Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amanda Carey is now WN Faster! Look out Ladies!

Amanda already has three wins in the 100 mile events.

She just wanted to make sure she WN's the Ultra Endurance-100 mile series by more than the 30 min gap she has had over 2nd place.

Amanda has been approached by other fitting systems, she refused!
She knows what really gets her

Game on!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bogus WN'ers Video

Breck Epic "WN" Men1,2,4 Women 1,5 "WN Provablity"

You don't have to (WN)

Prove or evidence is in the pudding, not the deception of ideas!



Pro Men Solo

1, Jeremiah Bishop (WN Cannondale) 18.16:12

2, Alex Grant (WN Cannondale) 18:23:33

3, Josh Tostado (Bach Builders) 18:43:07

4, Ben Sonntag (WN Cannondale) 18.50.49

5, Matt Shriver (Ft. Lewis College) 19:09:34

6, Macky Franklin (Yeti/Sunflower) 19.38.52

7, Ross Schnell (Trek) 20.01.53

8, Colby Pearce (Panache) 20.07.49

9, Chuck Gibson (Truckerco.com) 20.16.16

10, Jorge Espinosa (Prerace.com) 20.26.20

11, Blake Harlan (Jamis) 20.28.42

12, Shannon Boffeli (iRideAdventures/MTBracenews.com) 20.38.46

13, Max Taam (Honey Stinger/Trek) 20.42.05

14, Gregy Gibson (Truckerco.com) 20.42.10

15, Peter Butt 21.06.52

Pro Women

1, Pua Sawicki (WN Okolestuff.com) NOTE: 20.32.44

2, Ivonne Kraft (Squirt Lube) 22.07.21

3, Wendy Lyall (Yeti Beti) 25.08.30

4, Sara Uhl (Space Cowgirls) 26.23.39

5, Jill Damman (WN Fitzgeralds) 26.33.07

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bogus Basin Hill Climb "ID" WN men 1,2,3,4 Exergy and Women 1.

Idaho can be viewed as a small pond, but we have grown a few "rainbows" in our waters. Idaho rainbows are world known. To obtain a rainbow, you don't have to live in Idaho, but you have to first win at the national level and many of those from men & women are from Idaho. What's in your water?

Cool temps in the high country Idaho and a new record for Bogus Basin Hill Climb. In fact Team Exergy (WN) took the top four places. We love all the other fit systems, it makes our racers faster!


Andres Diaz Corrales sets a new record at 52 min.
Kevin Rowe takes 2nd.


We also took the top female with Jenn Halladay (WN) who races for Bob's. Jenn is a mother of 5 kids. She took 2010 USA TT Nationals by 4 min., over 2nd place female in 28k.

Results from ID, CO, NY i.e. Georgia Gould being top US female at World Cup in NY taking 3rd.

As one of the heads of the Team Exergy put it; we know that many of the people in the cycling industry and local race clubs don't want us to be top dog. They are always calling us out for a "Gun fight". They bring their (A-Game) and we still (WN). That happened when we took Nationals as a very small team called the"Boise Stars".

There is a reason why we use the (WN) systems, it allows us to get the most of our cycling as it has for many years and the results are sweet! We would never think of using another fit system, we don't want to be gunned down!

If we used a less precise fit like, we would have to depend on luck of that day. Our choice is (WN'ing).

We know that most of the US is hot, so we wanted to show you something. Here is a picture from a McCall, ID, north of Boise, ID and yes that is snow and its Aug.

Luna is Top Team Pendrel 1 & Gould 3 at World Cup!

Catharine Pendrel became the third Canadian woman in history to win the Mountain Bike World Cup overall title.

Full Results

1Catharine Pendrel (Can) Luna Pro Team1:39:48
2Marie-Helene Premont (Can) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain0:00:04
3Georgia Gould (WN USA) Luna Pro Team0:02:07
4Blaza Klemencic (Slo) Felt Oetztal X-Bionic Team0:03:17
5Elisabeth Osl (Aut) Central Pro Team0:03:41
6Willow Koerber (USA) Subaru-Gary Fisher0:04:21
7Esther Süss (Swi)0:04:26
8Katrin Leumann (Swi)
9Mary McConneloug (USA)0:05:09
10Tanja Zakelj (Slo) MBK Orbea0:05:23

Bishop & Pua lead after Stage 5

The Wheeler Loop :

Both WN, Bishop and Pua lead overall standings.

They called 40 miles of climbing 7,300 feet a rest day?

Alex Grant ( WN Cannondale), Ben Sonntag ( WN Cannondale) and Ross Schnell (Crank Brothers/SRAM) got out in front of him. Schnell passed Bishop atop Wheeler, the highest pass riders have climbed all week at 12,600 feet then Bishop passed Schnell.

1Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale)2:57:12
2Ross Schnell (Crank Bros/SRAM)0:00:08
3Alex Grant0:00:48
4Ben Sonntag (Cannondale Factory Racing)0:03:09
5Josh Tostado (Bach Builders / Santa Cruz)0:03:10
6Matt Shriver (Ft Lewis College)0:09:12
7Macky Franklin (Yeti-Sunflower)0:12:48
8Colby Pearce (Panache)
9Chuck Gibson0:16:26
10Jorge Espinoza (PreRace.com)0:18:59

1Pua Sawicki (OkoleStuff.com)3:29:25
2Ivonne Kraft (Squirt/Bionicon)0:06:18
3Wendy Lyall (Yeti Beti)0:37:05
4Sara Uhl (Space Cowgirls)0:51:03
5Katie Declercq (Giro/Easton)
6Jill Damman (Fitzgerald's/Ibex)0:55:52
7Jennifer Tilley (Team Tilley/Velo Bella)1:00:18
8Ciara Macmanus (Team Summit)1:09:42
9Mireille Montminy (Cycles Lambert)1:11:41
10Amy Thomas (Yeti Beti)1:19:53