Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cyclocross in NC, Applegate takes 2nd!

Why is this so cool? First, Andy uses our Wobble-naught CAD software in Asheville, NC to find the very best solution for his customers. Given the number of different fitting systems, ideas, coaching, bike stores, etc..., Andy is killing it!

We track the each fit a dealer performs, using the Wobble-naught CAD solutions. Each fit takes about two hours. We don't know how he finds time to even ride?

To race, you have to spend time on the bike! For the true pro, their job is riding the bike, not working some where. For the most part, they only have to worry about what time of day they get their ride in. I just came home after being in Denver, CO working with the the folks at Velo News all day Monday at Nat Ross's Pro Bike Center in Golden, CO. We gave them a super overview, "the bare bones", of what we do! We only spent 12 hours showing them how we use Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish with the WN solution. We only gave the the "peak of the ice berg", of how we teach the facts! When you see it, you get better!

After a long day of delayed flights from Denver,Co on Tuesday, on the way home, I eyed our friend, World Champion Kristin Armstrong on her bike (temp about 24-degrees), putting her time on Hill Road. It was the warmest time of the day and that his her job (to ride). Kristin is a pro and sticks to the her game plan and the results show it!

Not to take away from the pro, but Andy on the other hand goes to work everyday and then races on weekends. So placing 2nd is very good! Wonder what he could do if he was on the bike every day?

At least, he is thinking, teaching the perfect pedal stroke all week! Ha! It comes from your brain! Results!!!

Now we see Mark Hekman is back on the bike racing, back in the top 10 again! Welcome back Mark, for taking 8th.

Congrats Andy for working in the real world, and throwing it down on the weekends! You don't have to worry about where your next meal is coming from!


Men 1,2

1 Jon Hamblen (RGM-Watches-Richard Sachs) 1.04.43
2 Andy Applegate (Land Rover / Cannondale) 0.47
3 Travis Livermon (Cycling Spoken Here) 1.03
4 Charlie Storm (Back to Dirt / Inland Construction) 2.11
5 Charlie Pendry (Back to Dirt / Inland Construction) 2.27
6 Will Black (KCCX / Verge) 3.21
7 Joshua Whitmore (Carolina Triathlon - Ryobi) 3.46
8 Mark Hekman (Land Rover / Cannondale) 3.59

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