Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How does your fit rate? Want to go faster?

This is the gal that came from previous fittings with CTS (Retul) and then BG.

What I see is WN is 15min faster on the same course comparatively.

Seems that everyone is attempting to provide the best solution? After 10 years we still out gun their basic ideas!

We don't make this stuff up! WE MAKE YOU FASTER!

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From: J
Date: Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 3:10 PM
Subject: Emailing: Event Results Set Up Events
To: R Dean

Greetings Ronnie,
My apologies for the delay in responding to you about my bike fit. I am thrilled with both bikes and all the tips you gave me. You were aware I've been struggling with some injuries this season and I am confident the bike fit will only help. In this race (my 1st Olympic distance) I used the Specialized (red &white) bike and was really happy with my bike time (15 min faster than my training ride on this course). I had some sacrum and right back pain the last 10 miles, but my transition to the run was great. Again I think this is preexisting injury flareup and nothing to do with the bike fit. I am very happy with your work and thank you.
You are amazing at what you do!

My husband, J will be calling on you for a fit when his new mountain bike arrives!
My best to you,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Compton Raising the Bar for Luna and Others!

Compton is flexing her muscles in racing in Wisconsin

September 26, Elite women: Madison, Wisconsin

Planet Bike's Katie Compton has to make her sponsors proud! Her efforts are going to turn up the speed in the 2009 season. This is going to be fun to keep up on! A close battle is what sport is all about. It also allows us to find understanding needs for cyclocross bike setups. You have to be on your toes, it's going to be a good shoot out.

We have been pointing out to Georgia Gould and Sue Butler how important it is to accelerate from the start and the turns. Their bikes are set up to grab a hand full and do that. It requires practice! Compton's track history is serving her well.

Compton "I'm working on accelerating hard out of the turns and going fast up the run-ups and over the barriers. I have to be able to do those fast for the World Cups."

1Katherine Compton (Spike Shooter)
2Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team)
3Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team)
4Amy Dombroski (Richard Sachs-RGM Watches-Radix)
5Alison Sydor (Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain)
6Susan Butler (
7Deidre Winfield (C3 - Athletes Serving Athletes)
8Alison Dunlap (Luna Pro Team)
9Devon Haskell (BH USA)
10Kristin Wentworth (Planet Bike)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mark Hekman Takes Crit Sries Title!

Barlevav wins USA Crits finale

September 24, Elite men: Las Vegas 60km

Yet another trend!

Teammate Hekman claims series title!

1Eric Barlevav (Mountain Khakis)1:24:32
2Adrian Hegyvary (Hagens-berman Llp Cycling)
3Gavi Epstein (Champion System Racing)
4Jorge Alvarago (Kahala-lagrange)0:00:02
5Ryan Dewald (Batley Harley Davidson/ Sanoma)0:00:07
6Mark Hekman (Mountain Khakis)

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's in the books "Sue Butler" wins on Sunday!

Sue told us she was not happy with her results. So she went out and had a good race on Sunday.
She said her seatpost dropped about 1 inch! Ouch!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sue Butler (Monavie Cannondale) #2 at Star Crossed!

Wyman victorious over Butler and a deep field!

September 19, Elite Women:

The UK mtb star shine's in Seattle's rain & mud, Wyman tops Butler after getting the hole shot. Late-race rain crash out Canadian Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountains-Maxxis) and American Alison Dunlap (Luna).

Last year's winner Sue Butler (Monvaie-Cannondale) attacked her two powerhouse chase companions to earn herself a second place. Super Results!

Marymoor Velodrome hosted the start and finish of the Star Crossed event and the crowds gathered went wild at the star-studded call-ups for the pro-elite women's field sponsored by Herriott Sports Performance. Todd Herriott was on our fit for years when he was a pro.

Names like Sue Butler, Sydor, Wyman and the most prized was the call up for 6-time national champion, Alison Dunlap who came out of retirement to compete in the 2009 US cyclo-cross season.

It must rain in the UK? Wyman used her good start position and technical prowess to nab the hole shot out of the velodrome and onto the grass and shoots herself up the steep run-up with a small advantage.

Mid-way through the race the rain started to pour on the women's circuit bringing the mud and slick corners into play, things that favoured riders like Dunlap and Sydor who are world-renowned for their excellent technical skills from their mountain bike days. The Wobble-naught fit for Sue Butler allowed her the skills to stay up right.

Wyman slid out with three laps to go likely caused by the wet and slippery conditions. Her late-race tumble allowed the three chasers to close in, but it was not enough. Wyman picked herself up and continued on with a near 20-second lead that rose back up to 30-seconds as she rode her way into a victory salute ahead of Butler, Dunlap and Sydor.

1Helen Wyman (Kona)
2Sue Butler (Monvaie-Cannondale Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish)
3Alison Dunlap (Luna Chix)
4Alison Sydor (Rocky Mountain-Maxxis)
5Kari Studley (Velo Bella)
6Emily Van Meter (Hudz-Subaru)
7Wendy Williams (Hudz-Subaru)
8Sarah Stewart (Total Restoration Cycling Team)
9Jenni Gaertner (Vertical Earth)
10Kristi Berg (Redline)