Friday, November 26, 2010

Sue Butler - takes OBRA CX Championships

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Delayed post: Fort Collins was a no go, OBRA CX Championships, & Kruger's.

So, when your mom calls to make sure everything is o.k. because your blog is not updated, you know it has been too long since your last blog entry. Well, to be honest, the weekend before last, not going to Fort Collins and still being sick was not exciting or fun and really not blog worthy. Granted, I got a nice weekend relaxing a the cabin out of it, but frankly, I would have rather been racing. Tim still raced and got a podium on day one, finishing 2nd, then 7th on Sunday.
This past weekend, I got my wish. I was back in the saddle racing. OBRA Cyclocross Championships on Saturday and Kreugers on Sunday. The state championships were a blast. A super muddy, slick course, but it was not raining. It was good skills practice and a really fun course. A long slippy sidehill. It was a good first race back, and I claimed another OBRA State Championship. My first in CX, but my third for the year. I went from never having won one, to three in a year. Not bad.

Sunday I had to volunteer at Krugers. Our morning started out with car trouble., but we arrived just 15 minutes late for our shift. Then at the last minute, I decided to race the Singlespeed race instead of the women's race, b/c the weather was deteriorating fast. 1:00 start time vs. 3:00 start time. It was muddy. It was cold. My single speed was severely under geared (which I may have known, had I raced it or ridden it before) and I could not spin my legs fast enough to go fast. But I had fun. I had to stop and borrow someones towel to wipe my mouth off. I didn't want to get Giardia and I had already eaten enough mud. We were on a farm, after all. So, I finished, freezing, covered in mud, shivering, unable to get my muddy ucky clothes off fast enough. I made a mess in the Tahoe, but we got home and were fed, clean and showered hours earlier than I would have been had I stayed and raced against myself in the women's race.
So, that brings us up to date. Mom, I hope you won't worry anymore. Thanks for the call! Perhaps I shouldn't post as often, then my mom would call me more. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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