 500 BC.

In Greece, Hippocrates (460-377 BC) wrote books on anatomy. Aristotle (384-322 BC) was the first to use the term anatome, a Greek word meaning "cutting up or taking apart."

You would think in 2011, bike fit systems would not just conduct bike fits from the outside only?

There is much more skin than meets the eye!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Minnesota's Penn Cycles - Chris Baiser "Real Deal Myth Buster"

My fees have increased for 2011.

No Complaints! For $300.00, or less, I can guarantee a minimum of 20+ watts without altering HR.

How? The WN fit is CAD based. It provides me the blueprint for your success. When correctly positioned, more effective muscle recruitment is possible, and pedaling technique is amenable.

The result is increased watts, without increased effort.

Every person that I have fit since training with Tom Coleman (Wobble-Naught “WN”) has achieved between 20-100 watt gains.

Penn Cycle & Chris Baiser are a real force. Chris is a real warrior!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Only Your Nose Knows? Or does it? Watts Up about saddles?

When is the last time you been on a cover page?
Kate uses our fit, she even paid for it!!!
We know why she is WN Fast!

Word of mouth, tradition, or intuition for their veracity (conformity to facts; accuracy).

The picture above is of a Selle Italia saddle with a nose. Selle Italia is attempting to make a "Friction Free" saddle, to eliminate friction between thighs & saddle.

Fizik is making their saddle more flat and more narrow!

ISM is really strong in straight line events, tri and gaining in tt.

New for 2011 and all about straight line performance!

Their report: From the start gate to the finish line, you will slice through the competition. ISM’s winning design allows for increased hip rotation, thus decreasing a rider’s aerodynamic drag and opens the diaphragm for easier breathing. Riders report an increase in wattage due to the more aggressive positioning. Sloped front arms provide extra relief to the superficial perineal space. NO NUMBNESS – NO PAIN. Uses light weight foam and gel pads with titanium alloy rails. 245mm long and 130mm wide.

Available in Black or White

MSRP $224.95

We have been telling the industry for years that hip rotation is key for performance.

That is why we find the correct tilt of saddle, not eye it.

But a 800 lb. ape can't communicate.

They claim upright is the way to go?