Monday, November 01, 2010

Tricked on Sat., But Treated on Sun "Gould" WN's CX Boulder.

VeloNews reports Gould goes, Compton crumbles.

Gould, missing the cat ears and whiskers she wore last Halloween was all business, as she jumped to the hole shot and goes on to WN.

No bones about it!

Georgia Gould has a "haunting" presents to be persistently and disturbingly be able to WN.

No Voodoo or Hoodoo!!!

She will tell you she just races hard, but there is more to it than that!

Gould put on a "Haunting CX Race at Boulder"

She will be persistently in the mind of (someone) else, perhaps many for a whole week?

The new Boulder Cup course at the FlatIron Crossing Mall was more challenging than many riders expected.

Check out the pre-ride of course at

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