Thursday, March 26, 2020

It has taken years to bring a sensor that can measure 1,750 times per sec.
To be used anywhere, any time...
Our app is close!

COVID-19 has closed many stores, personal fits, but you can obtain you precise fit at home.

In 1999, WN launched the World’s 1st online self-help website to allow people a real “physical exam of the spine & extremities”. In that day people were afraid of the internet & retails stores wanted nothing to do with any online service or product sales.

In that day, the major brands like Specialized & Trek as well as fit studios didn’t offer any form of a fitting system.  I was in a Boise, Idaho Specialized store, that became a top 100 store.  That Specialized store had a record of just how many fits WN Precison was doing, & noted people would come from near & far.   It didn’t take long for them to come up with their version of cycling needs.
After all, they needed to move their bikes, saddles, stems, seatpost, etc.

They didn’t like WN Precision suggesting non Specialized products (i.e., Thompson, Sole footbeds, Fizik saddles, FSA handlebars & stems, Zipp, etc.) or anything after market.

The concept/specialty store was born to keep other brands out!  To control their retail dealers & staff.  The same thing happened to Trek “their way or the highway.”  People lost choice!

Fast forward to today, 81,000 CAD fit later, the present COVID-19 has closed the bike shops, the fit studios.  Like it or not, the fact is,  Amazon wants to hire 100,000 for their online commerce & I think it’s safe to say, we live in a very different world than 1999.

Here in Idaho, the government has locked down people for 21 days.

For the last 20 years, the biggest complaint about bike fitting precisely, was the time it can take.

You have the time now, & you don’t have to have a fitter to perform the face to face.

The world has changed, but our ability to provide you with a precise fit hasn’t.   If you want to make a difference in you cycling life down the road, or on the trainer, it’s right here!

We can get you right & teach you how to get more from your cycling.

Stay Safe

WN Precision