Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Team Exergy - San Dimas, CA. Matt Cooke 2nd GC!

At the presentation in Boise, ID Team Exergy was introduced as a neo-pro team. If they keep this up they won't be called that for very long. They have gone 1 & 2 at their first two races.
Looks like the team is going to have a great season.

Matt Cooke takes 2nd GC behind Ben Day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Brent Bookwalter BMC breaks collarbone on wet roads!

Brent Bookwalter breaks collarbone at 2011 Volta a Catalunya "OUCH"

He will undergo surgery this week and hopes to return ASAP!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Early Season Success - Great Results!

Early WN's for many WN fitted folks. Team Exergy takes 2nd, Bishop takes 2nd, Gould takes 2nd, Butler takes 1st. Two top-tens with Amanda Carey in 10th. These are pros folks! The smallest of % makes a difference! Correct information makes a difference.

Does a Tiger Woods win every event?

Top marks. Is that not what you expect from precision!

What's pretty cool? Six of the top ten pro mtb gals who placed in the top 10 are in our data bank. We must know something?

It makes you feel good to know you have worked w/ the fastest folks in the game. That we are focused on the correct things.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can a change in one's position make a difference?

The quadriceps femoris via common tendinous (quadriceps tendon) & independent attachments to base of patella; indirectly via patellar ligament to tibial tuberosity. Get it right or ouch! In fact have poor skills and ouch! The articular muscle of the knee is greatly over looked with the KOPS! Muscles only pull, and they can be pulled too much.

The articular muscle of the knee (L. articularis genus), a small, flat muscle, a derivative of the vastus imtermedius attaches superiorly to the inferior part of the anterior aspect of the femur & inferiorly to the synovial membrane of the knee joint & the wall of the suprapatellar bursa.
The articular muscle pulls the synovial membrane during extension of the leg, preventing folds or being compressed between the femur & patella w/in the knee joint. If your saddle it too low, too far forward, you place too much tension on it and it can be pulled (micro tears).

As for the patella (knee cap), it is a large sesamoid bone, formed intratendinously after birth, located anterior to the knee joint. You can have a number of different types i.e. Type I, Type II, Type III, etc... It articulates with the femur. The anterior surface of the patella is convex; the thick base (superior border) slopes inferoanteriorly; the 2 lateral & medail borders converge inferiorly to form the pointed apex, and the articular surface of the knee cap is smooth, oval area divided into articular facets by a vertical ridge. They are not all the same!!!

Phinney has to withdraw from Catalunya with knee pain!

Did they use the KOPS on him? We know that method can harm your knees, yet it is used?

Reports point out that Phinney said he first felt the pain on stage 1. On the 3rd stage, he hung with the peloton over the first two climbs. But by the third climb, his knee was done, he said. “One of the hardest things to do in the sport of cycling is to get off your bike and I fought as hard as I could. I am incredibly disappointed!

Your career in any sport is short lived, yet another setback in his first year as a professional.

BMC chief medical officer Dr. Max Testa said the pain in Phinney’s quadricep tendon was likely due to several factors: small changes in his position a few days before the race, cold weather on the race’s opening day, and the intensity difference between training and racing.

We will never know! Who ever performed the fit will never point to one thing, but if they used the used the KOPS, that is the most likely issue. Too low a saddle can hurt you!

Want to know more? Do your homework and you be the judge!

If you aren't in the game, your out! Below is true story about a guy who was in great pain before, then he used our fit.


you fitted me in boise in late june/early july of this past year. i was the guy with the blue felt doing the oregon to new hampshire abb group ride the rest of the ride went great i rode trouble-free, more at ease on the bike (and off the bike afterwards), and faster the rest of the way "levitating" the remaining 2,500 miles.

i sold the bike when i got home but transferred the measurements to an older kestrel that is just more fun to ride
anyway i'm thinking of buying a new road bike i currently have 172.5 cranks but would like to do things right
would you recommend a crankarm length based on my measurements?

thanks again for the great fit and a memorable conversation

mark scheer

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pua is back! She takes WN in the south for Team Sho-Air!

