Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Crosstoberfest "WN TRUMPS" Shawn Mithcell & Liza Rachetto WN'ers!

What's a Trump? In (bridge, and similar card games) A playing card chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit (KIT) has been led.

Better to understand "Trump" as a figurative, by saying or doing something better for the argument.

All the money in the world can't make you WN!

It was a "Kecth-m If U Can" weekend in Sun Valley, ID at Billy Olsen's Crosstoberfest.
If you want a great choice of beer or sandwich
check out his place "Powerhouse" in Hailey, ID.

Shawn Mitchell
takes men cx WN on Sunday and takes his goal of "Idaho State Championships."

Liza Rachetto just back from Italy, takes WN's both Sat. & Sun. Liza has not been on the dirt at all, but has raced the tight, rough roads on the Euro scene unlike most smooth US roads. You have to hone you bikes skills over there.

Shawn and Liza demonstrated more truth in performance!

This was a big deal for Liza, as she raced multi World Champion Rebecca Rusch (Specialized Pro) who used WN for years with Team Montrail, and even for a few of those Word Championships before being bought by Specialized.

This is a hard sport, and you have to have "very thick skin" as you might be working with one person one day and another the next. When you put your whole life and soul for people to WN and help them towards success, you have to:

"We look forward through a very clear windshield, not the side-view minor viewing things backwards"

Big money can buy a team, just like CTS did with Kenda that we help built for 6 years. Or big money like Specialize can buy the single athlete in hopes to obtain the win.

But only with the correct biomechanics, the correct understanding of the kinesiology and the physiology of the sport in question can you WN!

Our proof is hard to debate! But we love a good fight!!!

Crosstoberfest - Sun Valley Idaho - 10.30.10
Billy Olson puts this event on every October out here in Sun Valley, ID - here is my weekend procrastination. If you were there I hope you drank some good beers, ate a brat, and enjoyed all the festivities.

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