Tuesday, January 08, 2008

View the Facts!

In this sport, you are going to hear everything in the world about what you need and from everyone! Design philosophy at your cost, your body, or your fun!

The focus in the last few years has been on a wider range of bike designs that help keep certain x,y,z brands growing. In order to achieve this purpose,  designers where pushed into an aftermarket design, using for example, multi-position stems, seat posts, and saddles. They learned from dealer feedback that was about the only place for the retailer to make a profit!

The major brand company - we want some of that! How dare they make a profit from other stems, saddles, seatposts, etc...?? They are removing our stems and other products to put something else on our out-of-the-box bike?

The truth in the bicycle business is capitalization of your choice of product to make the shop money. The dealer discovered that this sport is a very season limited business. Many dealer's get similar prices across the board for one bike brand vs. the other bike brand. With a very small margin on the bike, the dealer either takes advantage of the opportunity to move "aftermarket goods", do the services and make small margins, or he goes away! The brand representatives will simply find another dealer! On average 1,000 dealers go away annually!

No question that dealers are very stubborn in their ways, given the market, and from what they learn from their product representatives! That is why coaches, training classes, physical therapists, and even physicians have begun to help with all the needs not taken care of by the "stubborn" retailers, all because it would cost them time and money to provide those services. You have to pay someone to perform a service! And at the same time, you worry how you are going to order all those bikes for next year.

The fact is, the retail dealer can make "two times" the aftermarket accessories profit over say their typical shop service! The dealer needs to make a profit to open their doors next year. More so, to order and cover the huge cost of (x,y,z brand) in September or October and that cost doesn't get smaller! They also have to pay that off by July! They can't control that, so to play with their brand, they have pay, and to pay, they have to make a profit due to the increase of design. Therefore, "Stubborn Dealers" go away!

The attention is towards marketing or branding! With the explosive growth of the sport, everyone is a fit expert or pro? Big bike companies have attempted to retard this fundamental need for years at the retailer cost! The idea was for the retailer not to have to change out something on the new bike they ordered in October, and have to pay for them by July of the same year! You have to move the bike no matter what size!

The gun is on the side of the dealer, then the staff! How does one know who to trust? The fact is you can ride a bike that is too large or too small, given the newer designs. Maximum adjustability has allowed the staff to put you on the wrong bike.

Sure you can ski on a longer ski and have fun with big long turns on big mountains, but don't go into the bumps or go to a "mole hill slope"! Who cares! You dropped good money on a brand ski "what ever size" at some retail store and you are on the slopes! I don't think so!!!

What is it you want to do? Don't get pushed into the mass national group marketing control that exclusive retailers practice. They all have the basic "best fit", they have all been told so! Do they use the best technology, showing more truth? Most do not!

"If Your Ship Doesn't Come In, Swim out to it!" - Jonathan Winters

The problem here is you have to learn to swim one-stroke-at-a-time! We can teach you!

The only way we can do it, is to show you! Our results through the years are the best trend in the game. We can't claim anything, but we can show you how to improve, to go to another level!

With tools like Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish, we don't just fit you to the bike, we teach you how to pedal!  And we can do that on the open road or the mtb trail!  We just follow you with our high - tech!


Here is a true story of Simon, who flew all the way from London, England for a day of our service! Simon also flew his coach, Hunter Allen, the "Power Meter" pro, who wrote the book on "Power Meter Training". They flew out to Boise, Idaho for that day. Hunter travels all over to teach people how to get the most from "Power Meters".

A very large % of coaches use his software for coaching!

Simon is very demanding and powerful man, and he gets results! At what level? Simon founded www.expedia.com and interacts with Bill Gates on a regular basis. He can have any service in the world and is willing to travel there to get it!


"I have attached a bunch of screenshots and a spreadsheet showing your percentage improvement. DAMN impressive! Note that the percentage improvement is comparing your test values to the previous month’s best power, at same time duration.

I am particularly impressed with the ‘smoothness’ of your power line in the 20 minute test.

I have attached a similar 20 minute test, done on a similar terrain of an athlete I coach that has NOT use the Wobble-naught & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish by Tom. The contrast is dramatic.

Note how smooth your power is and steady the effort.

WOW, the pedaling practice has really shown through here.

I am going to write up an article on your improvement to be printed in the Road Magazine with your permission.

I’ll send you the article tomorrow as well. It’s going to be titled, “The

of the bike fit.”.

Hunter Allen"

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink until it is ready - Horse Sense"

Power meters are great for showing the "sum" of all the muscles! They really help a coach to gain insight on more truth! But on the same note, a power meter doesn't tell you which muscle you need to fire and when!

By using our services, Wobble-naught CAD & Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish we can show you how to pedal and make more power! There are many parts in a motor and to "blue-print" it takes strong insight on and off the trainer!

The fact is, we never know what you might need to work on, just like snow skiing, but if we can show you what's going on, you'll have a much better chance of reaching your targets!


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Your fits are the best, you rock!

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Your approach and technology trumps anything else in the industry. I have tried it all, and look forward to integrating your tools to improve my business/client-outcomes.
Chris Balser
Bicycle Fit Guru