Monday, October 29, 2007

Spooktacular Race at Sun Valley, ID & Big Cash!

Seventh heaven "Not"! The area looks like heaven, but it was pure "hell" and for the racers it made their eyes pop out! Spooky! They also made strange sounds gasping for air! Ha!

Note the angle of the ski lift, this was a killer climb at 5'900ft!!!

Action packed racing as Cody Peterson pulls away for the Saturday race. Viewed is Bart hitting the deck after his front end washed out from the leaves!

Then came Sunday when Bart pulled away! Good racing!
Cycling in Sun Valley,Idaho, its hard to do better this time of year. A young racer getting the feel of the course,warming up the early morning.

The winner of the Masters! By the way he also helped mark the course? Perhaps he knew the course? Funny how knowing things makes a difference!

Yes indeed,you have to race up this 12 to 14 times, and yes it's too steep to ride, but think of the view!

We even had center stage for two days! Dik using the Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish to dial in his stroke. Even the younger kids "hanging out" learning the facts.

It was two days of "Out of Body" performance's in Sun Valley, ID. Two-thousand US green for grabs from Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish on Saturday before the Idaho State Championships on Sunday.

Oktoberfest in full gear, plus Billy Olson putting on a good show with the bike racing with the support of Sun Valley Company, Smith, Scott, Thomson, Wobble-naught & Myo-facts and many helpers to pull it off.

The whole town was into it. All ages, about 70 kids under age 7 racing as hard as they could move their legs, racing at the base of River Run! A few had ultra low weight high tech bikes, they saved weight by not having cranks! Ha! I think they where under the weight limts
All this as they raced back and forht over the Big Wood river, you could stand and even see rainbows holding in the water. They had a live band in side the lodge, steins of beer, great food and weather!

Saturday night, the streets of down town Ketchum came alive with the for more "Spooktacular" spooks of all kinds, some 9 feet tall. Behind a full moon rising over the snow capped mountain peaks. A sight to behold!

Claudia "popcorn" Soddemann putting on a show as she rode away from the field. Dash for the cash!!! She use to put 10 min. into the field in mtb, but now she has two kids. Ha! Having two kids can really slow you down. That's why she only put a few minutes on the women pros.

Her oldest son, I think age five was racing single speed, so he was on course at the time of this picture.

Everyone said the same thing, this was the best racing and show in the four years its been put on!

Congrats Billy O!

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