Saturday, November 27, 2010

Amanda Carey (WN/Kenda) NUE Series Champ can CX! She gets 5th at Jingle CX.

  • Is there any question that Amanda's focus was racing a 100 mile mtb race for 8 plus hours. It's very different than a sprint of less than 45 min cx.
Amanda (WN/Kenda Pro) is getting her sea legs or was that land legs or better, cx legs? Perhaps she will be in the hunt at USGP in Portland, OR.

The Kenda mtb pro is a good story!

  • 1. Meredith Miller, California Giant Berry Farms/sp,
  • 2. Nicole Duke, Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team,
  • 3. Amanda Miller, Hudz-Subaru Cycling Team,
  • 4. Kaitlin Antonneau, Team Kenda,
  • 5. Amanda Carey (WN),

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