Saturday, November 06, 2010

Iceman Cometh Challenge - Amanda Carey Is The ICEWOMAN 2X

Even Gary Fisher "Godfather of 29ner & GF Style" having a B-Day (60 years young) got into the action!

For years, we keep telling folks, you don't have to WN!
But when you do, it puts a smile on your face!

Amanda told us that she was going to "put the pedal to the medal".

She is the ICEWOMAN for the 2nd time!

Amanda Carey put her "hemi" to work, used her power and plowed ground to take the WN!
She was so hot, she had to wear gloves, to keep from melting the huge ice trophy!

J. Bishop had his WN back in 2008, same year Carey took the WN. Bishop pulled a very respectable 3rd against some very fast guys, he knows a thing or two on dirt!
He claims he has been off the bike for a few weeks, rest is good!

Good things "Cometh" to those who want to WN!

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