Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Success off track! Chris Rosado's Story!

Some feedback from an online home user! This is not hype, its the truth!

Chris Rosado took the time to get it right and it made a difference. Many times you can't get support, not in our camp!

Getting a WN fit and Tom Coleman’s personalized approach has helped me get back on the bike and riding stronger than ever. I’m 38 years young and suffered 2 herniated discs in October of 2009. Earlier in 2009 I had a fit done by John Cobb through a local performance lab in Houston Texas. I had been racing since 2005 and wanted to get a bit more competitive. Later that year I injured my back on a training ride and was forced to take nearly a year off. As I took time off and tried to recover from my injuries, I tried to get back on the bike every couple of weeks with terrible results. As I began to feel better, my confidence would rise and I would jump on the bike. I would suffer a setback every time until my research led to Wobble Naught. I spoke with Tom over the phone and explained my problem. He was confident he could help, so I gave it a shot. I’ve been back on the bike since and my back has been getting better and better by the week. The key to my recovery was finding a neutral position and learning proper pedaling mechanics. Tom helped every step of the way, he kept his promise and in 12 short weeks, I’ve regained most of my form. There are a lot of folks out there that claim to be experts in bike fit. Forcing a lower position and getting as low as you can in a neutral position are very different things. Forcing a lower position opens the door to injury. Having a neutral position and learning how to stabilize your spine, are a huge part of a good fit! Thanks Tom!

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