Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Over coming the many years of doping!

The revolution is on! Are you working too hard!? Are you still using yesterday's ideas in survival mode? It's funny how you don't think about certain things until you need them.

How would you know if your fit is right? Now that's definitely worth thinking about. What is the compelling reason to choose a certain size bike, stems, handlebars, cranks, etc...? How do you go about developing an answer to your specific needs? Our athletes, our passion, can provide more honest feedback no matter what your skill level.

While some would have you believe that their systems can help you achieve your ultimate performance, we're here to show you the blueprint of your fit, the moves that make more watts, so that you are not riding a medieval torture device.

The year 2008 signals a dedication of Wobble-naught CAD and Myo-facts sEMG/Dartfish to the quest for truth. We have always been known as "the race company fit." We've won more races than you would know, starting with 5 National Championships in the year 2000 alone! We have become known as a racing dynasty in mtb, road, tt, tri, etc... which is the only place we can get the "end all" truth!

This heritage has given us unique insight into the development of technology which our competitors just can't replicate. That is why Dartfish joined us!

We can solve the issues real riders want solved in the real world! Imagine unlocking the power of your feet, promoting balance, saving energy, and allowing your joints flex as nature intended.
From World-Cup proven to local race, or just knowing how to ride those 50 to 100 miles, come to the right place for meaningful technology to solve your issues.

We are so glad to be a part of the many racers who have won at the highest levels, being clean.
We have had our success through knowledge of the game; teaching a better pedal stroke, sharing experience and meaningful dimension.

The more you learn, the more familiar you become, therefore the more you can relive the experience! Your game only gets better!

Yes, cycling has been hit hard by all the "naughty" things people or teams are willing to do in order to win! Yes, cycling has been hit hard by large marketing hype jumping on the need of some fitting services. However, on the the same note, we feel the sport will only get better for this. The fitting systems "weeds" will be pulled.

That means truthful high-tech will be used to take your game to another level! The older medieval ideas, (plum line and someone's eye) will go away with time. We are just sorry the industry changes so slowly! However our racers love it!

"Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom." - Gen. Patton

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