Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Best Skiing is here in Idaho!

Perhaps you have heard that we have some of the best ski slopes in the world. You can't ride the bike every day. Some days it's too cold! We have some pretty tough people that come from here such as Kristin Armstrong, Georgia Gould, Reba Rusch, and many others. What makes them so tough? What gives them their "thick skin"?

There was a time when we didn't have such crowds! Four wheel drive transportation has changed that!

I have heard good things about the 2008 XXL Stockli, a good "all mountain" ski. This gal was testing the "waters" with a pair of 186. She must be a DH pro, look at the size of them! She pointed out that the Swiss made skis work best for long turns in powder "wet or dry".

Yes! Sports do change! Those darn boarders are all over the place! There goes another one cutting up the lines!

The pro patrol is at work, making sure that everyone skis safely and follows the rules!

This was the rope-tow crew! They said they would pull you to the top in no time at all!

Note: The endless expanses of slopes covered with pristine snow leave you speechless! Even "BREATHLESS"!

It has been pointed out you might run into a few "bully types" in Idaho! They even have warnings about them! Don't confront them! Should you hook up with one, you can even get fined with them in your hands! It's best to just let it go!

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