A WN in Arkansas this past weekend, I hope you enjoy it.

With an unexpected turn of events and what I believe was fate, things took a drastic turn for me. After one meeting a week before the race, I was agreeing to take a trip to Arkansas to race the first stop of the Pro UET, for the same team that helped to make my dream of racing come true 5 years ago - Team Sho-Air.

I look forward to talking with you and hope you have an awesome day!



Monday, March 14, 2011

UCI Rule: On Bike Aero Position!

Our laser gets it right!

UCI Rules!

The nose of a given saddle has to be 5cm behind the bottom bracket!
Regarding the other direction, the aero bars can't exceed 75cm at end of shifters!
If your very tall, you can add 5cm to reach.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gould Romps, Bishop Surges at Pro XCT #1

Gould Romps, Bishop Surges at Pro XCT #1

Georgia Gould on Saturday dominated the first national cross-country race of the season on the women’s side while Sid Taberlay did on the men’s — that is until a resurgent Jeremiah Bishop kicked in the afterburners on the last lap.

PRO XCT 2011
March 12: US Cup Triple Crown Bonelli Park – San Dimas, CA

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sue Butler WN's "Red to Red mtb" over Rebecca Rusch!


Sue Butler takes the mtb WN over World 24 hour pro Rebecca Rusch in OR.

If you check our history, you will note we worked with, coached Rusch on her pedal stroke for years, getting her to focus on things that even got her a few worlds, then "S" a major bike company put her on their pay role!

There is no better way to make a point about fits than real results.

Sue Butler is a WN user! Sue made a statement!

Red To Red mtb race #1 Sue Butler & husband Tim # 2nd in his race. They only use WN!

Date: Saturday March 12, 2011

Location: Echo, OR

Type of Event: Mountain

ORBA RED TO RED MOUNTAIN BIKE RACE, 28 miles mostly single track, Sno Road Winery/ Echo West vineyared trail. 12 miles desert arroyo trail through the steep vineyard to the river bottom forest then back to the town of Echo where the sponsering winery SNO ROAD will have tasteing open!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Shonny Vanladingham - takes 2011 XTERRA Phiippines!

Shonny Vanlandingham

"Wide Open"

1st - ever XTERRA Philippines Championship!

In the women’s race Renata Bucher was first off the bike, followed 11 seconds later by reigning XTERRA World Champion Shonny Vanlandingham.

Vanlandingham took the lead three kilometers into the run part of the race after riding and running side-by-side with Renata Bucher for a large portion of the run and biking part of the race. Vanlandingham said she got through the most difficult part of the race because of the support of locals who watched and supported the participants.

“You just got so much energy from the cheering of the community,” said Vanlandingham. “The kids who watched the bike and run part of the race were chanting and cheering. It’s great to come to a place like the Philippines.”

Vanlandingham’s winning time was 2:31:39, nearly two minutes ahead of Bucher who finished in 2:33:35.


Today’s XTERRA Philippines Championship race was the second event to qualify amateur athletes into the XTERRA World Championship to be held in Maui, Hawaii on October 23, 2011. A total of 34 slots were awarded to the top finishers in each age division. Next up, XTERRA Saipan Championship, and here’s a look at the rest of the 2011 XTERRA World Tour Championships.

Date – Event (Location)
Feb 26 – XTERRA South Africa Championship (Western Cape)
Mar 6 – XTERRA Philippines Championship (Cebu)
Mar 12 – XTERRA Saipan Championship (Northern Marianas)
Apr 9 – XTERRA New Zealand Championship (Rotorua)
May 29 – XTERRA Italy Championship+ (Orosei, Sardinia)
June 11 – XTERRA Brazil Championship (Manaus, Amazon)
June 25 – XTERRA Austria Championship+ (Carinthia)
July 10 – XTERRA France Championship+ (Xonrupt, Alsace)
Aug 6 – XTERRA Mexico Championship (Valle De Bravo)
Aug 13 – XTERRA Czech Championship+ (Spindleruv Mlyn)
Aug 20 – XTERRA European/Germany Championship+ (Zittau)
Aug 27 – XTERRA Japan Championship (Marunuma)
Sept 4 – XTERRA Canada Championship (Whistler)
Sept 10 – XTERRA Switzerland Championship+ (Prangins)
Sept 24 – XTERRA USA Championship (Ogden/Snowbasin, UT)
Oct 23 – XTERRA World Championship (Maui, Hawaii)

