Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Better Way To "STOP" Inaccurate Guess Work!

I have been a coach of some movement most of my life. To get a "horse" to drink water, you have to be demanding! It seems that a horse will be happy to just run with the heard! Do only what they do!

Not unlike any animal, they can remember the "harsh tones" of your voice even through the years. There is a better way to get your point across. Let them see it!

To improve your game, you must be demanding and with great focus. The problem here is on the same "tone" less demeaning! Words can hurt!

How many times have we seen the dad yelling at his kid? I just saw this while in Lyons, CO. The poor kid was crying and his dad was yelling at him how he "sucked"? Coaches they are not, and the kid grows up, still remember a demeaning or hurtful thing a "Dad/Mom" a bad coach said to them when they were young. Almost every person who is still active, present can still remember those harsh and likely inaccurate statements a coach said, even though it is years, if not decades later. Anyone can point out the wrong things, say this or that, post something on a web site, but can they provide solutions that makes a difference. Understand this, if you don't perform, its not their problem?

I remember Anke Friedrich telling me how the German National Ski Team beat her up and how much they hurt her with their strong tones while she was on the team. After becoming her coach, she took NCAA National Championships in 1989/90 in SL & GL. She made the book of world records as the only women to do that. I used pictures (models) and many of them to show her what she needed to work on!

Anke went on to get her PhD from MIT in science!

We must stop “teaching” in any way that is demeaning, and become a positive role model/coach.
There is no room in teaching or coaching cycling for a coach or bike fitter who's by voice or action, is belittling a
player or the truth about the movement.

If these coaches don't understand the movement, they need not be an active voice. It is not right for people to pay money to people who guess on what they might need to improve. To many voice their inaccurate statements on the "horse". The problem here is they learned it from running with the heard! They only know what they heard! Ha!

This is why each of our dealers are going to use "DARTFISH" software in 2008. Not only do we set your bike up to your best range of motion and best line of pull for that game using Wobble-naught CAD software, but we show you the truth with "DARTFISH" without inaccurate statements from guess work or simply because someone performs fits by eyeballing it!

If you want to really learn how to pedal, we can show you! Not tell you!

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