Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! 2008 Will Be Great!

We want to wish you all the very best in 2008. May we all find time to ride!

To all our dealers and customers, thanks for the use of our software! Get ready! Now comes more software truth!

Wobble-naught CAD + Dartfish = solution variations for every level and every budget! Don't just ride. Fly! Experience the magic that happens when you harness your best game! No matter how big or small your adventure with cycling, we can help. Far too many people are working too hard! Do you know the correct pedal stroke? You don't have to be a Conan, Rambo, or Armstrong, nor must you look like a hero. Mountain rides don't have to scare you!

I will say that I have watched both Coan & Rambo "live" on the slopes in Aspen, CO. "Naught!" They, like all us all, need "Dartfish". I am sure they can't help it! Perhaps that is why the backups have to pull off their moves! Even John Wayne, "The Duke", had someone as a stand-in! I even recall Rambo telling a table of about 18 people one night at a private party, how well he was using the "wrong size or 'too short" lady friend skis he borrowed. And she was on his longer skis. He made the point that he knew what size skis worked best and that he could really turn them. Sitting next to him was a Mrs. D. Trump, during the day she still looked good, and her eyes became very large, like "no makeup", when she heard Rambo telling everyone about how this sport was done. Be careful what you hear!

As I looked downward when he left the table for the restroom, I noted the height and steep ramp angle of his boots. Those heels had some stack height! Balance? No! Height? Yes! That sure would make your lower leg hold tone! He really had a sizing issue and he even was having a problem walking! With too short this, and too high that.. No worries, he was super human and very well known!

My point is, that marketing is not quite the entire truth! However, sometimes we buy into all the hype, which is why Wobble-naught gets to the bottom of it all!

Software has made a difference for so many! Our development has been represented in the cycling world winners since 1999. Numerous podium positions have been achieved in all disciplines throughout the years. In the 2001 season, for example, we won five National Championships, all with different people from different disciplines!

Our software is made with the expertise of many years of racing experience. The demanding riders use our stuff! However, while they may race, you too, can benefit from these results. From enthusiastic beginners to cycling buffs, our software is not only for the experts but for every level and every budget. You don't have to be an ambitious athlete without a real job who just rides everyday. Individuality is everything, and it's not about how good you are, or the about coolest kit you wear! It's about you just being you on your bike and paying attention to every pedal stroke!

Simply put, the more time you can ride, the better you will become. Some see boundaries, while others see boundless opportunities. We all have our constraints, and you need to be able to get back on the bike the very next day! If you go and work on bad motor skills, that is what you will get! Your every stroke counts!

Our professional staff has been saying from day one that although we've done our homework, "Let's let the baby stand on it's own two feet". Not unlike any new kid in town, we will be tested! And so far, this kid holds his own, and has no problem facing the world! Podiums at the world level!

It will only be a few days before the use of Dartfish will be provided to all our dealers! Please understand that there are many who have Dartfish, but in the hands of the wrong person, information is only that. This is a super tool when you know what to look for.

Our research and development never stops! Bike innovations come and go, but the "human motor", or brain, always needs help! The problem is who is helping you? Yes, we have worked with different institutions and have seen sensational results through the athletes. However, the knowledge we gain from competition is only a goal. It doesn't always flow into the needs of various individuals. So, if we can show you the "Real Deal", then it can provide you with a model to aim at. Something to put your teeth in to!

We don't target a certain group with our high-tech. We can fine tune anyone! This process can be repeated numerous times until we (WN & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish software & athletes) reach the desired performance.

This is not about someone taking information from someone else, holding some level of teaching, then marketing it on you! We start by identifying the needs you have and your bones, not some pro who everyone wants to market. Although it is true that many pros want our help! With that, we watch the sports scene and identify the trends of things that make a difference inside and outside!

Through our worldwide network, we also receive important feedback from athletes in different areas around the world. Now with Swiss made Dartfish, we intend on more myth-busting! It should be fun for us all. We even intend on making a way for you to take home your individiual Dartfish results, via email, or possibly DVD, so you can watch what you need to work on!

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