2011 Ironman New Zealand Kate Bevilaqua - WN Fast!

There are a ton of Tri fit ideas! But do they really uncover the facts?

Kate is starting out very strong!

When Kate came to us her hips where all jacked up! She had been fitted by the so called tri fit pros? After we fixed her, Kate started laying down some WN Fast bike times!

Warriner was the first woman out of T1 and onto the bike course. It was a lead that she would not relinquish during the 112 mile bike ride.
Warriner finished the ride in 5:10:39. Kate Bevilaqua (WN Precison) rode a 5:11:55 to be in second place at the end of the ride and Belinda Harper, making her pro debut, was in third after her 5:18:11 split. Both Lawn and Carfrae flatted during the ride.

The women’s top 10:

1) Samantha Warriner (Whangarei, NZ) – 9:28:24

2) Mirinda Carfrae (Australia/Colorado) – 9:31:33

3) Joanna Lawn (Auckland, NZ) – 9:31:53

4) Kate Bevilaqua WN Precison (Perth, Australia) – 9:40:01

5) Belinda Harper (Auckland, NZ) – 9:40:33

6) Kirsten Molloy (Nowra, NSW, Australia) - 9:49:02

7) Michelle Mitchell (Palmerston, NT, Australia) - 9:50:04

8) Janine Willis (Perth, Australia) - 9:55:17*

9) Candice Hammond (Cambridge, NZ) - 9:56:41*

10) Renee Lane (Geelong, Australia) - 10:01:59

Continue reading on Examiner.com:

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

To Be WN Fast "To Be or Not To be"

In running & jogging, the walking pattern is modified slightly by adding a phase of nonsupport.
In running the foot is estimated to about 3 times the body weight.

In running as walking, the movements of the leg & foot follow a sequence. At a certain phase the rearfoot is positioned in a slight inversion before heel contact; followed by slight plantar-flexion motion as the forefoot moves to the ground.

Many times there deformities. For example excessive pronation during gait. Meaning excessive foot mobility, which can increase the stresses to structures and fascial.

Now think of cycling, it is not total weight bearing. You heel never makes contact with the pedal. Think of your bike shoe, excessive foot mobility causes increased stresses to structures and fascial. Even when semi-weight bearing upon a saddle, excessive foot mobility can cause issues through the whole human linked chain.

Its like bad parts on the front of your car. You will wear out!

You better get your toe in & toe out plus the yaw right.

Having a pretty pedal stroke will not make a difference if you
can't put the foot where it needs to be!

The lower leg might seem easy to understand, but it's not. Get a fit and we will teach you how to best transfer through all phases of the pedal stroke.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Male or Female? They don't sit on the saddle the same!

The next time a guy attempts to teach a gal how to sit on a saddle, show them this!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

When can you become too aero?

The person who crosses the line first wins the race! That means you need to turn the legs over.

After years in the ski industry, wind tunnels, etc... we knew that its important to be able to move the legs. We learned the precise range of motion needed at speed. If you can't move your legs because you are too aero you stand a good chance of being in the woods! Being more aero was not always faster! A saddle that is too low, turns off the legs!

A read from www.velonews.com

He had a nice position before and he was not keen to change it. I said, ‘Alberto, I have an idea on how I think we can do better, we can just go back if it doesn’t work,’” Riis told the Danish paper. “So I moved him around a bit and he improved 1.75 seconds per kilometer. Such things helped to open him.”