Monday, July 25, 2011

Pua Mata left the "Galena Grinder" line in 2nd and stayed there! 2nd even in the men's field!

This dirt bike has a jet black saddle, that's ice!

Think it's warm where you live? It's not at Galena Lodge, Idaho! I need to change the clock from pm to am! Just had the car in the shop!

Things did heat up. The top ladies 1,2,3, have been WN'end at one time or another!

Got to hang a banner on the WN'ing team!

Another great event in SV area! "The Grinder."

We have been doing this (bike fitting, coaching, etc...) for a while and we have watched people move to different set ups? Money has an impact! So it was great to have a few of our elite racers to show up and "let the game begin." There are many ideas on how one has the WN'ing edge. We think you have to prove it by the results and we do just that.

Manny & Pua killed it! Pua had about a 30 min lead over 2nd place women, was only about 2 min from teammate Manny who took the race and both set new records.

They both won really cool watches for breaking course times and records "WN Fast."

It was said by a World Champion that we have quite the "WN ROSTER."


Women's standings with two rounds remaining
1Pua Mata180 pts
2Jennifer Smith40
3Andrea Wilson40
4Jana Repulski40
5Kelly Boniface30
6Rebecc Rusch30
7Jennifer Gersbach25
8Lynn Stott25
9Sonya Bugbee18
10Muffy Ritz18

Amanda Carey WN's High Cascades 100 takes NUE lead

Some shoot just to be shooting! Other's care about hitting their marks!

You don't have to be good at what you do, you don't have to care about precision!

Some are driven to succeed, to hit their marks!

Amanda Carey made it four wins in a row and now leads the NUE series.

When she see's the target, she hits the mark!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Team Exergy - 2011 USA Pro "Most Aggressive Jersey"

Sport is a funny thing. The media, the marketing brings out the thumbs up or the thumbs down.
That's what makes sport dynamic. Without sport, teams, fans, who cares? Sport is a "Do it my way." You have to be mental tough, to stand your grown, be aggressive, as someone wants to knock you down! It's called sticking to it and these guys have.

Team Exergy - support and fans will like this.

2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Exergy Most Aggressive Jersey

Thumbs up!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shonny Vanladingham winning her 2nd XTERRA mtb Championship!

Mean while Shonny V takes another one!

It was Rocky Mt. High from ID to CO "AWESOME."t

Congrats Shonny!

XC Nats Sun Valley, ID - What a great weekend!

This might look like an easy uphill, it was not, it's a lot steeper than you think, just around the corner. Every stroke counts!
Dave has been the voice of mtb for a while now, I know we have ran into each other for over 12 years now.

The weather was perfect, the course was nothing but a gut buster! Many had strong statements about the climb "straight up and every stroke counted from the gun" climbing legs please!

Straight up a ski service road w/0 turns, sometimes hitting over 21% hurts. When you see the pros almost ready to hop off the bike and walk you know that's a hard dig.

So proud of so many just to do the race. It was great to catch up with the many faces who have used our services. We have been providing the WN'ing edge for a long time now. So it's great to see folks like Reba Rusch, Chopper, and many others.

I will point out that we top marks w/ people we have worked with. Starting out w/ Russel Thronstrom taking 1st Masters, Georgia Gould obtaining her #3 Nats XC, J, Bishop a 4th XC on Sat., then a 5th in Short Track. Amanda Carey, the NUE 100 mile queen getting 7th in XC, Alex Grant 8th XC.

Idaho is a great place and the event was just what it needed to showcase our hood.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sun Valley, ID - Let's the games begin! Throstrom "Stars & Strips"

Bike Fest USA

Cross Country Men Cat 2 Master 50-54
1Russell Thorstrom Boise WN Precison1:02:31
2Charles Bruni0:01:38
3Ronnie Gallego0:04:10
4James Santa0:04:36
5Daniel Nicholas0:05:49
6Greg Compagnone0:08:10
7Montie Milner (Reno Wheelmen)
8Weston Wheat (Lactic Acid Cycling)0:08:44
9Thomas Jakaby0:09:06
10Gary Lowden (KCOI Boulevard)0:11:01
11Tim Schaldach0:13:45
12John Seivert (SERT/Sho-Air/SHO-AIR/ SERT)0:14:30
13Javier Soliz0:14:51
14Norman Graham0:24:45
DNFBruce Rogers
DNFKurt Galatro
DNFSteve Edwards (Ritte Van Vlaanderen/Ritte Racing)