Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Attention to Detail - Tom Coleman "Pedaling Geek"

Is being viewed as a super geek a bad or good thing? That depends! In the words of our rivals it seems to be a way to discredit what we do.

Rivals -
a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity, we view it as a badge of honor.

To have worked with the best ski and cycling racers in the world doesn't come from not providing serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly?

If being good at something is viewed as being "geeky" then so be it. The truth, no one knows what the constraints are for our CAD and they never will.

Does our CAD and teachings make a difference? How can you measure success? Ten years of results!!! That has really struck a nerve in the industry! Too bad!!! WN is always going to go the extra mile, you can count on it!

We have a new dealer here training this snowy week, who has been in the bike fitting game for about 20 years. Chris Balser is his name and he just fitted a racer from the Radio Shack. It seems the guy was fitted with a led fit system in TX., it didn't work for him as he lost wattage? Check out the systems Chris has used!

Why with all that sizzle, why would he come to WN to train and learn? Because we are the real deal, regardless whatever the rivals spread!

Too funny, Chris informed there are people in the bike fitting industry, who I don't even know calling me a "super geek."

A geek is someone who has an intense interest in a particular subject/s. He/she engages in active strategizing, thinking and engagement in relation to that subject/s. It is someone who embraces a particular subject/s and spends considerably more time and effort on that than the average person.

We are not average! We do spend considerably more time and effort on the subject!

In our mind, that is what a pro does! Its your job! We are not just weekend warriors, or just showing up when a a person needs a bike fit.

You better have "thick skin" in this cycling business! Someone wants to undermine everything you do! Or better attempt to copy you in some way? That's all they can do, is trash talk!!!

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