Wednesday, November 17, 2010

USA suffer pros Rebecca Rusch, Alex Grant, Ben Sonntag Pre La Ruta "Suffer Fest"

Check out the pre race chat with US racer Alex Grant (WN Cannondale), German racer Ben Sonntag (WN Cannondale) and US racer Rebecca Rusch at

We know how these folks know how to suffer, we even know their body types, after all they all used our WN precision to get better at one time or the other. WN spent many hours working with these racers, teaching them how to get more from their sport! We wish them all the best, as this race will hurt you.

Alex Grant got 2nd last year and his number is two. Pressure is on!!!

Ben Sonntag got 8th last year after many issues, he calls it a full on "suffer fest" for human and bikes. If something breaks, it will break here.

We where on the phone with Matt Oran who is a rep for Cannondale. Matt was to provide support for the Alex & Ben, but might even race. He got an ear full of tips to make him go, should he do so.

All racers worry about how the mud sticks on a bike, sometimes the weight gets up to 40+ lbs.
Rusch is going with the 26 vs. 29 for that very reason. She is a very strong women, but weight is weight and she knows how much mud can cake on those big wheels.

To be able to watch this live is very cool at

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