Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boise's Armstrong gets "Best Female Road Rider" poll!

Wow!  Our local gal  gets "Best female road rider" in Cyclingnews!

We are so pleased to hear the super news!  Due to where we live, Kristin Armstrong did not get the eye of the media.  Women don't get the money like the men, so it is so hard to stay in the game!

A year or two ago, I attempted to get the local head of a TV station who was having a beer with us at Lucky 13 after a long ride to hear about our sport. He really liked my new carbon fiber frame.  I pointed out that we could use some help, and to follow a big race we put on here! That Kristin had just taken her first USA Road Championship.  He said that was very cool, as did everyone around the table.  So I put more effort to get the TV station behind our sport!  He said, "No Way - it not BSU Football, and plus she is a women".  Can you say "Hot blooded", the cold beer did not cool me down!  I will not tell you what I think about this!

This is so cool!  This is not easy, Kristin has stuck to her game through the years,  worked harder, learned more, perhaps than any road racer we know!  She rides solo many times on her bike on roads that follow other sports much more than say local football. 

Rewards come to those who work like she has!  I also recall the early days of working on her bikes with her friend Brad Page (PT), in the dark 10pm, having her ride up and down the streets near the local watering hole Luck 13.  Other times, doing web cast with her and another world champion Reba Rusch also from Idaho.

I also recall the first time meeting her on a mtb trail just above Boise, ID.  At the time, she was very new to the bike game!  Now look at her!!!

She was already World Champion TT.  But to win and not have people,  or to have the media to get behind you "well that can be taxing"!  

"Best Female Road Rider 2007"
Dreams come true if you are willing to do the work she has done!!!

Congrads Kristin!  You have  made your mark in history!  You have earned it!

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