Friday, November 05, 2010

ICEMAN Cometh "Amanda Carey brings her "HEMI" to be a TEAR"

We all know how the roadies can turn their noses up about dirt. When so many of them are secretly dirty. Just calling an ace, an ace and the BS really smells and has hurt cycling.
No worries, we started with mtb first and we have taken the WN's for years and against all who cometh!
A lot less cheating - dishonestly to deceive or use politics, trick or unfairly use methods i.e. money to buy racers, tents, drugs, team mates blocking, radios, etc... in order to gain an advantage.
On dirt its mostly you and the course!
You can even have a beer with someone after the race

There is a lot of BS and most of it is on the surface or tarmac.You might say what you see as the surface is not what is? Its a smelly mess! Check out a dirt race and you will see a big difference. They are action packed!

Amanda Carey took this mtb in 2008. Amanda won every NUE (100 mile) race she entered in 2010, taking the overall series, did a 180-degree and jumped into cx, where she has had to start at the very back of the pack, eat dust, slowed by pack fill, and has worked up to 10th, 11th, etc... against the best of the world e.g. Compton, Gould, etc...

She "has her General Lee bike" and knew what she was up against. How about that for a "long hauler" to be able to change pace and sprint for an hour. No wonder, she could really put the pedal to the medal. Ten-four good buddy, Ha!

Amanda has had her "A Game", one of her best season ever and has been in contact with WN every week working on what she needs to do to get her "A+ Game". She knows how to get the mos power from her "hemi" body in the fast 1 hour races or the 9 hour races, she has the WN hemi "blue-printed" that allows her so!!!

Amanda Carey (Kenda Pro mtb) is WN Fast!!!

The General Lee is the modified Dodge Charger driven by the Duke cousins Bo and Luke in the television series The Dukes of Hazzard. It is known for the chases and stunts, especially high jumps, in almost every episode, and for having the doors welded shut, leaving the Dukes to climb in and out through the windows.

It is so cool that www.cyclingdirt came along. It has really helped to build the off road events, as you can watch live and recaps. Welcome to the 21st. century.

Check out and see if Amanda can WN the race:

4,000 total racers will tackle the 27 mile point to point course from Kalkaska to Traverse City, Michigan. Held traditionally on the first Saturday of November, the 21st annual Iceman will be held on Saturday, November 6, 2010. Just under $25,000 in cash prizes and $10,000 in merchandise prizes will be awarded. The men's and women's victor will each go home with $3,500!

We have taken the event in the past with other like J. Bishop. We can't wait to see how some of the BMC guys do i.e. Brent Bookwalter who has used WN for his "blue-print". This guy is the real deal and has done very well around the world in tt, racing for BMC at the Tour de France.

Should be a great show and we want to wish all 4,000 racers the best of luck. We love this stuff, as it allows the cream rise to the top and that seems to be the ones on our fit solutions.

Our "blue-print" is the real deal and Amanda cometh ready to tear it up!

Amanda Carey (Kenda Pro mtb) is WN Fast!!!

1)The General Lee – 1969 Dodge Charger
The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard

The General Lee is the unmistakable Dodge Charger from the Dukes of Hazzard and is quite possibly the ultimate redneck vehicle, (by the way, Amanda is not a redneck) besides a lifted pick-up truck with a tarp used to create a hot tub in its bed. Yes, those actually exist. Even amongst unique vehicles like that, the General sticks out. The General is fast as hell, manages to land insane jumps without ever bending an axle, and has the most memorable paint job on either side of the Mississippi, all adding up to the most memorable car of all time.

Can Amanda handle all that hemi and put the "pedal to the medal on the backroads? You bet!!!

The other gals has best get a hemi quick, but even then they can't drive like this gal!

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