Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ph.D Bart Gillespie, MonaVie/Cannondale gets the thumbs up as a "Real World Success".

We always hear about the best hopefuls for a gold at the upcoming Summer Olympics in Beijing this August! And we have a few racers going there for that quest! That is success alone!

We also hear about the pro who rides their bike every day for six to eight hours. No question, this type of effort makes a difference! They might even hold a part time job at a major backer of sport "Home Depot" working with or on a National team.   Not a problem! We want people to get the support, we wished they would get more support from the industry, as we want them to be successful and take their dreams/game to the world in a sport that doesn't really allow them to "feed the bulldog."

Success can be viewed in many ways! Not everyone goes to the Olympics or holds a PhD, and that is what makes this sport much different than say football,  baseball, basketball, etc...   Big money!  But in this sport, it is much more about small money, almost no support!  Truth is, in the real world, most people have to "feed their bulldog", and provide for their family.

You have to love to hear about the real world "Working Person", who holds a real job, has a family, gets their PT, then a Ph.D., and still finds time to jump on the bike, and places in the top races. Perhaps we need a "Real World" ranking and that would be Ph.D. Bart Gillespie #1.

Their are many voices on the subject of what you need to have to be good in this game!  And many of the voices go to great effort to under-mind our services!  So we present guys like Bart Gillespie, who has worked hard for years,  used our services for years! So has his MonaVie/Cannondale Pro Mtb Team GM member, Matt Ohran, who has had some very real back issues. You can check out their site at: Note the names of some very well known pros on the new team!  

Another real story: we even had a gal, Jenn Halladay, who is another real world person.  Jenn had super success 2007 winning some big races,  real pros like World tt Champion Kristin Armstrong, and Crit champion Van Gilder, who both were previously on TEAm Lipton together.  Van Gilder nows rides for Cheer Wine.  Back to Jenn; she has a real job, she is a real mother (has five kids), and still loves to race.  Think about it, if you  are a pro and then some mother of five raced you and I mean raced you! It could do a head trip on you, and it does!  How cool is that?  We all want a good race and that means a deep field that can throw it down!

Bart is our focus this month and we are very pleased he is in Velo News! Bart has been on our front page for years, (how time goes by) flashing at you in red. Not only is he a full time PT in SLC, Utah, however he just finished his D.P.T., and is working as a Dr. of PT. with troops returned from war and has long used our services (Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish)!  Bart is well known in the SLC, Utah area within mountain bike.  He can even race the 100 mile races and leave most racers in the dust, because he understands that every stroke counts. He ranked 7th this past year 2007 and you can read about him in Velo News magazine.

We like Bart because he knows what he wants, stays the course, can focus, doesn't buy into the hype, and gets what he needs (e.g. PhD of PT). He seeks out more truth in all things, not just his sport! Bart is open minded and willing to learn! A rare thing for someone with such a high degree! Far too often, people just out of school use their degrees to set courses for setting the "woods on fire" with what they just learned, or what they think they know. Little do they know that they have just reached the tip of the ice berg! They do however obtain a license to learn and with that they do! No question that takes time, and its great to see people like Bart doing just that!  Bart has learned much throughout the years as a PT and can we say "This horse drinks water!"

So why is it, that these type of people use Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfishlike (e.g. Russell Cree D.P.T, C.S.C.S of Herriott Sports Performance, Ph.D Sally Warner World Masters mtb Champion) and many others using our services ? No question, in marketing, people follow their heros.  Race on Sunday, buy on Monday! 

They use our services because we are the real deal, and not some mass marketing basic fit process! This is not some eyeballing, touching you here and there and calling it good! We have learned many years ago in skiing, that you can't just use videos and place markers on the skin! Close, but no cigar! We have even had to change people who have been in wind tunnels. These people don 't grace the front page of some magazine, however they are very successful! Much of what we do isn't in school. Think F1 race cars and how they uncover things to win and keep close doors! Public and basic... "Naught."

It is also true, many of our racers don't want the field to have what they know.  That's normal!
It also makes them have to race harder!  Give pro Nat Ross 24 hour mtb racer a call and ask him about that!  He will tell you straight up!

Check out our race results throughout the years and note how many top racers also hold the highest level of education, such as Ph.D's! For whatever reason, after they work their way to the top and learn, (they seem to hold the know how (science) to sort through all) e.g. the mass marketing and good old boy and gal networking!  It's perhaps more about who you know in the game, rather than what you know, or what you can do for someone.

I love what music artist Sting said. How can you take an idea and teach it to another person and them not to change it? Regarding his own story!  That is why we use the high-tech over networking! It's not about who we know, rather what our tools can teach you! And with that, we don't know until we get you on the systems! No two people need the same thing! That is why we are headed outside with Dartfish!

The bottom line in this game is that you never know who really holds more truth. People can tell you good stories, they can tell you anything, and if it doesn't work out, well "they didn't pick your folks." You just don't have what it takes!  Next!!! The  problem here is, do you have five years to hang your hat on information.  Even in NASCAR, teams go away! Step up or go away! We even know people who change coaches every year for whatever the reason.

Go to our site and read what Dr. (hard working) has to say about his fit.  We have the results of so many on the bike fit and the best pedal stroke, through the many years.   Understand we can't claim anything! We can only show you what you need to work on and that has made the difference, and  for many!

Congrats Bart for your efforts in all that you do! You are the real deal and you hold a gold medal in our minds! Thank you for sticking with us through the years!

I also want to say we are very pleased to be working with the MonaVie/Cannondale Team on the trail, real time, making a difference with Wobble-naught and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish.

We don't mind working with real people! Not everyone gets to the National team.   We also know what it takes to be successful, work hard, and we work every hour to bring more truth to your game! 

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