Monday, December 17, 2007

Georgia Gould 3rd & Sue Butler 6th at US Cyclo-Cross!

US Cyclo-cross Championships

Kansas City, Kansas, USA, December 13-16, 2007

Just how you want to see it, good racing in Kansas at the US Cyclo-cross Championships. This is such a cool game! Very fun to watch with tons of action packed racing. We understand how hard it is to watch a road, mtb race, perhaps you catch the start or you might see the end. You can watch most of the Cyclo-cross action with very little effort! Just move to one part of the course to another. The fans are great, bringing many cowbells and they always seem up!

Congrats to Katie Compton for a good hole shot keeping out front till the end! Both Katie and Georgia are building the Cyclo-cross sport in the USA. Fans are coming to watch how good racing unfolds. The Cyclo-cross race is short in time (45 min.) and in this game, you have to throw it down quickly e.g. drag race, put time on others from the start. If you get stuck in the field, fighting the ice & snow, it can slow you down due to the single lane traffic. Less lanes to pass!

What a long season for all! These people need time off the bike (1-2 weeks) Ha! We hope they all have a nice break and look forward to their efforts 2008 season.

Congrats to Georgia Gould, as she has had a super season on the Cyclo-cross racing, and we are pleased to watch the results of Sue Butler who came to see us this 2007 year. Her coach "Kendra Wenzel" suggested she get her bike fitted by us. It seems that her game has been turned up a bit. Any time you can get two racers in the top 10 pro is very good.


1 Katie Compton (Spike Shooter) 0.33.47
2 Rachel Lloyd (Proman/Paradigm) 0.22
3 Georgia Gould (Luna Women'S Mtb Team) 1.17
4 Kerry Barnholt (Tokyo Joes / Van Dessel) 1.53
5 Maureen Bruno Roy (If/Wheelworks/Sram P/B Gen) 2.21
6 Sue Butler (River City Bicycles) 3.47

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